The Ferrymen – The Ferrymen

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Reviewed: August 2017
Released: 2017, Frontiers Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

The fine folks at Frontiers Records are at it again, as they’ve taken three known musicians, tossed them together, and created a “supergroup”, The Ferrymen. In this case, we’ve got singer Ronnie Romero of Lords of Black and Rainbow, multi-band drummer extraordinaire Mike Terrana, and Primal Fear guitarist and tireless song writer, Magnus Karlsson.

For anyone that has heard music written by Karlsson over the years, whether it be his Free Fall solo albums, Allen/Lande, or Kiske/Sommerville, you’ll know what to expect here: crunchy European power metal with hard rock touches. Now picture that type of music sung by Jorn Lande or Dio, and you’ve basically got The Ferrymen. While it may not be most original sound in the world, but it is as satisfying as you might think.

Romero’s work in Lords of Black is commendable but he’s basically become known as Richie Blackmore’s hand-picked Rainbow reunion vocalist (much to Joe Lynn Turner’s disgust). I have yet to hear him with Rainbow, but his work on THE FERRYMEN is excellent. His gritty vocals are perfect compliment to Karlsson’s riffs, whether it be the mid-paced stompers (“End of the Road”, title track), the fast cuts (“Still Standing Up”) or the inevitable ballads (“One Heart”, “Eternal Night”).

As I said earlier, musically this is pure Magnus Karlsson start to finish so fans of his work (like me!) will eat this up. Mike Terrana’s drums are as solid as ever, holding down the bottom end and giving the tunes the required propulsion. I admit that I’m not clear how this differs from a Free Fall album with a single guest vocalist, but whatever – THE FERRYMEN is excellent music from accomplished musicians. Fans of Dio-styled metal with European flair should definitely check this band out.


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Track Listing:
1. End of the Road
2. Ferryman
3. Fool You All
4. Still Standing Up
5. Cry Wolf
6. One Heart
7. The Darkest Hour
8. How the Story Ends
9. Enter Your Dream
10. Eyes on the Sky
11. Eternal Night
12. Welcome to My Show

Ronald Romero: Vocals
Magnus Karlsson: Guitar, Keyboards, Bass
Mike Terrana: Drums