HELIX Release New Song Digitally On July 1st With 7″ Coming In August

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For the past couple of months I’ve been throwing around ideas with the guys in regards to a video for the new Helix song THE DEVIL IS HAVING A PARTY TONIGHT. In the end I decided to spend the money instead on putting together a bitch looking vinyl record. It’s going to be album size with only two songs: The Devil Is Having a Party Tonight on Side One and The Tequilla Song (written by Gord Prior/Steve Georgakopoulos/myself) on Side Two. Yesterday I talked with Gerry McGee (former singer of Brighton Rock who owns Isotope Records in Burlington) about the project and what I wanted-red vinyl with a cardboard sleeve and an inside paper sleeve. I also emailed him a list of questions-what was the minimum run, how much extra $ for red vinyl, does the song have to be re-mastered (it does, the mastering is different from CDs), if they supply the bar code, if I need an IRSC code, and what specs my artist needs to work to when doing the album cover design. Oh yah, almost forgot-the “turn around time”. This, I found, is 8 weeks from the time you submit the song and album design, which puts us at the end of August for a release.

However, the song(The Devil Is Having A Party Tonight) will be available for digital download on July 1st. No offence to the country in regards to the timing of the release (Canada’s 150th birthday) -I don’t expect devils to be running around celebrating that night (although things MIGHT get a little crazy)-it just seemed like a good day to do it,seeing as we’re playing St. John’s, Nfld that very day for Canada Day Celebrations. We’ll also be taking advance orders on the vinyl album-we’re only going to press 200-so make sure to order yours while they last. I’ll be putting up the album for sale as soon as the artwork is completed. A REAL COLLECTORS ITEM.

The song is the first I’ve written with the actual Helix band members. Over the past couple Helix CDs I’ve worked primarily with Sean Kelly, but this year especially the two of us have been focusing our efforts on my solo CD GET YER HANDS DIRTY. On the Helix material I’ve returned to writing with Gord Prior and Steve Georgakopoulos. As well, the band has been jamming and coming up with stuff at Chris’s place in Cambridge. “Devil” is a real team effort and I’m very proud of my guys and how the song turned out. Daryl produced the song, along with the help of Aaron Murray, and everyone in the band had a hand at writing it.

Here’s the lyrics:

The Devil Is Having a Party Tonight
Written by Helix

I’ve been drinking whiskey
Demons dancin’ in my head
A liquid invitation
Leads me to an early bed
I’m going to the address
Six six six
Down below
Dante’s inferno
That’s where I’m gonna go

The Devil is having a party tonight
And everyone’s having a hellva time
We’re gonna drink whiskey until we go blind
The Devil is having a party tonight

So come in and get your freak on
And party like a demon in hell
‘Cos no one ever leaves here
And no one ever lives to tell
The price of admission
Is gonna cost you your soul
And you know it’s wrong but it’d be a sin
If you didn’t go—-

The Devil is having a party tonight
And everyone’s having a hellva time
Dancing with strippers
And chopping up lines
The Devil is having a party tonight

When will you ever learn?
May when you’re past the point of no return

NOTE: I was going to take out the cocaine and strippers line, but Randy said that was the best one! LOL