Downcast Twilight – Under The Wings Of The Aquila

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Reviewed: June 2017
Released: Apri, Stygian Crypt Productions
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Coming in with an debut album are the death/folk metal band from UK, Downcast Twilight.
All of the lyrics for the songs are motives are either from historical eras or historical civilizations, as it can be seen from the names of the songs.

The mix of two metal sub-genres (folk and death) is mixed phenomenally in this album. The violin, somewhere flute and keyboard parts give a addition to the folk part. The vocals of Vitold are completely on point from the death metal perspective. The growling lows can remind you little of the voice of Johan Hegg from Amon Amarth.

The composition between the heavy riffs and folk instruments is quite interesting because, believe it or not is completely ear catching even though the combination at firsts sounds not mixable. There is a complete balance between the two sub-genres thorough out the whole album which makes it more and more interesting. Being a mainly young band, Downcast Twilight did a pretty good job connecting two metal genres without disappointing.

Review by: Kire Jovanovski


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Track Listing:
1. Rex Nemorensis
2. Soldier of Pompeii
3. The Witches of Aglesey
4. The Tyrant and the Sage
5. The Ides of March
6. Death in Alexandria
7. Orgiastic Lupercalia
8. The Ironclad Legion
9. Horrors of the Hercynian Forest
10. The Red Queen

Rhythm Guitars : OG,
Vocals : Vitold Buznaev,
Lead Guitars : Jan Twothousandarrows Tamb,
Bass : Chirs Zindros,
Violin : Shannon Lee Stott-Rigsbee,


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