Dizzy Mizz Lizzy and D.A.D Double feature concert 2017 at Royal Arena Copenhagen, Denmark

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Dizzy Mizz Lizzy
Double feature concert 2017

Royal Arena
17/2 2017

Live review and pictures by: Anders Sandvall

Live Nation Denmark together with the beer brand Royal Beer invited fans to join the double concert featuring the two biggest arena/hard rock ‘n’ roll acts in Denmark – Dizzy Mizz Lizzy and D.A.D. These two bands were the first two Danish acts to ever perform in the newly opened Royal Arena. The act that was the first ever to perform in the arena was Metallica just two weeks ago. The arena is situated close to the Copenhagen airport just outside of Copenhagen. The arena can hold about 13000 people at sport events and about 16000 at concerts. A few artists that are set to appear in the arena this year include Avenged Sevenfold, Aerosmith and Lady Gaga.

D.A.D. opened the night and Dizzy Mizz Lizzy closed. At every metro station leading to the arena, local acts like Franklin Zoo, St Prostitute, Woodpecker and Whitewoods performed. Those acts were booked by Tak Rock which is a sub brand to Royal Beer. The tickets were sold out pretty fast which meant that it was going to be 16000 crazy Danes listening to great music. The doors opened at 6pm, D.A.D. was going to take to the stage at 8, Dizzy Mizz Lizzy at 10 and the evening closed at 11.30.

The Danish legends in D.A.D. released their latest studio album DIC·NII·LAN·DAFT·ERD·ARK  in 2011 and in 2014 released their compilation album Disn30land Af30r D30k. Last year the band performed their classic albums JIHAD NO FUEL LEFT FOR THE PILGRIM and RISKIN IT ALL back to back on tour. Each night was dedicated to either one of the albums and only the band knew which album they were going to play. In February 2017 the guys participated in the Monsters Of Rock Cruise and they’re scheduled to play at least until September 2017. Last year, singer Jesper Binzer told magazines the band had material ready for a new album and that they are heading into the studio in October.

The media was situated in the press room so I wasn’t able to check out the arena until it was time for us to be led into the photo pit by a representative from Live Nation Denmark. At 7.30 she came and led us out into the pit and the stage was really broad and wide and the backline from RISKIN IT ALL stood placed on stage. The huge couch was placed in the center of the stage with two over-sized speakers on each side of it and as we waited in the pit the arena slowly started to fill with people.


The band made their way on to the stage during the intro and first song out was the epic “Evil Twin”. Singer Jesper Binzer walked straight out on to the ramp at the middle of the stage and the he had the fans in the palm of his hand from the very start. On each side of the stage flames burst up and the same went for the flames that was places behind the speakers. The song went faster than it does on album and Jesper shouted “Amager are you ready, god damn there are many of you here tonight!” The song “Jihad No Fuel Left for The Pilgrims” followed.

The line up in the band is as always:

Jesper Binzer – lead vocals, guitar
Jacob Binzer – guitar
Stig Pedersen – bass, vocals
Laust Sonne – drums

Jacob was dressed in a sequin jacket that sparkled and Pedersen wore a jet fighter pilot costume. Over the years he use to dress up, and this time he had a jet pilot theme going on. The fans sang a long in each and every song and when Jesper announced “The Road Below Me” the fans went crazy. That was also the last song for us to take pictures and as we were led out from the pit “A New Age Moving In” was played. The band was as excited as the fans and that made the show brilliant. After having returned my gear in the press room I heard “Soft Dogs” playing in the arena and the bands mascot the cows head Molly now hung behind the drum. Pedersen had changed his transparent bass guitar to the one which is built upside down, Jesper told Laust to kick off the next song and as anticipated it was “Everything Glows”. The spotlights that framed Molly blinked on and off and in the middle of the song there were the usual sing a long between Sonne and the audience. There is something special that happens when D.A.D performs in Copenhagen, there’s a special kind of feeling and love that happens between the fans and the band and I can’t but describe the feeling as magic. Jesper said it was a great honor to be the first Danish band to be performing in Royal Arena and he smile from ear to ear. The very boring song “Reconstrucdead” followed and I can’t understand why the band insists to keeping it in the set list. The song is taken from the really boring album HELPYOURSELFISH taken from 1995 and it’s the only album by D.A.D that has disappointed me.

