Abaddon Interview – With Nulifer and Candy Bones

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Abaddon Interview

By Jarod Lawley

Abaddon is the latest metal project by Nulifer and Candy Bones; the married couple behind the gothic industrial group Spectrum-X. They describe their sound as black/thrash, and have just released a new song, ‘Dominator’. We spoke to them to find out more about their music and where this project is heading in the future.

So Abaddon is a project that you first started in 2006. What was your motivation for setting up that band originally and was has made you want to reintroduce it?

Well, we’ve always been into extreme metal since we were very young. I was in many black/death metal bands before moving to Italy. One of which was also called Abaddon in 1999. We felt that Spectrum-x is pretty heavy, but it doesn’t exactly fit the “extreme metal” genre to the T. We also wanted to do something a little more raw, and with a more standard setup. Guitar, bass, drums, vocals.

How would you describe Abaddon’s sound and what kind of fans do you think it will appeal to?

Abaddon is very aggressive, practically unrelentingly in the tension of the sound. I mean there will also be more atmospherical parts, however, we would like to keep the feeling of tension or suspense as you might call it. Not exactly sure how to respond to the what kind of fans it might appeal to, so I’ll keep it simple. We believe any fan of the extreme metal genres will enjoy our sound. It will also appeal to those who are interested in the occult.

There are already a few bands with this name, however. What made you choose it and what does it mean to you?

This name has always had its appeal since I was young. Also, I’ve been using it on and off since 1999, this version of Abaddon is just newer. The old recordings were only available on cassette release and I really doubt they are anywhere online. However soon we will be releasing 2 songs from that era, which we previously tried to toy with as Spectrum-x but it didn’t exactly fit what we were doing. Abaddon for us is both the demon the place and more… it’s not just a band name for us.

You made a video for the new song ‘Dominator’, which features many shots of a dog! What is the concept behind the video and how does it fit in with the lyrics of the song?

He is actually a Czechoslovakian wolf! Named Bleidd. His name is the feral word of wolf in Elfic/Welsh language.  He is in the video because we wanted the feeling of the hunt, to bring the feeling along with the lyrics about “someone” in power who will no longer be a tyrant to all things. It was interesting to work with him because we had to gain his trust slowly before we could do the shots and have him trust us. He did a really great job and we couldn’t have asked for an ideal situation.

The other band you are known for is an industrial act called Spectrum X. What challenges do you face when creating a new project than with the same core members?

There are not really any challenges in this situation, because the 2 projects are completely different one from the other. It’s pretty easy to keep it separate.

So in this band, you play with your wife as you do in your other group. What’s it like making music with someone you’re in a long-term relationship with compared to regular musicians?

Well, it’s a lot easier… you don’t need to worry if that person is available, or that they might lose their enthusiasm and not be serious about the project and so on. She is always there I am always there so when it comes to that part of the project it’s a very nice thing to have.

What elements do you bring to the band and what do you think Candy inputs creatively?

I think I bring most of the aggression/”evil” feeling we might emanate from our music. I’m always trying to keep a certain feeling/vibe/tone to the project while working on it. I think candy brings the more obscure side of things to the project, she also always helps me fill in the holes that I would have never noticed on my own. She helps quite a bit.

You’re based in the mountains of Northern Italy. Is there much of a metal scene around you or do you find yourselves working rather remotely from other bands?

There are a lot of metal bands in Italy. Like ALOT. I think most are more along the lines of death metal, but there are also a lot of good black metal projects in our area as well. Such as our friends Forgotten Tomb, the singer lives quite close to us.
There is a big problem though currently in our area, most of the metal venues have closed, so now we typically have to go to Milan or something to be able to see a good show. Hopefully, something new will open up again here very close. It sucks because there were some really awesome venues.

What plans do you have for new material with Abaddon and do you aim to play live and tour?

We have other songs already in the works, once they are complete we will give out information about when the album will be ready for release. Should be soon enough. Yes, we plan to play live and tour, hopefully, the venues or a booking agency will be interested in working with us so we can get on the road.

Are you currently seeking a record deal or would you prefer to remain independent?

We’re not actively looking for a record label, however, if the correct one for us shows its head we will definitely be interested. It would need to be worth our time obviously.

What metal bands would you like to share a stage with you and are there any underground bands on your radar that we should know about?

Would love to share the stage with Behemoth, Gorgoroth, Taake, Dark Funeral, Dark Fortress (not sure if they are still active), Dimmu Borgir, Watain.. man there are so many bands, I cannot name them all. For the other part of the question, I’ve just recently become friends with the singer of Darkend. They are a black metal project from Italy and very very cool! Also, of course, Forgotten Tomb, who I know are currently working on their new album. Can’t wait to hear that!

Many thanks for your time today- is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Thank you very much for the interview! And to the fans please make sure you watch our new video Dominator and make sure to spread the word about Abaddon from Italy!

Check out their video here: