Sacrificial Slaughter – Generation of Terror

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Reviewed: June 2017
Released: 2017, HPGD Productions
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Long running California thrash hooligans Sacrificial Slaughter are back from a four year absence with a new EP, GENERATION OF TERROR. And much like 2013’s THE GREAT OPPRESSION, it’s pretty much guaranteed to rip your face off and force feed it back to you.

Including 5 new tracks and a cover of Carnivore’s plea for unity, “Race War”, GENERATION OF TERROR is a classic Orange County thrash attack that dabbles in death metal for good measure. Think of early Dolving-era The Haunted, but if they spent more time listening to Exodus and Vio-lence instead of that pretty Scandinavian stuff and you’ll kinda get a sense for what Sacrificial Slaughter is about.

Tracks like “Meticulous Abomination” and “Bare Knuckle Beat Down” ride more traditional riff gallops and offer plenty of pit friendly breakdown, while the likes of “Systematic Aggression” and “Bodies in the Basement” are almost full throttled grindcore. The tunes chug along brutally and beautifully, while vocalist Steve Worley spits and snarls like he’s got a mouth full of raw meat. And the Carnivore cover is a nice touch, rounding out GENERATION OF TERROR’s message of world annihilation appropriately.

With only a handful of releases to their name since 2002, Sacrificial Slaughter operates at their own pace. But, when you do get some new music – you know it’s gonna be worth the wait. A heavy hybrid of deathrash goodness, GENERATION TERROR is both worth the wait and your attention.


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Track Listing:
1. Systematic Genocide
2. Bodies in the Basement
3. Meticulous Abomination
4. Generation of Terror
5. Bare Knuckle Beat Down
6. Race War (Carnivore Cover)

Jorge Dominguez – Bass
James Sorely – Guitars
Necro Nick – Guitars, Bass
Steve Worley – Vocals
Fred Tucker – Drums