Jesper said we are D.A.D and you are 16000 people, I think you can scream louder than the Metallica fans that was here last week. The fans all screamed at the to top of their lungs when Sonne did his drum solo and ended the solo with a thrash metal vibe. Jesper wanted the fans to give a hand for Sonne and “Reconstrucdead” ended with applauds and flames. Jacob threw a guitar solo while Pedersen took off his helmet, the solo led to the song “Never Never (Indian Love)” with Pedersen on vocals. He now got his black chevy bass guitar and it was really nice to hear Pedersen sing something else than “Black Crickets” or “Riding With Sue” for once. It was a really long time since the band last performed “Never Never (Indian Love)” live and the song is taken from the first EP STANDING ON THE NEVER NEVER from 1985. It was a nice surprise to hear the song and Pedersen sang it as good as back in the days. Almost instantly followed “Hate To Say I Told You So and the fans once again burst out in total happiness. It sounded like everyone in the crowd sang along with Jesper in the song and the fans sang the chorus on their own when he told them to. Jesper said the fans were fucking great on singing and when it was time for “Scare Yourself” Pedersen changed bass guitar to the one with the band logo on it. The lights surrounding Molly lit up and her eyes lit up. Jesper walked out on to the ramp in the middle of the stage and said he was a bit intimidated to be standing in front of 16000 fans but wanted everyone to sing along with him in the words Come on Laust scare yourself. While Jesper urged the crowd to scream the words Laust threw a drum solo, Jesper fired up the crowd even more asking if Royal Arena and Amager could scream louder.

“Monster Philosophy” followed with the usual sing a long part in the middle and Jesper wanted to hear if the D.A.D fans could sing louder than the Metallica fans. The flames lit up and the brothers went down on to the ramp when it was time for a guitar solo. “I Want What She’s Got” followed and at the end of the song Jesper said it was soon time for Dizzy Mizz Lizzy to come on the stage but first, Jesper said, he wished us a nice tomorrow where we all could “Sleeping My Day Away” and the song made the fans lose all sense. The fans sang a long at the top of their lungs during the song and Jesper hardly had to do any vocals since the fans did that for him. Pedersen disappeared from the stage holding his rocket bass and came back with the helmet that threw sparks and that song ended the 70 minutes of ordinary playing time.

Of course there were at least two songs missing that the band always have to end their shows with and the fans clapped and cheered the band back again. “Laugh n a Half” was the first encore and it brought down the heaviest sing a long from the fans this night. Even though I have heard this song more times that I can remember is still great and a true classic piece. That song was as always played acoustic but for the next the band plugged in, Pedersen and Sonne joined the brothers and it was time for the all time favorite “It’s After Dark” which is the second mandatory encore always sung by Pedersen. He had on his olive bass guitar and he hardly opened his mouth and sing before the fans took over the lyrics. Jesper thanked the fans for being magic and wanted everyone to stay tuned for Dizzy Mizz Lizzy.

Altogether lasted the show 80 minutes and it was 80 minutes of pure magic, both sound and light worked perfect and the backline that included the big sofa, the amps and Molly. The set list was great and it was nice that they didn’t play “Bad Craziness” but included “Never Never (Indian Love)”. The only negative thing was that the show was too short, as always I wanted to hear more from the band and in my opinion they could have been the headline act this night.

Set list
Evil Twin
Jihad – no fuel left for the pilgrims
The Road Below Me
A New Age Moving In
Soft Dogs
Everything Glows
Never Never (Indian Love)
Hate To Say I Told You So
Monster Philosophy
I Want What She’s Got
Sleeping My Day Away
Laugh n a half
It’s After Dark

After the show I headed back to the pressroom in wait for the next band to go on and after just a little while the head of press from Live Nation Denmark came and gathered us and it was time to get back into the photo pit.

Dizzy Mizz Lizzy is a Danish alternative rock band from Denmark that was formed back in 1988. The band lived their biggest success in between 1994-1997 in Denmark and Japan and during 1994 the band released their self titled debut album that sold 250 000 copies in Denmark and 100 000 copies in Japan. That album is still today the best selling album in Denmark and the band performed at Roskilde festival four years in a row in between 1993-1996. In 1995 the band won 4 Danish grammy awards and the second album was recorded in Abbey Road Studio in London England. After years of touring and recording the band chose to take a break in 1997 and the following year the news came that the band decided to quit. A few live albums were released 1998-2009 and that maybe changed the mind of the members because in 2009 the band decided to re-unite. The first show at KB Hallen in Copenhagen sold out in 15 seconds (!) and the tour included 52 shows and a documentary of the tour. In 2015 the release of the brand new single “I Would If I Could But I Can’t” was a fact and at the end of April 2016 the brand new album FORWARD IN REVERSE unveiled. As you probably realized by now Dizzy Mizz Lizzy is huge in Denmark and Japan.

This time we had to take another way to the photo pit because we couldn’t get through because of the amount of people in the way we finally came down to the photo pit about 25 minutes before show start. When I took a look over the arena it looked pretty much sold out. On stage three huge video screens were placed and the drums were placed on a podium with stairs leading down from it. The line checking dragged out because of something with the drums and still at 10 as scheduled the band wasn’t on stage. The fans started to get a little anxious but finally 20 minutes after scheduled time the intro was heard and it was time for the fans to meet Dizzy Mizz Lizzy.

Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

The members came out from each side of the stage and fired off “Mindgasm” as the first song, singer Christensen got the fans to clap their hands as he showed his skills on lead guitar. During “Waterline” the screens portrayed each member and it looked really nice together with the lights that lit up the stage from behind the drums. Line up in the band is:

Tim Christensen – lead vocals, guitar
Martin Nielsen – bass
Soren Friis – drums

During “Borderwired Baby Dreams” the screens showed lightings and it looked really cool and fitted together with the song. Christensen said – good evening you’re looking beautiful tonight – and the 16000 fans clapped their hands. It was time for us photographers to leave the pit and while we walked to the press room the band played “Forward In Reverse”. Not much happened on stage during the show, the screens showed different things but the members all pretty much stood on their spot. And just as during the D.A.D show the lights and sound worked perfect for Dizzy Mizz Lizzy. “Terrified In Paradise” followed and the bands music ought to be described as alternative rock that partially borders to grunge. The band sounds a lot heavier live compared to on album which was great. Nielsen had the fans to clap their hands as he fired off “Brainless” as the next song. Christensen said it was nice to see some younger fans at the front of the stage, many of you weren’t even born when we started the band he continued saying, is it true that all the parents are standing further back in the arena ha laughed. Next song up was the title track from the album ROTATOR and that song woke up the crowd.

Back in the old days you had to have a ballad to please all the girls Christensen said as he introduced the ballad “11.07 pm” which also is taken from the ROTATOR album. There was no doubt about the band had a great time together on stage and they really seemed to enjoy their time in the light. “Love At Second Sight” and “Made To Believe” followed and as Christensen changed guitar he thanked the fans so much for being there. It was now time to head back in time to the debut album and the song “69 Seas In Your Eyes”. The fans screamed of happiness and clapped their hands as Christensen and Nielsen walked up the stairs besides the drums on each side.

“Glory” followed instantly and Christensen invited all the 16000 fans to sing along with him and it was a mighty feeling hearing so many people sing together. Christensen let the fans sing while Nielsen and Friis continued playing the song. Christensen only sang two words in “Love Is A Losers Game” until the fans took over the vocals and needless to say this song was just another crowd pleaser from Dizzy Mizz Lizzy. Christensen thanked and said it had been an honor and experience to performing inside the biggest indoors arena the band ever played in, this was the last show for a while he said because the band is heading into the studio soon. “I Would If I Could But I Can’t” followed and as the band played the intro pyro and smoke blew off and covered the stage. In the middle of the song Christensen wanted the fans to give a hand to his fellow band members, the show ended and Friis came down on the floor while the bands mascot was showing on the screens.

The crowd shouted for more music and wasn’t satisfied with the 80 minutes the show lasted, it took a few minutes but then the members showed up again and Christensen said it was time to play a little more music for the people. “Mother Nature’s Recipe” was the first encore out and Christensen wanted all the fans to light their cellphones or lighter to create the right mood and it looked really cool with almost 16000 lights in the air. The song ended with a long guitar solo by Christensen that later turned out into “Silverflame”. And that ended another 10 minutes of music by Dizzy Mizz Lizzy.

It was pretty obvious that Dizzy Mizz Lizzy is bigger than D.A.D in Denmark but as a hardcore D.A.D fan I think it was them who should be ending the night. And why did D.A.D only get to play 80 minutes when they had time for more music? For me D.A.D put on a better show with better music, however I can’t deny the love and affection Denmark has for Dizzy Mizz Lizzy and I was stunned by the amount of sing a long the fans did with the band. The three video screens looked nice, it was simple and clean but nice. The green letter that rolled on to the screens and around the arena was spectacular.

Even though I didn’t got to see much of the arena but the press room, the photo pit and the stage I had a really nice evening in the amazing new Royal Arena, I’m definitely going to return one day because it was easy to get there by train and the place had a really nice atmosphere going on. There’s only one thing the organizers have to think about and that is how to transport 16000 people home after a show. It took a little long to get on the metro back to Kastrup because of the amount of people that came from the arena.

Set list
Doctor Who Theme (intro)
Barbedwired Baby Dream
Forward In Reverse
Terrified in Paradise
11.07 pm
Love At Second Sight
Made To Believe
67 Seas In Your Eyes
Love Is A Loser’s Game
I Would If I Could But I Can’t
Mother Nature’s Recipe

Thanks to Heidi Degn PR Manager at Live Nation Denmark for help with the press/photo pass to the show.

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