Bloodbound – War Of Dragons

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Reviewed: March 2017
Released: 2017, AFM Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: John Haseltine

What comes to mind when you think Swedish power metal? Sabaton? Hammerfall? Moonlight Agony? Nocturnal Rites? Okay, maybe that is a convoluted question. After I started this I realized I could go on for quite some time listing great Swedish power metal acts. There really are too many to list. In addition to those mentioned above, Bloodhound is among them.

Their latest offering, WAR OF DRAGONS is a journey down all things that make up the Euro-Power metal genre. It is almost poppy and fun at times while delivering very anthem like chorus’ that will make even those not big into the genre stand up and throw their fists in the air. Each and every track is good in its own sense. This is a powerful delivery by a band not unfamiliar with their genre. Bloodbound have been deafening the ears of metal fans since 2004 with their catchy, sword-wielding, middle-earth anthems.

This is one of those releases where if you like one track, you have got to like them all. There is no way around it. Some bands that play this style of power metal, in my experience, can have a couple of standout tracks and a bunch of other songs. This is not the case with WAR OF DRAGONS. I would like to make clear of the fact that this is in no way a genre defying release. From start to finish, every song is very well done, double-bass drum heavy and pretty catchy lyrically. It never really takes the listen too far. Although it is very well done, it is what it is.

One can never really know every single band that is out there today. I have a large selection of some of the best known and best unknown power metal bands in my collection. I have to say, Bloodbound is not one of them. I will say however, I am glad I was able to give this one a listen. It will be added to my case as well as some of their earlier releases. I get that way when I find a band I like.

All that being said, WAR OF DRAGONS is a solid release. Does it have a sound that takes the genre to a new level? No. But it is within the boundaries of the genre and is a great addition to it. One that you could let a metal head who is not too familiar with the genre listen to and probabaly turn them into a fan.


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Track Listing:
1. A New Era Begins
2. Battle In The Sky
3. Tears Of A Dragonheart
4. War Of Dragons
5. Silver Wings
6. Stand And Fight!
7. King Of Swords
8. Fallen Heroes
9. Guardians At Heaven’s Gate
10. Symphony Satana
11. Starfall
12. Dragons Are Forever

Patrik Johansson – Lead Vocals
Tomas Olsson – Guitar
Fredrik Bergh – Keyboards
Henrik Olsson – Rhythm guitars
Anders Broman – Bass
Pelle “…kerlind – Drums