Prayers Of Sanity – Face Of The Unknown

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Reviewed: June 2017
Released: 2017, Rastilho Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Portugese thrash metal? Hadn’t heard many rumblings from the Iberian coast regarding a thrash scene or of many bands there but that is most likely due to my ignorance. Anyways Prayers Of Sanity are now three albums and a demo in. After all, they are celebrating their tenth year in existence so they’ve been around the block and the trio are certainly a formidable force.

Musically, the band are extremely proficient with their style and have mastered the art of thrash. It’s not the most expansive music ut it does exactly what it says on the tin. There’s no messing about and it’s straight up intoxicating pace, groove and flow throughout with only the sombre melodic ‘In Between’ really deviating from the opus.

The opening two tracks are my top picks as ‘Face Of The Unknown’ is the title track which sets the album up with fairly simple riffs that create a traumatic flow of music. The second track is another pick simply for the staying power the chorus has but the track as a whole is as fast and furious as any thrash song out there. There’s more belters on this album though with tracks like ‘March Forward’ and ‘Someday’; ‘March Forward’ especially for its beasting bass lines courtesy of Carlos and catchy hooks.

Vocalist/guitarist Tiao has to stay balanced with his frantic playing and energetic screams and executes these well. His leadwork isn’t astounding but it serves its purpose. Almost, it seems a little forced at times but solos have been a mainstay in thrash since its beginnings and Prayers Of Sanity see no need to change the formula.

The album finishes strongly with the electrifying ‘Nothing’, a short track comprising of sharp edged riffs, explosive drumming and energised bass lines. It would be the perfect background noise for fast driving, cops chasing, cartwheeling round a volcano or any other varieties of hell raising. The album only stands at 33 minutes but there’s so much action packed into it. It has most of the traits required of a good thrash album and is sure to inspire some headbanging for many a thrash enthusiast.

Review by: Pete Mutant


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Track Listing:
1. Face of the Unknown
2. Dead Alive
3. Past, Present, None
4. Unturned
5. In Between
6. March Forward
7. Someday
8. Betrayer
9. Nothing

Tiao-Vocals, Guitars (lead)


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