10 Questions With…Oni Logan of Lynch Mob

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10 Questions With…
Lynch Mob’s Oni Logan

Interview & Questions by Joey Rockman

You have an amazing new Lynch Mob album that just came out called “The Brotherhood”, what can you tells about it?

Thank you, the Brotherhood album recording, its a collective effort in that we decided to include two other creative people into the mix, the source of LM comes from Geo and I though having Sean And Jimmy in the mix changes it up on a performance level and this very evident once you’ve listened to their individual parts. Regarding the music, you’ll hear all our influences from Hendrix to Van Halen Pink Floyd and Zeppelin on this recording, I’m quite proud of this one.

How long did it take to record this new album?

It took a little more then we had anticipated, we had a tour in the way and for me it was distracting to wear both hats at the same time as writer it’s either one or the other, when I’m in writing mode I like to stay concentrated trying to dig deeper to find what the music is telling me to put on paper, I’m not one for repeating what I had written on a previous recording, it’s a labor of love not a shallow screw.

The song writing is amazing on “The Brotherhood”, do you think this line-up is the strongest Lynch Mob has had since the beginning?

Geo and I have had quite a few different rhythm players over the years, I think all of them brought something unique to our recordings and live performances, I will tell you this, we’ve been getting a lot of praise having jimmy and Sean in the mix, to answer your question, it’s pretty sexy right now lol.

What songs on “The Brotherhood” have the most meaning for you and why?

The Forgotten Maidens Pearl, because of its lyrical depth.
Main Offender for its high octane drive and guitar solo.
Miles Away for its heart and soul of living on the road.

What is the song “The Forgotten Maiden’s Pearl” about?

Remembering someone who once was dear to your heart taken away to soon, she always loved reading story’s of ocean lore and the Mist of Avalon. I guess it was my way to wish her a safe passage into the next..

What inspires you to write lyrics? Do you have to hear the music first or do you draw from experience first and then add them to the songs?

For this recording I found that it was a process of listening to the music and trusting in what it was saying to me, sometimes I may write three to four different themes for 1 song until it all comes together, it really is the work of chipping away at the stone until the final image appears, you want it to strike to the core of the listener and ultimately you as the writer want to feel a sense of growth in your craft..

If you could create your “perfect dream band” and have any musician whomever lived in it (past or present), who would you get to play on Bass, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, and Drums? AND what style of music would be?

I like African rhythms, I like hypnotic mind-bending riffs, I like the acoustic Malawian sound,
I can’t really pinpoint or say that I would have wanted to play with anyone from the past or someone to date, all I know is that I come from the rock world and love that I came up this way and love what I do, and I also know that I can’t move to far from the rock egg, but at some point very soon i’d like to try something different but the same, I can’t wait to find a record label that would be interested in supporting and backing my ideas..

It seems like vinyl is really starting to make a comeback and all the “old-schoolers” are re-buying the classic albums and even some people are to the point now where they’ve stopped listening to digital and are only buying vinyl. Why do you think all things vintage are making such a comeback in recent years?

Because their is nothing that compares to vinyl being played through an old receiver on heated tubes through a well-made speaker. It’s cool to have options but when you are a real music lover you have your own listening den or room where you can just kick back and breathe and feel the music.

What are your thoughts regarding digital versus analogue recording in 2017? Which do you prefer?

Theirs an art to analogue recording, the engineer really needs to know the character of the room as well as placement of mic not to mention how to splice tape on the slab for editing purposes and on and on. Digital as you know is convenient fast and quick, so to answer your question, digital is the quick fix and analog is our forever sonic treasure.

What are your top 5 “essential” classic rock guitar albums and give us your thoughts on each one as to why they are on your top 5. In no particular order

1. Physical Graffiti Zeppelin, man, they were just great songwriters and musicians, this record I used to put on as 16 year old and just float away though their songs and imagery.
2. Peter Frampton Comes Alive, great live performances by a great guitarist and band, Eddie Kramer did a fantastic job in making this record sound live and exciting..
3.The Rolling Stones, Black N Blue album, the song memory hotel always does it for me as the break up love song, when Keith comes in vocally on the break down where he sings, “She’s got mind of her own and she uses it well” just hits me hard and it’s real. Crazy Mama on that album kicks too Jagger owning it on his performance.
4. Rainbow Rising. The first time I heard this album I instantly was hammered by the voice of the man RJD, damn what a fantastic vocal delivery all over that album, the music was stellar as well.
5. Deep Purples Machine Head, What a dose of high octane rock n roll on highway star, All the songs on that album kicks major ass, a killer rock album to start off your teenage years.

What can we expect from Lynch Mob in the future?

Putting out new material year after year as well as touring globally is how I see it \m/

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