Tim Holman – Impact

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Reviewed: July 2017
Released: 2017, Shred Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Sometimes good old-fashioned guerilla style marketing works. I was on my way to the radio station (CJSW, Calgary, Alberta) where I host a long running Heavy Metal radio show. AS I walked by a notice board I saw a flyer/poster that caught my eye. It was an ad for an album by a local artist. Intrigued, I took note and contacted the artist, Tim Holman. He was kind enough to forward me a copy of his album IMPACT and I’m glad he did because it is excellent. Long-time readers know I have been a loyal supporter of my local scene for decades with many Calgary bands getting space in the hallowed halls of Metal-Rules.com. Accordingly I want to introduce Tim Holman to a broader audience.

IMPACT is an independent CD, on the Shred Records label. It is a nice package with simple but effective layout and design. The digi-pak houses a booklet with liner notes and so forth. Holman is a shredder by trade, a guitar hero and virtuoso. This (mostly) instrumental nine-track album is classic guitar hero stuff and I mean that as a sincere compliment. Holman comes from a classic 80’s style instrumental school. The diverse album demonstrates his full competency and flair on many styles of playing. I hear strains of Satriani, some neo-classical flash, and some chicken-pickin’ diversity of John 5 in tracks like ‘Hillbilly Boogie’. The Satriani reference is warranted as he has a cut called ‘Who Let The Satch Out?’ There are a couple of tunes with vocals, my favourite being the musical playful and lyrically cheeky, ‘Outside Cat’. To me the album highlight is the monster-shred showpiece called, ‘The Rising…Dawn Of The Apocalypse’. Joe Stump would be proud! To top it all off the production is great.

I found IMPACT to be extremely refreshing in a city with well over 75 active Metal bands and almost all of them in the very same narrow spectrum of Thrash/Death/Black Metal genres. Oddly enough the bands getting the biggest buzz are the ones NOT in the extreme styles, ones who are setting themselves apart from the pack. I could easily see Holman getting picked up by Shrapnel in the US or Lion in Finland and getting to the next level. IMPACT made an impact on me, so you should consider checking out Tim Holman.


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Track Listing:
01. Lift Off
02. Hillbilly Boogie
03. Abaddon
04. Who Let the Satch Out
05. I’ll Still Have the Strength
06. Outside Cat
07. Impact
08. The Rising… Dawn of the Apocalypse
09. The Pilgrimage

Tim Holman