The Dead Daisies with support act Black Oak County on European Tour 2017 at Amager Bio Copenhagen,Denmark

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The Dead Daisies – Headline
European Tour 2017
Black Oak County – support act

Amager Bio
8/6 – 2017

Live pictures and review by: Anders Sandvall


All-star act The Dead Daises is currently touring to support their brand new CD/DVD, LIVE AND LOUDER. It’s a live set which also contains a collection of the band’s music videos and outtakes from their previous tour. As I loved the album I was glad to see that one of their stops on the tour was at Amager Bio in Copenhagen, Denmark. The band was started back in 2012 by guitarist David Lowy; since then the line up has gone through many changes. A few of the past members have been guitarist Richard Fortus, drummer John Tempesta, and keyboardist Dizzy Reed. The European leg of the tour kicked off at the Rock Hard Festival in Germany and after the Copenhagen show the band was heading over to Sweden to perform at Sweden Rock Festival. The tour ends the 1st of July at Fregericht Rock in Germany. The band supporting act in Copenhagen, Danish act Black Oak County, only opened this one show.

As usual I was outside the venue in good time; you never know if the trains over to Denmark depart as scheduled. While there I saw that there were already people waiting outside hoping to meet the band and hopefully get stuff signed. I went over to the café across the street to kill some time and went back to the site about an hour before show time. In the line I could hear Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and English fans talking; it seemed like the band had lured fans from all of Scandinavia to Copenhagen this night. The majority of the crowd consisted of older guys in their ’50 – ’60’s but there were a few women as well. When the doors were supposed to open at 7, a security guard told us that they were having some difficulties with the door. About 15-20 minutes later we were let in and as always, I first took a look at the merch stand to see if they had something nice to offer. I could also see that there wasn’t a photo pit so I headed to the front of the stage to get a good place to take pictures. A few band members were already out on the floor talking to fans before the show and I could see Aldrich, Mendoza and Lowy chit-chatting with fans. It was a really nice gesture of the band to treat the fans with their time, not many bands do that nowadays.

The support act Black Oak County comes from Esbjerg, Denmark and have apparently also supported D.A.D. They released their self-titled debut in January 2017 and according to the band they play hard rocking rock n’ roll.

On stage stood the usual gear with instruments and amps. Everything was ready to go for the support act to begin the night and at 8 o clock it was time for the evening to begin.

Black Oak County

The audience greeted the band warmly and the show kicked off right away. After the first song singer Niels Beier thanked the crowd for the support and said, “We are Black Oak County and its fun to be here at Amager Bio!”. It felt like the band had gathered a lot of fans who did their best to support them. Beier moved around on stage during the entire show and was quite a charismatic singer. I really liked the music, his vocals and his appearance. In my ears the music was classic rock n’ roll with a lot of energy and guts; I was really impressed with what I heard. The line-up in the band consists of:

Niels Beier – lead vocals, guitar
jack Svendsen – guitar
René Hjelm – bass
Mike Svendsen – drums

Beier said the band wanted to thank The Dead Daises for letting them be support act and then he fired off the next song. I haven’t got a set list but I’d guess they played songs from the debut album. Everyone did their best to get the crowd going and I was pleasantly surprised with what I saw. The sound system worked great but not the lights as it was pretty dark on stage most of the time. It was a bit hard to understand what Beier said in between the songs but I think the next song up was called “Laughing With the Crows”. The band felt solid as a unit and it was easy to see that they have been performing live a lot; they knew how to take on a crowd. “The Boogeyman” and “Mad Dog” followed and the crowd and band worked in harmony. Beier said the band really wanted to meet up with the crowd after the show and said “the guys were going to be at the bar, please come and share a few words with us”. “I see there’s a lot of ladies here tonight”, Beier continued and dedicated the song “If You Only Knew” to them. Many of the people seemed to know the lyrics to the songs and sang along with the band. After that Beier introduced the members and said that it was Hjelm’s birthday and he wanted everyone to sing “Happy Birthday” to him. Hjelm also received a framed and signed poster of The Dead Daises and Marco Mendoza came out on stage telling the crowd to sing louder for Hjelm. Hjelm and Svendsen got a hug from Mendoza and then he walked off the stage and the show continued.

Beier asked a guy beside to take a look at his watch to see what the time was, “We have 5 minutes left so we can afford another song”, he said. He also thanked The Dead Daises and Amager Bio again and the show ended with “Never Cared”. When it was over the band had been on stage for about 40 minutes.

