Hate – Tremendum

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Reviewed: June 2017
Released: 2017, Napalm Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Metal-Rules.com UK Team

Some bands are survivors, Hate certainly fall into that category. They have existed since 1990, and now unleash upon us their tenth full length album. Some bands survive by constantly evolving, others survive by ploughing the same furrow. According the band’s official press release they have completely changed their sound for this release. As such they fall into both categories simultaneously. An interesting paradox.

The album opens with “Asuric Being”, a militaristic and atavistic beginning. It is both jarring and atonal, before it explodes in a frigid cold flame. Vile and vital, it is the blackest of Black metal. Next up is “Indestructable Pillar”, all full throttle Marduk-esque bloos and thunder, and “Svarog’s Mountain”, with its considered intro and tormented, crippling malice. However, it predictably and somewhat clumsily convulses into a trite ejaculation of warp speed fury. The album moves on with “Numinesum”. Its unsettling bile-flecked chunks of fetid melody snake in and out of the whirlpool. It succeeds because its tempo is slower.

“Fidelis Ad Mortem” is another standout moment. Putrid and violent, it is a psychotic paean to death. The album lurches back into formulaic territory with “In Burning Gehenna”, its macabre intro vomiting forth into a violent torrent and snarling vocal diatribe. “Sea Of Rubber” is as subtle as a sledgehammer to the scrotum, and just as painful to listen to. “Ghostforce” is a bass drum powered cataclysm, amidst a typically venomous onslaught. Album closer “Walk Through Fire” is more of the same except that it lasts a little longer; a prolonging of the torture.

Listening to “Tremendum” is very much like standing in the path of a runaway train. Because of the uncompromising approach many of the album’s nuances are buried; the breakneck pace entombs them under layers of snow and ice. Some of the intros the band have concocted are darkly enticing, but too often give way to maelstrom intensity with little or no surcease. Not an album for the weak of heart.

Review by Owen Thompson.


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Track Listing:
1. Asuric Being
2. Indestructable Pillar
3. Svarog’s Mountain
4. Numinesum
5. Fidelis Ad Mortem
6. Into Burning Gehenna
7. Sea Of Rubble
8. Ghostforce
9. Walk Through Fire

Adam the First Sinner – Guitars/Vocals
Pavulon – Drums
Domin – Lead Guitar
Apeiron – Bass
Dean Arnold – Lead Guitar


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