Interview with Stephen Reynolds of Mutank

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Interview with Stephen Reynolds of Mutank

by JP

We caught up with Stephen Reynolds of Mutank on the eve of the start of their cross-Canadian tour with Annihilator and Mason.

I’m going to open with a tough but fair question.  How did you guys manage to snag the coveted opening slot on the Annihilator tour?  I heard it might have been a buy on?  If this is true,  you must be extremely confident that your investment (a good one as I see it) will pay big dividends with the national exposure.

While we can’t discuss specifics of our tour contract, I can say that I met Jeff when judging one of the Wacken Metal Battle shows, which we had won the year previous. It was also the same night I met Costa who later became our guitarist and Topon Das who recorded our new EP “W.H.A.T.S.T.H.A.T.”. Let just say that was a magical night. As for dividends, money is just the grease that keeps our wheels turnin, if we played music to make a profit we’d probably do Backstreet Boys.

 How are last minute preparations coming for the tour?

We are kings of the last minute. We work especially well under pressure and deadlines so things are really coming together.


On a long road trip who gets to decide what gets played on the stereo?  In addition who does most of the driving, or is it whoever happens to be sober that night? 

Whoever can yell the loudest? I guess we’ll see. Some of us definitely have different taste but trash talking other peoples taste in music is half the fun! As for driving, we lucky to have a straight edge dude in the band, but we’re gonna try to split it up nice and even so we don’t get in any droopy-eyed pileups.

Why is the tour routed West to East?  Are you flying out and driving back? 

We ain’t in control of that but I’d say we’d rather have it this way since at the end we’ll be back home. First thing we do is about 3 or 4 days of driving out west, after that a 6 hour drive will feel like 6 minutes.

Have you played out in Western Canada before?

Nope, can’t wait to meet the BC metal heads! 

You guys made the smart move of putting out a new EP, just in time for the tour?  Will copies be available at the show as well as other Mutank mega-merch?

We call it “Munitions”. We’ll have CD’s of both “W.H.A.T.S.T.H.A.T.” and (for the first time) our debut “M.E.C.H. Metal” available on the road. We’ll also have t-shirts with the art of both releases as well as some nice high-quality stickers and metal pins.

In three words describe the last few years in the Mutank world, winning WMB Canada, Annihilator, new music….

My neck hurts.

Lastly, what the hell is a Mutank?  See you on the road in a week or so!   

It’s a mutant tank! Smell you later, and TANK MU!


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