Metal Halloween 2017

Halloween - Pumpkin.jpg
Spread the metal:

Halloween - Pumpkin.jpg

Halloween is a time of season that is custom made for metal music. Sure, there are some great metal tunes focused around the Yuletide, but most of those are covers of songs that were written to be happy and bouncy. No amount of grunts, growls, and distorted guitars can completely erase that.  Almost all metalheads like Halloween to some degree. The dark side, the creepy, the obscene, the horrific, etc. all are elements that lend themselves well to heavy metal. With that in mind we decided to put together a new playlist of songs that suit the Halloween theme.

We asked our staff members to provide two songs each – one new (released in the past 2-3 years) and one classic song that fits the theme. The result can be streamed below thanks to Youtube and Spotify.  If you want more, you can revisit our Hell’s Heart Mega-feature on Halloween from October of 2015.

For sure there’s something we could have added – so feel free to post a comment with your suggestion below!

Youtube (playlist link)

Spotify (playlist link)