Deicide and Mortal Decay at the Voltage Lounge, Philadelphia, PA, May 23, 2017

Deicide / Mortal Decay

The Voltage Lounge, Philadelphia, PA

May 23, 2017
Review by InfamousButcher, Photos by SheWolf

Deicide continues to soldier on like an unstoppable unholy force, cranking out reliable satanic death metal albums every few years and keeping busy touring. With a new album in the works and a new guitarist (Mark English from Monstrosity), Deicide is touring North American this summer bringing their anti-Christian message to the masses! They haven’t been to Philadelphia in almost 5 years, so we were hungry for some fucking blasphemy! You want more? Also tonight we get local legends Mortal Decay with their original vocalist John Paoline! Let’s head down to the Voltage Lounge for some evil, sick shit! KILL THE CHRISTIAN!

The Voltage Lounge is this metal bar next to the shitty Electric Factory in the Northern Liberties section of the city. The place holds about 300 people and appeared to be full tonight. Downstairs a long bar runs lengthwise along the building until you get to the stage. Stage is small and about 4 feet off of the ground, no photo pit but there is a barrier. Steps up to the stage would allow you to view from the side, but security wouldn’t allow photographers up there as they have for other shows. Upstairs there is a balcony where merch tables were set up and another bar. Sound quality is decent and VERY LOUD! The owner did take a paintbrush to it recently as there was some fresh paint on the walls and outside on the glass. Bathroom situation was bad. We had one functioning pisser (urinal – the other two were busted!) and one toilet for a crowd that was mostly male! The place is mostly standing room / pit, save for a few seats upstairs. Crowd was a bit of a drunken mess, especially for a Tuesday night.



I had seen Mortal Decay before with vocalist Kelly Izquierdo but never with John Paoline, who hadn’t performed with the band in 13 years. He got a warm homecoming from the crowd! Lots of cheers / headbanging / moshing ensued after they took the stage! Drumming by Anthony Ipri was brilliant and guitarists John Hartman and Joe Gordon just fucking shredded! Holy fuck, John Paoline was insane onstage! He was doing crazy shit like wrapping the microphone cord around his neck, stage diving, floating the crowd, and rolling around on the ground! He provided high shrieks and low guttural vocals and sounded much different than Kelly did, who had a more straightforward death growl approach. Crowd was pretty rabid with moshing throughout and they were happy to catch John when stage diving, no easy feat considering John’s a big dude! Mortal Decay is definitely a crowd pleaser! Great set and you could tell many old school fans were in attendance.

  • Apparitions
  • Consume the Rancid Gore
  • Insect to Flesh
  • Revived Half Dead
  • Soaking in Entrails
  • Razor Slice Decor
  • Opening the Graves
  • Rejoice in Moribund


Deicide took the stage about 10:30 and dove right into “Scars of the Crucifix”, bludgeoning us with an avalanche of riffs, hammering drums, and inhuman growls and screams! As usual, the band moved very quickly like a deadly machine, “When Satan Rules His World” was next, followed by “In the Minds of Evil” and the ass kicking “They Are the Children of the Underworld.” Things were off to a killer start!

Glen was in a no-nonsense mood tonight, very little interaction with the crowd, all business. In fine form, he deftly strummed his bass while unleashing foundation rattling growls and blood curdling screams! Steve Asheim put on another drum clinic for extreme metal, giving a flawless performance. I think he is criminally underrated and he is a major driving force in Deicide’s songwriting. New guitarist Mark English has a much different style than Jack Owen had, more restrained and refined. It sounded like the tuning was different on several songs and the speed was a bit slower on a few. Mark was fine but I prefer Jack’s wilder playing style. Jack’s presence really helped offset the departure of the Hoffmans. Rhythm guitarist Kevin Quirion shredded intensely and provided good backing vocals when needed, although Glen seemed to be handling most of the vocals tonight, only having Kevin contribute to blended vocals on songs like “Once Upon the Cross” and “Serpents of the Light”.


Highlights of the set included “Oblivious to Evil” (JOIN US! First time I had gotten this one since 2012!), “Once Upon The Cross” (Sounded fucking sick with the blended vocals from Glen and Kevin and good pit action – KILL HIM KILL HIM KILL HIM SATAN!), “Trifixion” (I love anything off of LEGION! IN THE NAME OF SATAN, I CONDEMN THIS IMAGE OF GOD!), “Deicide” (NO LORD SHALL STAND BEFORE MYSELF!), “Sacrificial Suicide” (Insane crowd response – FEEL THE WRATH OF SUICIDE!), and closer “Dead By Dawn” (TRAPPED IN A DREAM OF THE NECRONOMICON!). Only surprises were “Oblivious to Evil” and “Deicide” everything else was standard except they played them in a different order. Overall great set. No joke, I got into a minor car accident with a priest the day after the show! Guess I had it coming! BLAME IT ON GOD! Looking forward to the new album, hopefully by the end of the year! Deicide can still bring it and nail you to the fucking cross, catch them when they come to town!


  • Scars of the Crucifix
  • When Satan Rules His World
  • In the Minds of Evil
  • They Are the Children of the Underworld
  • Death to Jesus
  • Oblivious to Evil
  • Trifixion
  • End the Wrath of God
  • Serpents of the Light
  • Blame It on God
  • Dead but Dreaming
  • Once Upon the Cross
  • Kill the Christian
  • Deicide
  • Sacrificial Suicide
  • Homage for Satan
  • Dead by Dawn