Tim Ripper Owens + Neuronspoiler + Echotime @ Bannermans, Edinburgh, 31st May 2017

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Tim Ripper Owens + Neuronspoiler + Echotime

@ Bannermans, Edinburgh

31st May 2017

Review & Photography by Gavin Lowrey

A wet and windy Edinburgh is the venue as the Tim “Ripper” Owens bandwagon rolls into town & and there’s a disappointing crowd in-situ as the evening’s entertainment begins!

First on the bill tonight are the Italian outfit Echotime (3.25/5). Their 6 song set has a wee bit of everything, they are essentially a glorified prog band, although there was a bit of metal on show towards the end of their set.

The intro “In-Side” starts up to bring in “Mr Valentine” from their new album Side. The band have a decent sound and singer.
Material from their new album in the form of “Sickness” is next before hitting us with material from their first album in the form of   “Show Your Faces on TV”,“The March” next before heading into set closer “Breaking the Prayers” including some nifty keyboard work

They did struggle to get the crowd on side to begin with, although towards the end of the set I feel they had definitely made some new fans! My only complaint was the length of the intros, seriously lads, reel it in and give us some tunes, they’re good!

Up next, London band Neuronspoiler (4/5) who are getting some great press at the moment from their good work, both online and from magazines such as Classic Rock.

They start their set with “Take the Stage” from their “Emergence” album and build from there.

Where Echotime struggled to get the crowd on side straight away, Neuronspoiler have no such problems, with singer JR having the crowd eating out of the palm of his hand almost immediately.

Neuronspoiler have a great stage presence, in particular, David del Cid on guitar who clearly hates the spotlight whilst allowing his co-guitarist Pierre to go about his work on the other side of the stage in a more reserved manner.

Highlights of the set for me are “The Brave One”, “Invincible Man” & “Through Hell We March”.

Singer JR is definitely worth a listen & has a serious set of pipes on him. These guys have what I would call a “Classic”metal sound and are really worth a watch if you can catch them live.

There is a sense of expectation from the crowd that has been left to build for an extra 20 mins as we waited for the  main course of the evening, the mighty voice of Tim Ripper Owens (4.5/5)

Given that he was denied entry to the UK last year to play as the Wildfire festival up here in Scotland due to a visa problem, there’s a tremendous level of excitement that is released as the music begins.

Opening with “Jugulator” & “Blood Stained” from his debut album with Judas Priest, Owens is clearly on form, something demonstrated as he and his cohorts launch into “Painkiller”.

The crowd is lapping it up and bends to his every whim and when Tim asks for a cold beer, one duly arrives from a member of the crowd happy to go to the bar for their idol.

Concentrating on the songs from the two albums he was in Priest, we’re treated to a top class show. His encore is the triple classic of “Electric Eye”, “Living after Midnight” and the set-ending “Painkiller”.

This guy is an exceptional singer and you would expect nothing less, having performed with the likes of Beyond Fear, Yngwie Malmsteen, Charred Walls of the Damned, Iced Earth and of course Priest. His band were very good too, and clearly dislike being photographed (as you will see from the snaps)

The only disappointment was the size of the crowd, only three quarters full? So, if we want live music to continue we have to support it! So come on people, get out there and support the artists that come round to your local venues!


Blood Stained
Metal Gods
Hell Is Home
The Sentinel
Lost and Found
Hell Bent for Leather
Bullet Train
Burn in Hell
Dead Meat
Running Wild
Death Row
Electric Eye
Living After Midnight