Again, I was really impressed with Black Oak County and they made me curious to hear more. The members were solid together and they really seemed to enjoy their time on stage. The only negative thing with the show was the lights but that was out of the band’s control. If the band play their cards right I think they can be the next big Danish musical export.

Contrary to Swedish fans, the Danish ones tends to come in time to see the headline act where Swedes check out both the support and the headline act. Therefor a lot more people had arrived in time for The Dead Daisies and even though it would be a lie to call the venue crowded, it was clear that it started to get a little hotter inside.

The Dead Daisies were formed by Australian guitarist David Lowy and released their self-titled debut album in 2013, which was also the year the band opened for Kiss on their European tour. The third album, MAKE SOME NOISE, came out in 2016 and was the good bye for Richard Fortus and Dizzy Reed who headed out with the newly reunited Guns N’ Roses on their world tour. Guitar player Doug Aldrich then joined the band who kept on performing live with Kiss as well as on several shows in both America and Asia. At the end of May this year, the live album LIVE AND LOUDER was unleashed and the band once again headed out on the road to meet the fans.

The Dead Daisies

At 9 o clock it was time for the band to hit the stage and the intro was heard. The first song out was “Long Way To Go” followed by “Mexico”. Lead singer Corabi had the fans shout and clap their hands and the crowd seemed to be really happy to see the guys on stage. The stage was really wide so the members were all able to move around. When the song was over Corabi thanked the fans and said it was fun to be in Copenhagen. He asked if we were ready for some more music and that this was going to be a sweaty night; he wanted to hear the fans screaming and wanted everyone to “Make Some Noise”. The line-up in the band at the moment is:

John Corabi – lead vocals
David Lowy – guitar
Marco Mendoza – bass
Doug Aldrich – guitar
Brian Tichy – drums

It felt like the crowd really was into the band because almost everyone sang along to many of the songs. Corabi did his absolute best to get the crowd going and he had the fans shout and scream on command. Right from the start it was clear that the guys were really tight and extremely skilled at what they do; what else can be expected from such an experienced bunch of musicians? Corabi said that many critics have talked shit about the band, calling them a supergroup which is not true, he said. Mendoza cut in and asked if the fans liked the band and then asked which one of the members was their favorite. It seemed like the fans decided that Brian Tichy was their favorite and everyone shouted for Brian. Corabi said that “the band isn’t a supergroup but only a bunch of guys that like to play music together and to play the kind of music they all have growing up with”. He wanted the fans to sing a long in the next song which was the well-known “Rockin In the Free World”. Corabi said he had been in Copenhagen with other bands and it’s always nice to be here. “I like that you’re loud”, he said and “we love your city”. Aldrich thanked the fans for coming to the show and asked Corabi what he had been doing earlier in the day. “Well, I did my laundry”, Corabi replied, “it’s not as glamorous as you can think”, he laughed. Then Aldrich said that Corabi had called him saying he was lost and couldn’t find his way back and wanted Aldrich to come and get him. “But I didn’t”, Aldrich said and laughed. The conversation felt like an internal joke amongst the members and like they forgot they were standing on stage in front of fans.

It was now time for the band to play one of their own favorite songs in “We All Fall Down”. Everyone seemed to have a great time on stage laughing and joking around with each other. Mendoza took the mic to thank the crowd for being there and said that it was nice to see that so many had come to see the band. Corabi took on an acoustic guitar for “Lock N’ Load” which is a single released in 2013. The tempo slowed down a bit with that song, which was played at Wembley Stadium during the sold out NFL American football game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and San Francisco 49ers. Even though it was a bit hard to recognize Corabi with his long beard and flaired jeans looking like a member of a motorcycle gang, he sang flawlessly and showed a softer side of his vocal range.

Everyone but Aldrich walked off stage and it was time for him to do some solo stuff which led to the next song. “Last Time I Saw the Sun” brought all of the members back on stage. After that one showed a softer side of the band, Corabi wanted the crowd to give a shout out to drummer Brian Tichy as it was time to make a drum solo. If you have seen one drum solo you know what you get and this one was no different to the numerous others I’ve seen through the years. However, Tichy joked around with his drum sticks and threw them up in the air while he was playing until at the end he used his hands instead of the sticks to play. All through the solo he had the fans screaming at his command. Tichy took the mic and said he thought the crowd was looking fine; it was a usual solo made a little funnier with him playing the drums with his hands, but overall it was a standard performance.

The members all returned and Aldrich used his talkbox to say “Copenhagen” which made the fans clap their hands as “Join Together” followed. The old Who cover song woke up the fans and everyone sang along. He said once again that he had been in Denmark before but not with this band and never at Amager Bio before. He said he loved Denmark with their Viking-history and admitted to watching the TV-series Vikings. “Now I’m married to one”, he continued and laughed. “The next song could be about her”, he said and fired off “With You and I”. The next song was a new one and Corabi wanted the crowd to really listen to the lyrics and talk to friends about the song as “there’s a lot of negative things happening in the USA and England and we can’t have it like that”, he said. “Mainline” is a song taken from 2016’s MAKE SOME NOISE. The song was done at a fast and speedy pace and it felt like the band really lit up when they played the song. “When I come home to my Danish wife I can tell her that I have made a bunch of new Danish friends”, Corabi said, then he introduced his friends in the band which all got raving applause from the fans. Since Lowy is an Aussie he played a little of the AC/DC song “Dirty Deeds” when he was introduced; Mendoza played a little of “Lambada”, and Tichy a little “Run to the Hills”. The member that brought down the most applause was Aldrich who was presented as – “the golden boy”. While Mendoza took the mic and introduced Corabi the band played “Heaven and Hell” by Black Sabbath. It was a really nice and fun and way of introducing the band with them playing some short tunes. Aldrich and Mendoza asked how the fans were doing and if they were ready to hear some more music.

Corabi said it was time for a Viking ballad which also happened to be the band’s last song, a cover of The Beatles’ “Helter Skelter”. When the song was over the fans all yelled “The Dead Daisies” over and over again and Corabi said the band had two choices, either go off stage and wait for the fans to shout for encores or don’t leave the stage and do the encores right away. “Let’s do a short vote”, he said and wanted the crowd to scream loud when he counted up the choices. One fan took himself to the front of the stage holding the band’s vinyl in his hand and showed Corabi a song he wanted to hear and Corabi said that if he wanted to hear that song the crowd had to shout really loud. The 90 minutes that had passed through the ordinary show now continued with the band once again putting on their instruments to fire off “We’re n American Band” by Grand Funk Railroad followed by another cover in “Midnight Moses” by The Sensational Alex Harvey Band. That ended the show and the band walked off the stage after having thanked the fans one more time. Another 15 minutes had passed but the crowd wanted more and shouted for yet another encore. Aldrich was the first member out again saying there is a legendary show that took place in Copenhagen at a venue that sadly burned down to the ground, “what was the name of the venue?”, he asked and the crowd answered “KB Hallen”. “That’s right!”, he said, it was there Deep Purple performed the show that today considered as a classic piece. “Well, now you have revealed what we are going to play” Corabi said and “Highway Star” was the next song up.

Corabi had the ecstatic crowd sing the lyrics on their own and the band played a really solid version of the song to end the show. The band was on stage nearly 2 hours and it was certainly memorable.

The band felt solid and it was obvious they had a good time together. The good mood rubbed off on the audience too. The three front men worked brilliantly together and Tichy’s drumming was heavy yet technical. The set list was great and mixed in old covers well with the band’s own tunes. Maybe it wouldn’t have hurt to narrow down the amount of covers but hey, the old classical pieces made for some memorable sing a long moments. I really hope that The Dead Daises return to Europe soon because I want to see more of them.

The fans that entered the venue first were granted a special meet and greet with the band after the show. Fans were told to stay in line in order to get their stuff signed and it all would have been a nice moment if it wasn’t for one of the band’s crew members, a woman, that constantly rushed the fans by saying the time would soon be up kept hurrying everyone. She made the signing session very chaotic and if it wasn’t for her, everything would have gone smoother. The band/crew should tell everyone before the show that they would only sign maybe three things and take one pic, that would have saved a lot of time for the stressed out woman. However the band should have credit for taking the time to meet the fans and be nice to everyone; not many bands are doing that for free these days as most bands charge overpriced “meet and greet” packages; its a shitty thing do to so it was a really good and kind thing The Dead Daisies did to have a free meet and greet.

Set list
War Pigs (Black Sabbath intro)
Long Way To Mexico
Make Some Noise
Song And A Prayer
Rockin In The Free World (Neil Young Cover)
We All Fall Down
Lock N Load
Last Time I Saw The Sun
Drum solo
Join Together (The Who cover)
With You And I
Helter Skelter (The Beatles cover)
We’re An American Band (GFR cover)
Midnight Moses (TSAHB cover)
Highway Star (Deep Purple cover)

Thanks to Jenny Walroth at Border Music Sweden for help with press/photo-pass to the show
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