Shadow-Loving Insect Named After Tuomas Holopainen of NIGHTWISH

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Photo by Jukka Salmela

Conservation biologist Jukka Salmela of Metsähallitus Parks & Wildlife Finland recently discovered a new insect species in his home country and while remembering Tuomas Holopainen‘s love for nature, he decided to name it “Sciophila holopaineni” after NIGHTWISH‘s keyboarder and songwriter. After the release of the band’s latest album Endless Forms Most Beautiful in 2015, Holopainen has been known as person being highly interested in evolution and the diversity of nature.

“I am very, very touched. This is the highest honour a nature nerd like me can receive”, Tuomas Holopainen commented after being contacted by Salmela, who asked for permission to name the insect after him.

So far, this particular fungus gnat has only been spotted in eastern Lapland, Finland, and lives in shadowy environments.

After releasing their double-DVD Vehicle Of Spirit, NIGHTWISH are currently taking a year off to find inspiration and write new songs. For 2018, the symphonic metal legends plan their return.

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