Ruinous at the Metro Gallery, Baltimore MD, May 24, 2017


The Metro Gallery,Baltimore, MD

May 24, 2017
Review by InfamousButcher, Photos by She Wolf


Do you dig brutal shit dripping with doomy atmosphere? Have I got a band for you then! In 2014, Matt Medeiros (guitar, vocals), Alex Bouks (guitar) and Shawn Eldridge (drums) left New Jersey’s Funebrarum to form their own band, Ruinous. Their debut album GRAVES OF CEAESLESS DEATH is a crushing experience, blistering and bludgeoning in parts, slow ponderous doom in others. Ever since I got the album from my wife last Christmas, I’ve been dying to see the band live. Well, wishes granted motherfucker! Ruinous is headlining the MDF (Maryland DeathFest) XV Pre-Fest party at the Metro Gallery! On to Baltimore we go! TRANSFIXED ON THE GATE! BRING IT!

The Metro Gallery is this cool little venue on Charles Street, not far from the Inner Harbor. I’ve been here twice before for Deicide and Prong. You walk in and the stage is on your left, merch tables straight ahead, bar in the back left. Place holds about 250 people and tonight turnout is good but not packed, probably around 200 people. Stage is about 4 feet high and there is no barrier / photo pit. Entire place is standing room with a few easy chairs on the right side. Pit space is adequate if you want to throw down a bit. Sound quality is good, loud and pretty distortion free.


Ruinous came on about 11:30 and opened with a savage “Tombs of Blasphemy” to kick things off. COMPLETE FUCKING CHAOS! Matt and Alex delivered heavy sledgehammer riffs, Shawn pounded us with his drumkit, and thick bass was provided by Drew Murphy from Hammer Fight and Kalopsia. Matt’s manic vocals were both screechy and guttural as he varied his approach throughout the set. I dug it! “From Flames of Malice Born” was next and it was just pulverizing! The band was firing on all cylinders, guns blazing and the crowd responded with some moshing and intense headbanging!


Ruinous played every song off of GRAVES OF CEASELESS DEATH except “Through Stygian Catacombs”.  I noticed Matt and Alex had a lot of pedals onstage for the different guitar effects; hell there was like an entire case of pedals up there! The band was able to re-create the ominous atmosphere heard on the album, especially on my favorite song of the set, the slow “Procession of Ceaseless Sorrows” which was so awesome it gave me goosebumps! I also loved the faster songs like “Plague Maiden” and “Transfixed on the Gate”, great shredding by Alex and Matt on those. “Dragmarks” was particularly unrelenting and pulverizing. Closing song was “Torn Forever From the Light”, which Matt introduced like this: When we die, some believe we are drawn to a light, but we know what really happens! Matt thanked the crowd for the support, the other bands on the bill, and MDF for the opportunity to be part of this great festival.

It was a killer set from a new band with a great future, so much more to offer, so many great possibilities for tours! I am looking forward to seeing Ruinous again and hearing their new material whenever it comes out. Pick up a copy of GRAVES OF CEASELESS DEATH and catch Ruinous live when you can, you won’t be disappointed!


The Tombs of Blasphemy

From Flames of Malice Born

Plague Maiden

Transfixed on the Gate

Procession of Ceaseless Sorrows

Ravenous Eternal


Torn Forever from the Light