George Tsalikis joins Overlorde on vocals!

OVERLORDE is excited to announce that George Tsalikis has joined the band on lead vocals!

OVERLORDE - L-R: George Janeira (Drums), Mark "M.E." Edwards (Flying V), George Tsalikis (Lead Vocals), John "Kong" Bunucci (Bass)
OVERLORDE – L-R: George Janeira (Drums), Mark “M.E.” Edwards (Flying V), George Tsalikis (Lead Vocals), John “Kong” Bunucci (Bass)

Many in the metal community will know George as the face of ZANDELLE, as well as lead vocalist for PORPHYRA, and most recently his first ever solo album, THE SACRIFICE.

M.E., John, and George J. could not be happier with this development. Per M.E.: “I have known of George for 17 years, first becoming aware of Zandelle and him when Overlorde reunited in 2000. Overlorde appeared on the same festival bill as Zandelle a few times, and seeing him live was impressive. Then last year, I performed my solo instrumental act at Blackthorn 51 in Queens, NY and had the good fortune to see George sing with BLACQUE JACQUE SHELLACQUE. That performance included an excellent cover of QUEEN OF THE REICH. We talked and things proceeded from there”.

George says: “I’m very excited to be a part of such an amazing band. We clicked instantly both musically as well as personally and I look forward to us bringing forth a new Overlorde era to the Metal world.”

George officially joined in early November 2016, just before the holidays. Overlorde had already recorded three new demo songs prior to him joining the band, so it was simply a matter of George jumping in and getting right to it. The songs are done and in the process of being mixed.

Drummer George Janeira stated : “George took the demo songs and textured them with his vocals….. it was an amazing thing to hear the songs come to life. It’s a kick ass ride to be cooperating musically with these guys and George really compliments Overlorde and our music at every level. His musical intuition is unparalleled and I can’t wait to climb on a stage with him fronting. Strap in because Overlorde is not for the weak of heart! Cheers!!!”

John echoes that sentiment: “It is an absolute honor to be playing with George. His vision fits Overlorde like a glove.”

Once completed and uploaded to the web, the songs will showcase the new lineup so the band can begin talking with record labels for the release of their next album. The band is also open to possible festival performances.

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