Wind Rose – Stonehymn

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Reviewed: September 2017
Released: 2017, Inner Wound Recordings
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Leaning Tower metal, is that a thing? Probably not, but I’ve never heard of another heavy metal band from Pisa, Italy. Never mind that, we’re here to talk about STONEHYMN, the third album from up & coming metallians Wind Rose. The band has two previous albums to their credit, both of which were well-reviewed here on Metal Rules. STONEHYMN is my first chance to hear the band, which I knew I had to do after hearing their rousing new single, “To Erebor”.

Based on reviews I’ve read of the band, I was expecting pure Italian power metal to come out of my speakers when I played the album, but that’s really only half true. While Wind Rose’s music contains elements of the symphonic power metal their home country is known for, STONEHYMN is shot through with very strong hints of folk metal. The first full song, “Dance of Fire’ is a perfect example of this, being a galloping power metal track with folk-inflected instrumentation and melodies. Picture Rhapsody (of Fire) mixed with Turisas and you’ll have an idea of where the band is going.

Call it what you will, but definitely call it rousing because this is music designed to get heads banging and the blood flowing. Nearly every song contains mead hall-strong anthemic choruses and powerful lead vocals from Francesco Cavalieri. The aforementioned “To Erebor” is probably the catchiest song and was the right choice to introduce fans to the album. If you don’t find yourself singing along to the “Heya heya haa!” chorus, I feel sad for you because you do not have a pulse.

Fortunately, the single isn’t the only worthy song on the album as each track (excepting the interlude, “The Animist”) is thoroughly enjoyable and memorable. Wind Rose is a band making some waves and working hard – these guys deserve every bit of attention they get. Check ‘em out and join the drunken dwarven revolution!


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Track Listing:
1. Distant Battlefields
2. Dance of Fire
3. Under the Stone
4. To Erebor
5. The Returning Race
6. The Animist
7. The Wolves’ Call
8. Fallen Timbers
9. The Eyes of the Mountain

Francesco Cavalieri: Vocals
Claudio Falconcini: Guitar
Federico Meranda: Keyboards
Cristiano Bertochchi: Bass
Daniele Visconti: Drums