Manchester Punk Legends SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS Bare Their Teeth On A Brand New Live Album!

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his August 25 will see the release of a ferocious new live album from one of the original and best loved punk bands in the world, Slaughter & The Dogs! Tokyo Dogs captures founding members Mick Rossi and Wayne Barrett ripping through 16 vicious howlers including their signature tunes “Where Have All The Boot Boys Gone?” and “Cranked Up Really High” plus fantastic covers of Velvet Underground’s “I’m Waiting For My Man” and “White Light White Heat” and a whole lot more! As the title suggests, these recordings come from the group’s tour of Japan, a country well-known for its enthusiastic audiences, and the atmosphere of this concert album is nothing short of electric! Pick up Tokyo Dogs on either CD or on special limited edition colored vinyl, your choice of yellow or red!

“In this neon city, full of electric rock n’ roll, we bring you street rock n’ roll – Tokyo Dogs.” – Mick Rossi

Tokyo Dogs comes amidst an incredible career resurgence for the band whose recently released studio album, Vicious, their first full-length studio recording in 15 years, earned them some of the best reviews of their career. And Rossi & Barrett show no sign of letting up, carrying the torch of true Manchester UK punk rock into a new generation and era!

Track List:
1. I Got Your Number
2. Who Are The Mystery Girls
3. The Bitch
4. You’re A Bore
5. Hell In New York
6. Message From A Ghost
7. We Don’t Care
8. Boston Babies
9. Dame To Blame
10. I’m Waiting For My Man
11. I’m Mad
12. Situations
13. Quick Joey Small
14. Where Have All The Boot Boys Gone?
15. White Light White Heat
16. Cranked Up Really High

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