Tom Kefier July 1st, 2017

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Tom Keifer

Deerfoot Inn And Casino
July 1st, 2017

Review by JP
Photography by Jeff

What better way to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Confederation Dominion of Canada (Dominion Day) than by going out with friends to have some drinks and to see a band from Nashville? I can’t think of one!

Tom Keifer of Cinderella is on tour to support his solo album and it was the second time in recent memory that he made his way to the Deerfoot Inn and Casino. It is the local hot spot for Melodic Hard rock and Metal and this was my first time seeing him. I have never seen Cinderella either despite being a fan for decades so it was an extra treat.

Starting right on time to a packed house, after some oddly epic, and swirling orchestral intro music that seemed a bit out of place, the band hit the stage to the title track of his solo album THE WAY LIFE GOES. He has a surprisingly large backing band with six members, a guitarist, bassist, drummer, keyboardist and two back-up singers. The seven piece really filled out the sound. The back up singers really brought some of those classic Cinderella tunes to life such as the big chorus on ‘The Last Mile’.  His set was comprised of about two-third Cinderella cuts and a healthy six songs from his solo album, which blended seamlessly.   In fact, I was impressed that they performed all of the songs I wanted to here from his solo album including the heaviest track, ‘It’s Not Enough’.   It includes like the line like a ‘shot of gasoline’ which is a nice lyrically nod to his past as that line in the old Cinderella cut.

The set was quite heavy on mellower songs as well. He introduced, ‘Last Train’ as ‘an old country-blues song I wrote a few years ago. Kefier also busted out the acoustic piano. He said he, ‘likes to write a lot of ballads’ and he performed a three-song ballad medley from newest to oldest blending, ‘Thick and Thin’ from his solo album and ‘You Don’t Know What You’ve Got (Until It’s Gone)’ and ‘Nobody’s fool from the 1986 debut album NIGHT SONGS.  Right after that he managed to nail the opening scream in his solo album cut, ‘Solid Ground’ another robust rocker.   At this point I was hanging in the back, sipping an ice cold beer and thoroughly enjoying the laid back show; laid back compared to most of the Metal shows I attend. There were four cougar chicks dancing and singing to all the songs on his solo album and it kinda made me glad people weren’t just there to hear the old Cinderella stuff.

The show flowed from hit to hit, it’s impressive how many hits Cinderella actually had. They had the big booming snare sound on ‘Night Songs’, then ran thorough ‘Coming Home’ and did a cool piano based honky-tonk version of A Little Shelter’ as well.

Tom gave it his all, his voice in amazingly good shape, and he really left everything on the stage as a performer, he looked sweaty and bedraggled as he finished with a big finale a double dose of cover tones, ‘I’ll Get By With A Little Help From My Friends’ and ‘Major Tom’.   One last push took us over-the-top as they finished off strong with ‘Gypsy Road’, arguably one of Cinderella’s biggest songs.  The 90 minutes flew by and again the odd orchestral symphonic finale exit music filled the room we left very happy to see the old rocker still giving it his all.

A great end to a great night of entertainment.