Loathfinder – The Great Tired Ones

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Reviewed: June 2017
Released: 2017, Gods Ov War Productions
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Metal-Rules.com UK Team

Poland truly is a hotbed of quality extreme metal in the 21st Century. Add to that esteemed list Loathfinder. This rabid bear of a release, their debut EP, brings forth their brand of bellicose blackened Doom Metal, an authoratative and efficacious and above all heavy sojourn into the dark night of the soul.

Proceedings begin with the aptly titled “Genetic Gloom”, its gritty and grimy guitar tone ushering in a wave of apoplectic misery, augmented by a suitably morose lead guitar motif. It so simple yet so effective, and is so thick and gloopy it is akin to drowning in viscera, which is a convenient segue to the second track “Feed On My Entrails”. It lurches and sways like some reanimated cadaver from a Romero film, and is possessed of a resolutely dark and grim aesthetic, bursting with pernicious acrimony. Next up is the lead weight of “Scents Of Regression”. Nebulous and sombre, and yet crushing and uncompromising; it is like succumbing to slow poison.

The release closes with the title track. Macabre utterances usher in a spacey and delirious deluge, like the baddest of bad trips, before the anvil weight of the track kicks in. At its core it is pitiless and dank, like being force-fed rancid maggot-ridden food. The experience is comparable to existing inside the bleakest of nightmare worlds; it builds to an almost unbearable crescendo, then the elastic snaps and you hurtle headlong into the abyss. When you awake you are simply grateful to see another sunset.

Loathfinder are clearly a band supremely confident in their abilities. They have created something weighty and wretched (in the desired way). The guitars are elephantine, and the vocals bellow out like a man having his genitals stung by hornets. Each track has a laser-like focus; they tread a solitary path, and never fly off at a tangent. They weave much texture from very simple structure. “The Great Tired Ones” serves as an excellent entree for the band’s next venture.

Review by Owen Thompson


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Track Listing:
1. Genetic Gloom
2. Feed On My Entrails
3. Scents Of Regression
4. The Great Tired Ones



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