Trivium + Sikth + Shapes @ Roundhouse, London

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Trivium + Sikth + Shapes

@ Roundhouse, London

17 February, 2017

Review and photography: Billy Edmonds

I can feel the beginning of spring. There’s a long queue outside the Roundhouse in Camden. The crowd seems energetic and a lot of Trivium fans are present, including some Trivium veterans (it was the 55th gig for 1 person who’d been standing outside in the cold since the early hours of this morning!) As the doors open, it’s clear everyone is eager to get inside and brace for what is about to tear the Roundhouse in Camden to the ground.

Shapes put on a really energetic show. Formally known as Cytota, they changed their name after running into a dispute with their old singer. Their current singer is Griffin Dickinson, son of Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden) and brother of Austin Dickinson (As Lions) who was at the show tonight and was defiantly showing how proud he was of his brother! its rather clear that Griffin has inherited his father’s vocals.

Halfway through the show, Griffin stopped the music and gave a speech about the amazing work Cancer Research UK does for anyone suffering from cancer. Throughout the tour up until this show, the boys have been raising money to have their hair cut on the stage of the Roundhouse, and they did just this. Griffin being the first followed by Yousif (Guitars).

Shapes were the perfect opening band and did a great job at getting the crowd going. In 2016 they headlined their first tour with the new name and evidently gained a lot of experience and new tricks. Not many people seemed to know them but it appeared as if they gained a lot of new fans. During the first two songs, mosh pits opened and the two front rows head banged.

I didn’t know them before the concert, but immediately started to dig their style. For people who haven’t heard about them: they sound like a mix of Korn and Asking Alexandria. Their mix of clean and harsh vocals sounds great. It appears as if a lot of people only came to see them as they don’t play a lot of shows anymore. Part of me feels like they should’ve headlined tonight; as soon as they walked on stage, the room erupted into chaos.

The singers, one being heavily dreadlocked and the other looking more like an average joe, couldn’t be further apart visually, but from a sound perspective they were absolutely spot on. The elative mix was immense. In nearly every song tonight, without the need for any pushing, mosh pits and walls of deaths opened up in the middle, it was crazy.
In a certain sense, at times throughout this show, it really felt like Sikth should have been at the top of the bill. Sikth will return to the UK in August for ArcTanGent in Bristol.

Trivium somehow seem like metal fathers as they’ve been around since 1999 and seeing them in such a small venue is a strange thing to witness, but I do understand why. As the room turns black, The infamous “Run To The Hills” pre-track began and, the now infamous, chants became louder and louder; loading straight into “Rain”, it was evident just why Trivium were indeed headlining  at this amazing venue tonight.

Although they haven’t played the UK for quite a while, Trivium were more than welcomed back to where, to quote Matt (vocals), “We feel most at home”.  As the show continues Trivium carry on unloading an immense set, including the old and always impressive “Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr”, which in itself is a work of art. Before I came tonight, a few people I know had said that Trivium were way past their day. I have always enjoyed them but tonight they seriously shut down any worries I had regarding this.

As they open the riffs to “Dying in Your Arms”, the entire room became like one giant choir, I doubt there’s one single metalhead on the planet that doesn’t know that tune, this is really backed up by the amount of people chanting back to the lads on the stage.
As the show comes to an end, the guys walk off the stage, almost instantly coming back on (nearly running over curfew). They split the room into two, and asked everyone to get down onto the floor, As the infamous “In Waves” came into play the entire room went crazy, The floor almost looked like a pit of an anthill that had been disturbed. From where I was standing at the top I don’t think I could see a single person standing still.

Overall Trivium smashed the Roundhouse to the ground this evening, with a really impressive set list full of surprises. My only real critical comment was the under-use of the stage (being that there was no pyros at all) which is highly unlike Trivium.  If you can check out any of the bands from tonight’s immense show, I highly recommend you do!


1. Rain
2. Forsake Not The Dream
3. Down From The Sky
4. Rise Above The Tides
5. Entrance Of The Conflagration
6. The Deceived
7. Dying In Your Arms
8. Strife
9. Dusk Dismantled
10. Throes of Perdition
11. Silence In The Snow
12. Pillars Of Serpents
13. A Gunshot To The Head Of Trepidation
14. Until the World Goes Cold
15. Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr


16. In Waves