Cloudscape – “we have sadly decided to put the band to rest”

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Rockers & Cloudscapers!! You might wonder why the silence from Cloudscape? The thing is that we have sadly decided to put the band to rest….at least for some time. We might reawake the band again in the future but, as for now we have decided to put the band to rest for an undetermined future. You might wonder why? Well, we are still the best of friends and still meet up occasionally for coffee and/or beers but, we have reached a dead end musically as a band and we feel we don’t know how to continue musically as Cloudscape. We have released 5 albums that we are incredibly satisfied with and proud of but, also the change in the Music industry the last few years have made us lose pace of keeping up and try to get the band to grow the way we hoped for. We are really, really grateful for all Your fantastic support throughout the years and that is the reason we kept going and going. But now we have come to a temporal end and we have decided to let the band rest til we find the time is right to start up the machinery again. Thanks for Everything…WE LOVE YOU…words can’t describe how grateful we are for your support and we’ll see you again when you least expect it.

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