Suffocation + Scordatura @ The Audio, Glasgow

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Suffocation + Scordatura

@ The Audio, Glasgow

Tuesday, 29th August 2017

Review by Pete Mutant

Suffocation have left a period of four years in between gigs in Glasgow, the last of these was with an enticing package with Fallujah, Havok and Cephalic Carnage all together carving a twisted path of destruction and leaving the Glasgow audience in complete ruin. This time we were meant to be getting a three pronged assault but without much notice, Hammer Cult pulled out so the doors were pushed back by half an hour and it was down to local brutal death titans Scordatura to lay the groundwork for the night’s madness.

And a night of madness was what we were going to get…

There was a decent sized crowd in the venue already as Scordatura [4.5/5] took the stage and kicked off the gig with ‘Servants Of Entrapment’ from the band’s latest album, ‘Self Created Abyss’. There’s no half measures with a band as exciting and brutal as Scordatura and they were always going to give us a show. The movements were rapid and the rhythm was blinding as they cut through the set with a seamless progression of ever evolving motion. Vocalist Daryl was full of energy as he commanded center stage, coercing the crowd to get violent and expend some bottled up aggression. There was some movement from the crowd but it was down to a few maniacal fans to keep the pit going. Most in the audience took a step back as a large gap emerged in the crowd but Daryl wanted that filled and for those that fill it to start the circle. Sadly, only a few were spurned on by his and the band’s efforts but the music was still absolutely solid.

We were getting a large part of their latest album and didn’t get back to their debut full release ‘Torment Of The Week’ until the sixth track of the set in ‘Sutured Flesh’. There was so much quality coming out from the band as all members took us through a multitude of switches, breaks, blasts and sensational combinations that providing an overwhelming assault to the senses. Probably my pick up to this would have been the fourth track of the set, ‘Repulsive Miscreation’ with its myriad of chops and stomps with drummer Tam Moran absolutely smashing that snare so viciously. Although ‘Self-Created Abyss’ only came out in March, the band had some new material to try out to their hometown audience as they gave us a shock surprise with track ‘Skin Trophy’ where guitarist Owen McKendrick and bassist Derek Wright match notes to notes and riff to riff with boundless speed and tight uniformity. Scordatura may have a standard set up bet they bring out the best in each other and create a powerful force of music which seems to be getting more and more impressive as they progress.

The penultimate track of the set took us back to ‘Self-Created Abyss’ with the final track on the album and title track which kept the momentum going in full on brutal mode. The last song of their set was another new track in ‘Immense Atrocities’ which gave the crowd the impetus to start smashing into each other with more wicked movement. The fills from drummer Tam were exceptional and the riffs were again solid as they had been throughout the set. The breaks were coming from all directions as Daryl kept the gutturals belting out for the big finish. It was another quality track and with the two that we heard tonight, it is easy to say that there is going to be another delightfully heavy EP or album on the cards. They put on an excellent show which may have been one the best performances of theirs that I have witnessed.

01. Servants Of Entrapment
2. Godforsaken Castigation
3. The Vile Existance
4. Repulsive Miscreation
5. Engineering Retribution
6. Sutured Flesh
7. Skin Trophy
8. Consumed By Hatred
9. Self-Created Abyss
10. Immense Atrocities

That was some start to the show and Scordatura never fail to get the old juices flowing, to the point where the absence of Hammer Cult was long forgotten. Next up was the main event with the long standing brutal tech death merchants Suffocation who were approaching the last hurdles of their European tour. Having recently released their eighth full length album ‘…Of The Dark Light’ back in June, it was certainly a possibility that we were going to get a decent swatch of it tonight.

Suffocation [5/5] however, decided to give us a trip through their discography with an excellent mix of some of their best work. They launched into the set with ‘Thrones Of Blood’ from 1995’s ‘Pierced From Within’ and wasted no time in commanding movement. The band member’s went low as they pummelled out the track with near perfect synchronization. Bassist Derek Boyer had this massive black and evil looking flying V which brought in some quality slapstick before the end of the first song of their set. Vocalist Kevin Miller advised that they were keeping it old school as we got the title track from ‘Pierced From Within’ as our second serving of the evening. The snare was relentless and the notey riffs were flying out all over the place with the leadwork shifting seamlessly from Terrance Hobbs to Charlie Errigo. The blasts by drummer Eric Morotti shook every strand of flesh, every sinew and joint to the core of the whole audience.

We got our first taste of the new album with the third track ‘Return To The Abyss’ and vocalist Kevin advised it was time to “get you fuckers moving”, and move we did as the gap in the middle disappeared and bodies started flying. We got our first crowd surfer during this moment and he was to be one of what seemed a thousand others who would be getting lift off throughout the set. We got more off the new album with ‘Clarity Through Deprivation’ but before this Miller wanted us to spin and one guy took this on to perform a jumping corkscrew in the middle of the crowd which produced an uproar of laughter before the pit resumed. ‘Twas some sight after all. The leadwork from Hobbs and Errigo was excellent with deafening squeals and vibrato used to heighten the effects on our senses. The pit subsided somewhat but the headbangers were still out and giving their all.

After a short break for a guitar change, the band played some more old material with ‘Effigy Of The Forgotten’, the title track from their first full length album from 1991. It was old, bold and out of control as the pits came back after their short breather. The riffs climbed and climbed as the neat cymbal work crashed and the blasts rattled the foundations of the Audio. We got more of the new album with the next track ‘Your Last Breaths’ before, as Kevin Miller puts it “now it’s time to get violent”, and we go back to ‘Effigy Of The Forgotten’ with that album’s opening track in ‘ Liege Of Inveracity’. That sent the crowd into even more aggressive fits of pitting and things descend into chaos from this point onward. We got out first stage divers, crowdsurfers becoming stagedivers, crowdsurfers crowdsurfing over stagedivers and all thoughts of an orderly evening perished as the tone was set and the crowd grew bolder and bolder. The band seemed to love it though as they were receiving everything that they had been giving and more. It was an absolute spectacle with ridiculous levels of enjoyment.The slams were out as well which brought an even more levels of heaviness to the night’s music.

The set was nearing an end though as the penultimate track ‘Infecting The Crypts’ brought us to the encore. The final serving of the night was ‘Devoid Of Truth’ from 1998’s ‘Despise The Sun’. At this point, I had taken enough notes and it was time to get involved for a final hoorah of pitting. It was a necessity and it brought the night to a sweaty and brutal but satisfying close as the night was complete. It was a top gig and with the more gigs that I go see at the Audio, the more I notice the demented brilliance that Glasgow’s metal fans can achieve with a little lax crowd control and a top band to fuel the madness. It was one to remember and will be nigh on impossible to forget. I’m telling you now that I love it.

01. Thrones Of Blood
2. Pierced From Within
3. Return to the Abyss
4. Funeral Inception
5. Clarity Through Deprivation
6. Effigy of the Forgotten
7. Your Last Breaths
8.Liege of Inveracity
9. Catatonia
10. Infecting the Crypts
11. Devoid of Truth