Dying Fetus Disentomb, Beyond Creation, Psycroptic :  Nosturi, Helsinki

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Dying Fetus  Disentomb, Beyond Creation, Psycroptic

 Nosturi, Helsinki


Review and Pictures by Petri da Costa

It had been almost 3 years since Dying Fetus played in Helsinki, but now with a brand-new record out, which has been praised by fans and critics, it was time for Maryland’s brutal death metal trio to return to Finnish shores for their “Wrong Tour to Fuck With”. To make this tour even heavier, Dying Fetus were joined by a strong line up of death metal bands on this tour: Disentomb, Beyond Creation and Psycroptic.

Since there has been so many metal gigs, and some two-day fests, in Helsinki during the fall, pretty much on a weekly basis, it was hard to tell how many would come to this death metal evening. It was a little bit surprising and good to see that Nosturi was packed this evening. The first band, Australia’s Disentomb started early, around 20:30, and because there was a huge line of people still getting inside Nosturi, myself and many others missed half of their set. Nevertheless, they seemed to be a perfect fit to open the night and get everyone moshing. From the crowd’s reaction, I’m pretty sure they’ll be coming back to Finland sometime again.

Next up was Canada’s Beyond Creation. Although death metal is at the centre of Beyond Creation’s core, their songs lean more on the technical side, with some songs being over 6 minutes, thus providing a big contrast when comparing to Disentomb and Dying Fetus. Among this evening’s setlist, the band played “Earthborn Revolution”, “The Aura” and “Fundamental Process”, which ended their gig. As mentioned before, since the band leans more on the technical side, some of the songs sometimes sounded like instrumental songs, demonstrating the musicianship in the band. Perhaps Beyond Creation wasn’t everyone’s favourite act of the night, but the crowd overall seemed to dig their tech and “proggy” approach to death metal.


The last opening act was another aussie band, Psycroptic, which also has a technical approach to death metal, but it is more aggressive in its delivery. Early on the crowd got a circle pit going on, which seemed to go wilder during “Ob (Servant)”, and although some songs weren’t non-stop brutally fast, they were able to play a very dynamic gig, with pace changes, groove and technical parts.

Finally the time for Dying Fetus to hit the stage had arrived. As mentioned before, Dying Fetus hadn’t played in Finland for almost 3 years, which is a good “break” time since you are not constantly over-playing in the same city. You could tell already early on that everyone inside Nosturi was extremely excited to see them crush live, and once again this brutal death metal trio showed why it is one of the best live bands.

The gig started with “From Womb to Waste”, which is a perfect opener since it has a slow burning tempo in the beginning, which builds and then unleashes that fast and brutal pace. “Fixated on Devastation” was the first song off from their latest album to be played, which continued the crowd madness and was elevated when they played “Grotesque Impalement”, one of the highlights of their set. Now with a career that spans over 20 years and many studio albums, it mustn’t be easy to please all the fans’ wishes, however I think they were able to balance properly their older material with the newer stuff.

What was somehow surprising was the fact that they played 4 songs from “Wrong One to Fuck With” and 4 songs from “Reign Supreme”. It was surprising because I think most would assume that the band would focus more on the latest release, which meant that some heavy hitters like “Panic Amongst the Herd” or “Die with Integrity” were left out on this tour. Hopefully these songs and others from this newer album are included on later legs of this tour or in some future tours.
Some other highlights during their set were “One Shot, One Kill”, “Subjected to a Beating”, “Homicidal Retribution” and “Praise the Lord (Opium of the Masses)” which had the fans crowd surfing, moshing constantly or circle pitting. Maybe for those who have seen the band live, this will sound obvious, but the stamina, precision and brutality of guitarist/vocalist John Gallagher, bassist/vocalist Sean Beasly and drummer Trey Williams on stage is something to revere. To play all those intricate, heavy and fast songs for around 80min it’s no easy task.

As expected, the band ended their show with two absolute death metal classics: “Killing on Adrenaline” and “Kill Your Mother, Rape Your Dog”. Even though the whole crowd wanted to hear more, that was the end of a hell of an evening. Let’s see if it will take Dying Fetus 3 years to come again to Finland, however with tonight’s overwhelming response from the fans it might bring them sooner.


Dying Fetus Setlist

From Womb to Waste

Fixated on Devastation

Grotesque Impalement

Induce Terror

Your Treachery Will Die with You

One Shot, One Kill

Subjected to a Beating

Invert the Idols

Homicidal Retribution

In the Trenches

Seething with Disdain

Praise the Lord (Opium of the Masses)

Wrong One to Fuck With

Justifiable Homicide

Killing on Adrenaline

Kill Your Mother, Rape Your Dog