Ampütator – Deathcult Barbaric Hell (Reissue)

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Reviewed: June 2017
Released: 2017, Greyhaze Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Listening to the reissue of Ampütator’s DEATHCULT BARBARIC HELL debut, my mind kept drawing a visual of deceased shit-rocker GG Allin teaming up with Austrian sado-perverts Belphegor in some kind of S&M black metal side project. As awesome as that would’ve been, Ampütator is actually a now defunct project from a pair of dudes in New England, but one that indeed elicited all kinds of filth soaked imagery through their tunes. Greyhaze Records is giving DEATHCULT BARBARIC HELL the vinyl reissue treatment, and holy hell – if the digital advance sounds as gnarly as it does, hearing this thing on wax will likely shred your speakers.

Raw doesn’t begin to describe DEATHCULT BARBARIC HELL; this sucker is straight up FUGLY. The 11 tunes are relentless, stripped down buzzsaw black metal in its most bestial and war like form. Imagine what a second or third generation cassette copy of Repulsion demos or early Impaled Nazarene would sound like and then add some more fuzz and kvlt on top for good measure. Songs like “Rape Kill Annihilate”, “With Hate”, and “Feasting on Vermin” offer no interest in either subtlety or complexity, rather favoring full force nuclear annihilation and maximum casualties in their blast radius.

As a band, Ampütator had a relatively brief shelf life, but they’ve got a ton of splits and demos to their credit, as well as at least one more full length. I’d be curious to hear how those compare to DEATHCULT BARBARIC HELL, but maybe depending on how this reissue shakes out, those may eventually get a revival as well. Understandably, not everyone has a palate for this kind of extremity, but taken for what it is, DEATHCULT BARBARIC HELL is a reasonably successful outing. In any case, Ampütator is sure to frighten and offend the casual listener, which I suppose was the point all along.


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Track Listing:
1. Rape Kill Annihilate
2. Gutterslut
3. Sarin Death Vengeance
4. Obliteration
5. Massacre Bloodhate
6. Slaughter of the Innocent (Repulsion cover)
7. With Hate
8. Extinction Deathmarch
9. Complete Butchery
10. Feasting on Vermin
11. Creed of Persecution

Duncan McVeigh – Drums, Vocals
Justin Flynn – Guitars, Bass