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The second edition of the Netherlands DeathFest was arranged at the prestigious 013 club in Tilburg. The line-up is definitely incredible again, presenting a wide range of extreme metal, including crust punk, and extreme black metal. visited the 013 club to witness a number of bands performing at various stages. The Netherlands Death Fest is an excellent testimony to how death metal lives both on the mainstream level and in the catacombs of the underground. The schedule was extremely hectic and some bands played at the same time. However, here is the brief article of the Netherlands Death Fest.


When arriving at the venue, Sick Of Stupidity were grinding on the second stage. Sick Of Stupidity offer a pure chaotic grinding nihilistic experience with two vocalists, or as a matter of fact, screams and one guitarist. The band has remained a bit unknown, but obviously they have ladled grind influences from old school Napalm Death. Collision continued the same extreme grinding stuff.  As for both Sick Of Stupidity and Collision, both of them definitely have some sort of tongue-in-cheek sense of humor in their approach.

Exhumed is always a killer act on the stage. They didn’t make any exception, just offering a brutal and merciless set of savage grinding and gory oriented death metal. Exhumed never slows down and the frontman Matt Harvey knows how to create a nihilistic gig of the most barbaric forms of death metal. Besides grinding through the set, Exhumed has one kind of tongue-in-cheek at shows as a doctor looking like he arrived from surgery stormed to the stage with a massive chainsaw in hand. Finally he jumped off from the stage into the audience and threw pieces of the guts all around.

The British crust punk veterans Discharge was a little bit of an odd name on the line-up list compared to other names. But however, Discharge has played an important role in shaping the extreme metal scene. For example, Scott Carlson of Repulsion kept mentioning Discharge as one of his main influences several times. The legends hammered all the classic Discharge songs with the brutal d-tone grip and offered a couple of newer songs like HateBomb. The current singer turned out to be a perfect fit to the line-up of these legends.

Repulsion visited the 013 club last year by playing a raw-in-your-face set at Roadburn. However, the crowd didn’t go berserk at all. When the first riffs roared out of the loudspeakers, a tremendous huge pit broke out and kept going during the whole set. Repulsion hammered a number of classic songs with intensive touch and grip including a couple of cover tunes by Venom and Slaughter. The band were sounding better and better during the show and the audience went completely nuts.

The Swedish crust / d-beat compo Martyrdöd continued the harsh/crust today on the smaller stage. Finally the Icelandic Svartidaudi concluded the first opening day in another venue. However, it was a long day, it was about time to return to the hotel and have a good sleep to get prepared for the next day.


The Greek extreme metallers Dead Congregation hit the stage pretty early in the afternoon. Fortunately the audience had arrived early enough. The Greek extreme metallers unleashed a cacophonous set of the total savage death metal. The four piece nailed the barbaric hymns one by one. The set was kicked by “Lucid Curse” and followed by Morbid Paroxysm, Quintessence Maligned and a helluva lot.

Myrkskog feat. the former Morbid Angel axeman Destructhor offered a brutal slab of technical death metal on the main stage. The material of Myrkskog is without any doubts extreme brutal, but with a technical grip without losing the touch. The outfit sacrificed themselves by hammering nine songs in the 45 minutes – there is no slowing down the Norwegian death metal squad. The set was based on the material of both the albums.

The three piece Norwegian black metal combo Tsjuder came like a Norwegian blizzard at Steelfest. Unfortunately the same kind of Norwegian blizzard couldn’t be witnessed at the Deathfest. The trio suffered from technical problems with the bass, but it didn’t prevent them from pulling through.  The set consisted of eight songs such as Helvete, Ghoul, Demonic Supremacy and concluded with the Bathory cover “Sacrifice”.

Pete Helmkamp, being a long time death/black metal soldier during the past 30 years, hit the stage with Kerasphorus. Their stuff can be described as primitive, raw and barbaric. Those have always been the main elements in the approach of several bands by Helmkamp. The the whole three piece had the faces covered with a veil. While playing, Helmkamp faced technical failures, but pushed the song to the end and fixed the bass quickly.

The Finnish nuclear sado black whatever metal combo Impaled Nazarene has brought enjoyable shows by giving such an intensive set of hyper blast fast stuff. Impaled Nazarene came and conquered. The set was a good balance of the older and newer stuff. Of course the Motorpenis was dedicated to the late Motorhead frontman. The set included a new song called Morbid Faith sounding the IN stuff with the sick approach. Impaled Nazarene turned out to be in vicious shape and offered a brutal sound during the whole set. The frontman seemed to enjoy joking with the audience.

Nifelheim never let down and never betray. Just barbaric, sadistic and nihilistic. Needless to say more.

Candlemass of nowadays is like a wounded animal because Leif Edling is out, and Messiah Marcolin exited the band years ago. The current frontman, Mats Leven is definitely a fabulous singer with the splendid voice and great stage character for sure. But both the known voice and the heart have been ripped from the chest and therefore the band is more like a cover band of its own. Especially now when the second Candlemass Nightfall album was played entirely. Of course it sounded bombastic and the material definitely sounded ageless and stood up to the matter of time for sure.

