Vader – Decapitated + supports : Nosturi Helsinki Finland

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The 16th of May 2017

Nosturi, Helsinki, Finland 

Polish extreme metal has always been fabulous and beyond the amazing since the mid 80’s. The legendary Vader has kept the flag waving all through these years without venturing into an eccentric musical adventure or other type of direction. Vader has made several visits to Finland during these years, and now Vader invaded Finland with their on-going tour named Crushing The North Tour 2017 with four other bands and that was quite a huge bill for sure. The date was a dream-come-true as nearly 300 death metal freaks came to witness Vader and a few other bands.

The opening band called ThrashRed hailing from Russia had the ruthless job of being the opening band for the night. ThrashRed, as judging by the name, offers old school riffs with the certain thrash influences. The band sounded quite amateurish and was quite exceptional compared to other bands on the bill. The support band’s role is merciless as they spent 20 minutes on the stage.

The next band, hailing from Sweden, was Nox Vorago. The band had their faces covered with Ghost lookalike masks as their mask were quite identical with Ghost, apart from the singer whose mask had been borrowed from the Scream movie. The stuff is completely a huge mystery, but trying to describe them as it is a kind of mix of horror elements with the black metal vibes for sure. The keyboard got the essential role in the structure of the music.

Thy Disease, from Poland, was a totally and previously unknown act. The four-piece Polish extreme combo contaminated different kinds of elements in the music. They draw influences from the death metal and had some groove metal elements with some eccentric electric sounds in the background. Frankly Thy Disease didn’t get the audience convinced at all.

Finally the main bands. Decapitated has never ever visited Finland before, therefore, their first visit had been waited for a while. The four piece has experienced several setbacks over their career. As everyone is supposed to be aware of their devastating accident in Russia that happened several years ago. However, Decapitated returned back with the ultimate punishment. As for their gig in Helsinki, the band came and conquered, the whole set was pure aggression and furious riffing. The vocalist Rafał Piotrowski, having been in the band since 2009, is the ultimate relentless frontman commanding the audience to go utter beserk. The band sounded tight, brutal and above all the razor-sharp playing was amazing. Decapitated should have made a visit to Finland years ago as this kind of brutality and extremity is definitely pleasant way to torment the ears.

Playing after Decapitated for Vader was definitely a bit challenging as the most of the audience members had arrived to see Decapitated. Besides, Vader always offers the safe and pretty guaranteed lesson of the raging guitars and thunderous drumming. Even though Vader has undergone several line-up changes, the band’s main-man Peter has navigated Vader over these years and hasn’t given up. Their latest opus, Empire, is an excellent piece of death metal with all the Vader trademarks. Vader’s blitzkrieg is definitely technical, yet maintains a brutal aspect in the music. The 60 minute set of Vader-ized death metal was utter pleasant. As for Peter’s voice, well his voice was kind of lost or wasn’t in the finest furious strike as its been known for. Besides the audience was phlegmatic, even though the crowd arranged some kind of pit tryout. The band crushed the set with an intensive grip as the drums had to be fixed in the middle of the set. To be honest, Vader’s gig has always offered killer set and performance at gigs, but due to Peter’s shape Vader wasn’t in that brutal strike this time.