Crowbar + Dripback + Gods @ The Dome, London

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Crowbar + Dripback + Gods

@ The Dome, London

March 20, 2017

Review by The Hun

Photography by Adrienn Pucher

20th of March was a grey, rainy Monday. It made my mood ready for the Crowbar gig later that day. Well, I felt that I was ready for the sludge from the swamps of New Orleans  around 9 o’clock in the morning. No one could ask for any better. Plus they were playing in The Dome which is one of my favourite venues.

The first band of the night was Gods. And sadly the name didn’t reflect the whole act. The bass player seemed to enjoy the gig and the vocalist did his best – I guess – but the rest of the musicians seemed a bit lost on stage.

The crowd was a bit sparse. For me it felt like that Gods playing one song or the same song again and again. The set was miserable but not in a good way and boring; it felt longer than it actually was.

The second band was London’s finest: Dripback.

They played a whole UK tour with Crowbar before, so the guys know each other and there’s no question why the New Orleans quartet chose the Londoners to support them again.

These five had enough energy to get the crowd – who cheered at them – ready for the main reason of the night.

It would have been nice to see Dripback on the stage with more space (Crowbar’s drumkit was in the way).

The band seemed to enjoy their set; one of the guitarists had amazing evil looks and the frontman did what a frontman has to do in my opinion, although he was a bit wasted for sure.

I am definitely going to check them out again – they will play in the Boston Music Room on the 7th of April.

Then it was the time for the main act of the night, one of the pioneers of the Heavy Blues from the Bayou, Crowbar.

You just need to take a look at these guys – the perfect harmony of beards and beer bellies on stage! It was so beautiful.

There was no rock star bullshit from them, they were all on the ground and the crowd knew it.

There was a connection between Crowbar and their fans whom started to cheer and after two songs they’d started to mosh while frontman Kirk Windstein soaked the stage in saliva.

While I thought that this tour is supporting the band’s latest record ‘The Serpent Only Lies’, they only played one song from the album: ‘Plasmic And Pure’.

I wanted to hear ‘I am The Storm’ but to be honest I was happy to hear more of their old material – not that the 11th Crowbar album is not good, but still…

Obviously they played songs like ‘All I Had (I Gave)’, ‘Planets Collide’ or ‘Existence Is Punishment’ and in the encore they played the cover of Led Zeppelin’s ‘No Quarter’ which was the perfect finish of their set.

After nearly three decades of playing and 26 years of touring, Crowbar is still a down-to-earth band and they seem to totally enjoy what they do. And they do it in the best possible way.