Ghoul obviously being some sort of side humor combo consisting of members of Impaled and Exhumed. Obviously the group has gained a lot of attention because of the out of hand show and performance. If Ghoul had more financial background they would be sharing bigger venues with a bigger show production. As for the music, it is definitely a minor point in the whole gig, as other activities and strange looking figures caused a lot of amusing moments among the audience: a strange looking officer, surgery, monster…. If Gwar is struggling to continue or not to continue, but hey we have Ghoul…

Even though Gorgoroth is known for giving a lesson of barbaric black metal, but instead the current frontman Hoest from Taake basically stole the whole show with an eccentric and unexpected acting. He had obviously drank a few drinks more than normal as his performance wasn’t in that good balance. Frankly, it was basically more entertaining and a bit funny to keep an eye on his performance as it offered some quite comical aspects. For example, the security guy took an extra bottle away from the stage and finally Hoest needed a bit of navigation help from security to find the way off of the stage. Obviously the funniest Gorgoroth show ever seen.

The long time Swedish gore death metal General Surgery hit the second stage after Gorgoroth. The five-piece’s old school death metal still sounds as deadly great as back in the 90’s.


The Finnish death metal squad Corpsessed hit the stage at 3.00 pm – eeh pretty damn early. Of course it was a little bit of a suspicious feeling if anyone shows up at that time. However, a nice amount of people arrived to see Corpsessed. The five piece sounded extremely deadly and even a bit doomy from time-to-time. No extra speeches needed, as the combo hammered the songs with the intensive grip.

God Macabre can be remembered from the heyday of the Swedish death metal invasion of the early 90’s. The band started out as Macabre End, but rapidly switched the named to God Macabre. Well the old school Swedish death metal still reigns and well. God Macabre truly flies the flag for the old school spirit by playing the old Carnage tune called “Day Man Lost”.

Pseudogod visited some obscure black metal fest in Helsinki several years ago and sounded truly barbaric and out-of-control brutal. Therefore witnessing Pseudogod was a must. The music was extreme raw and straight forward chaotic and out-of-control rhythms. Brutal as hell and sadistic as fuck.

Grave Miasma being one of hell barbaric uncompromising act out of England. The four piece’s straight forward played death metal is definitely one hell of raw with no mercy. Just intensive and skull breaking brutality.

These schedule conflicts were too much as it turned out pretty awkward to  make a choice between two killer bands. This exactly happened when Vastum and Cancer shared the same playing time. Therefore it was purpose to witness Cancer a little bit and then rush to see Vastum. What happened after all, missing Vastum was a tragic inhuman error for sure. Cancer’s old school British death metal sounded still refreshing and truly simple, but catchy. The trio’s set based on the first two albums by having a equal set of songs picked from from those albums. For obvious reasons the other albums were missing from the set for good. Cancer did a solid gig by giving a nice nostalgia trip back to the death metal boom of the early 90’s.

Demolition Hammer’s debut came out in the wake of the raging death metal boom and was quite thrashy at that time. Demolition Hammer pummeled the audience in the early 90’s, but vanished from the scene quietly. The comeback from the aftermath was definitely expected as the NY thrash veterans returned to the limelight after all. Demolition Hammer’s set had been waited among the audience at the deathfest. When Skull Fracturing Nightmare hit the crowd, the floor was burning. The crowd went totally ape-shit and sweating corpses flying around. Demolition Hammer crushed and smashed doing an unforgettable set of brutal thrash/death.

Triptykon led by T.G. Warrior entered the stage set with massive inverted crosses. Their gig was kicked off surprisingly by the old Celtic Frost tune “Procreation Of The Wicked” and followed by Goetia. Their eight song set consisted of both Celtic Frost and Tryptikon songs. Of course, the more aggressive and faster songs sounded splendid, but so did the bit slower and heavier ones. The short set was concluded by the classic Morbid Tales.

The Finnish deathdoom squad Hooded Menace have always succeeded in performing rather heavy-doomy oriented gig with the death metal grip. Obviously, Hooded Menace have approached a bit more into the old school Paradise Lost direction as some songs were kind of reminiscent of the ancient PL riffs. The current frontman turned out to be a hyperactive and reckless on on the stage, which looked a bit weird.

Abbath had the privilege to conclude the three day deathfest. The former Immortal frontman is known for having kind of a weird sense of humour and unexpected comical things have happened on the stage. However, Abbath focused on doing an extreme professional show with the obvious Immortal songs and of course from the Abbath album. With the lights and smoke the show looked really fabulous and fantastic. Of course he threw these humoristic shouts “Abbath- Aaabbatthh” . After all Abbath did a strong and kind of safe and guaranteed black metal gig, but in his way for sure.

The Netherlands deathfest offered a great deal of extreme metal with a couple of crust punk bands. The whole fest worked damn well seen from the audience. See’ya till the next time..

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