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The Blackest Grey have released their self-published album ‘Banners for the Blind’ on October 1st 2016. The album is mostly an in-house production, but produced together with Aborted guitar virtuoso Mendel bij de Leij. The Dutch progressive metal band includes members of Nightwish singer Floor Jansen’s ReVamp and Anneke van Giersbergen’s VUUR, but has chosen to play mercilessly heavy music in contrast to the before-mentioned musical projects. This to match their uncompromising disappointment in, and disdain for modern social trends, religion and socioeconomic issues. Though there are beautiful melodies, impressive guitar solos and progressive parts, paired with stanzas filled with hope, the aggression of their music prevails. The band touches on powerful social and philosophical themes such as isolation, escapism, truth and reality, political polarization, and so on.

On January 27th, they opted to release a track on various social media platforms weekly. They will continue to do so every Thursday, until the full album has been shared online. The band is currently working on their first music video, which will be released this spring. Their music can be found via the following link;

The band can be found via

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