Interview with Matt Medeiros, Guitarist and Vocalist of Ruinous

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Interview with Matt Medeiros,
Guitarist and Vocalist of Ruinous

May 24, 2017

Interview by InfamousButcher

Something brutal this way comes! Hailing from New Jersey, Ruinous is a new death metal band with an old school death / doom sound. Think elements of Incantation mixed with some Demilich and old Carcass and you get the idea! Last year the released their crushing debut album GRAVES OF CEASELESS DEATH on Dark Descent Records and tonight the band is playing their first gig at the Maryland Deathfest Pre-Party in Baltimore. I was able to contact guitarist/ vocalist Matt Medeiros via email and ask him some questions about the band and the album.

How did Ruinous form? What bands did you, Alex, and Shawn play in before and what bands are you still active in?

Matt: Ruinous was formed after the three of us left Funebrarum. Shawn and I were in Funebrarum from 2005, and Alex joined in 2011. We left in 2014 and formed Ruinous. Alex has been in a number of awesome bands, he founded Goreaphobia, and played in Incantation, and is now in Immolation. So the roster is pretty impressive. Shawn has played with Disma and Woe, and is currently in Death Fortress. As for me, my other band Kalopsia remains active; our new album “Angelplague” came out last week.

Who are Ruinous’ main influences and who are your influences as a vocalist?

Matt: Ruinous is inspired by many of the bands mentioned above, and generally focuses on the darker side of first and second wave death metal. Relevant bands include Grave, Autopsy, Bolt Thrower, Demilich, Death and many more. Of course, since we’ve all been doing this a long time, we each have our own style that we bring to the table that makes Ruinous unique. Vocally, I wanted to bring a really frenzied approach that separates us from other bands in the genre. I took my traditional death metal vocal style, and came at it from more of a noisecore approach, adding a bit more chaos and dynamics. Some people love it. Lots of people hate it haha!

GRAVES OF CEASELESS DEATH is brutal and dripping with gloomy atmosphere. What were you trying to achieve on the album? How has the response to the album been?


Matt: Exactly what you said. Dark and brutal. That was what we wanted. We wanted a ton of atmosphere, and that really comes through on tracks like “Procession of Ceaseless Sorrows” and “Through Stygian Catacombs”. We also wanted the raw aggression you hear in “Dragmarks” and “Plague Maiden.” We demanded that it sound awesome and that the visuals fit the record. We are all really proud of this record. The response has largely been awesome. The people that get it, get it.


Who played bass on the album and who is playing bass for you live?

Matt: I played bass on the album. Drew Murphy from Hammer Fight and Kalopsia will be handling bass duties at our MDF performance. He’s a killer musician and a great dude. His bands rule and our rehearsal with him was utterly crushing. We’re very happy to be working with him.


How did you get connected with Dark Descent Records?

Matt: Alex worked with Dark Descent on the last two Goreaphobia records, so he had a relationship with the label. When we struck out on our own, they were interested in working with us. Matt Calvert had heard demos of the songs before the band even existed. It was a natural fit. Dark Descent is one of the best labels in the world right now and they have been great about getting the record out there. I couldn’t be happier.


Is tonight’s show your first ever live gig? How challenging is it to do both the high and low vocals live?

Matt: It is! We had a debut gig lined up with Incantation and Malevolent Creation a few months back, but Malevolent broke up on the road and the tour was canceled. It was a bummer because I love that band and was excited to play with them. But headlining this show is a huge honor and a great debut for us. This is a 100% killer line up and I’m super psyched! We are gonna have to bring our A game for sure!

I have a good amount of live experience, so the vocals shouldn’t be a problem. But I’ll leave the judgment to the audience.


What are your tour plans and future plans?

Matt: Our tour plans are currently up in the air. Immolation’s new album, “Atonement” just came out and Alex has been very busy on the road supporting that killer release. So Ruinous is still figuring out our live plans for the rest of the year. We’ll be back in writing mode soon, and now that the name is starting to get out there, we’ll hopefully have more opportunities to do cool live stuff on that cycle.


Is a tour with label mate Morpheus Descends a possibility in the future?

Matt: That would be awesome. I’d love to get back on the road with my dudes in Undergang too. Temple of Void. I mean, who knows? There are so many possibilities! We just want to get out there and crush it live!

Thanks very much Matt! Looking forward to the show and I will be reviewing that as well.

Matt: Thank you and cheers!