Heavy Metal Cauldron 2017 – Helsinki

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Heavy Metal Cauldron is a new two day indoor metal extravaganza. The interest toward the event received more interest and enthusiasm from old school metal maniacs when the line-up was announced. Venom Inc and Exciter shared the stage on Finnish soil for the first time ever which got hundreds of metal fans pounding for metal. The two day event was well arranged and planned. The venue was an obscure underground place with a bit of a smaller stage, but without any massive security fence. This first edition of Heavy Metal Cauldron succeeded more than well, so there will be another one in 2018! 

Malicious hit the stage as the opening act of the event. The band’s primitive and raw outburst could be compared to have the same kind of barbaric elements as Vorum. The four piece sounded truly brutal and focused on giving a ripping performance. For anyone willing to get a hold of raw death metal, Malicious would be an extremely good choice.

The three piece Bonehunter from Northern Finland hit the stage next. While Malicious’ raw barbaric death metal was tremendous straightforward played death metal, Bonehunter offered a  mix of black-thrash with punkish approaches having a reminiscence of the early Bathory meets Motorhead meets Sodom. Their simple, yet catchy and raw, riffs were hammered down one by one. Each song sounded a way more aggressive and even faster than on both albums. The brutality and primitivism of Bonehunter made heads bang with a ruthless pace. The Northernmost black-thrashers didn’t converse, just unleashing the crushing punkish metal.

Obscure Burial has already proved to be a real vicious and deadly act on the stage in their previous shows. Their more death metal with the slight black metal approaches have been forged for years to have the loyal following in the underground. The four-piece’s utter raw death metal doesn’t disappoint, as the murderous riffs and songs sounded splendid. The playing was tight and the band was in a vicious deadly strike.

The Swedish thrash horde Merciless is on the last journey before calling it quits pernamently. However the current line-up of Merciless basically consists of a couple of sole original  members left from the legendary debut album. Even though Merciless ‘ stuff could set a real chaotic and aggressive thrash metal passion, but the band has never been that much live band due to minimum amount of gigs and touring and being on hiatus for a long time. Obviously the small venue, and playing in front of raging crowd made the swedes perform harder and play tighter. Frankly it was surprising to see how good Merciless sounded in the way small venue than an open door festival. The five piece delivered an uncompromising set of old school thrash with the furious touch. Merciless could have become a bigger name in the thrash genre, if they had got a more force behind, on the other hand Merciless has  mostly been in the catacombs of the underground. This way of doing farewell gigs leaves the pleasant memories of the great band for sure.

The Treasures Within
The Awakening
Cleansed by Fire
The Land I Used to Walk
Realm of the Dark
Unearthly Salvation
Branded by Sunlight
Dying World
Pure Hate
Souls of the Dead

The place was totally packed and tension and excitement could be felt and seen in the crowd. The increasing volume of the crowd cheering the mighty legendary Venom Inc entering the stage. Ave Satanas opened the gates of hell and the reaction and respond in the crowd got totally wild and evil. Venom Inc definitely knocked the audience down by offering a real lesson of what the old school black metal is supposed to sound. Besides a couple of newer songs off the AVE SATANAS album, Venom Inc concentrated on doing a hell lot of classic Venom songs from these classic albums. The crowd went beserk and lost the control when such iconic songs Black Metal and In League With Satan roared out of the loudspeakers. Venom Inc sounded really awesome tight. The outfit’s performance was extreme energetic and encouraged the crowd to go nuts in the pit. Venom Inc is a pure metal and full of sacrifices for metal. The band didn’t let anyone down or caused any weak moments, just pushing themselves to the limit with the real sweating and breathless performance. Mantas was truly on fire and Abaddon is the essential part of the whole Venom Inc with his way of drumming and of course Demolition Man’s raw signing brought its grotesque and raw vibe. Venom Inc. testified that the three piece has taken the metal map by storm.

Ave Satanas
Welcome to Hell
Die Hard
Live Like an Angel (Die Like a Devil)
Blackened Are the Priests
Don’t Burn the Witch
Leave Me in Hell
Black Metal
Countess Bathory
Sons of Satan
Witching Hour
In League with Satan

The opening day offered a pure nostalgic trip to the early 80’s and other bands created the ultimate flashback feeling in the performances of their own.

The Greek traditional metalers, Fyrecross, were kind of an odd choice amongst the other bands. Fyrecross ladled all the influences from the 80’s metal bands. The Scorpions cover song “Blackout” was a piece of evidence of that. Fyrecross sounded a little bit amateurish. To be honest, the band could spend more time in a rehearsal place to achieve a better result to burst out the old school metal.

Rapid was an entire new acquaintance and real pleasant surprise. The young three piece did a flashback to the old school speed metal approach.  Without any mandatory  speeches or other gimmicks Rapid kept going on the full force and created the nostalgic feeling of the old power/speed metal spirit. Rapid’s metal was catchy and well rapid played.

If Venom Inc killed the night before, so did the Canadian speed metal legends Exciter. The place was once again crowded and the Exciter chants got loud. Exciter truly nailed the crowd by doing a real time machine trip to the early days of the 80’s when Exciter released their timeless classic albums. “I Am The Beast” off LONG LIVE ALOUD followed by a plenty of Exciter classics. “Rain Of Terror” off the 90’s output KILL AFTER KILL was a pleasant surprise. Beside the song sounded truly fast and brutal. The drummer/vocalist Dan Beehler turned out to be the ultimate machine behind the drumkit while singing, his playing was hard and timingly perfect along with the signing. The guitarist Ricci plays straight from his heart. The bass Allan Johsson’ thundering bass sound crowded the trademark sound of Exciter. The Canuck must have been pleased with the overwhelming respond from the Finnish audience.

I Am the Beast
Rain of Terror
Violence & Force
Victims of Sacrifice
Cry of the Banshee
Iron Dogs
Rising of the Dead
Heavy Metal Maniac
Long Live the Loud
Beyond the Gates of Doom
Pounding Metal




When the forefathers of the raging speed/thrash had finished the set, the Finnish apprentices Ranger was in the real test of the fire as the Canucks arranged one hell of metal massacre. Playing after Exciter is definitely one hell of challenge and brutal place for any band, but Ranger didn’t get stupefied and offered a firework of the raging metal with the touch of their own and approach.



The two day event was an amazing and fabulous experience. Both Venom Inc and Exciter received a wild response from the crowd. However, the whole event was so successful that the second edition will be arranged the next year, therefore keep your eyes open !

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