Interview with Russ Bergquist of Touch The Sun

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Interview with Russ Bergquist of Vancouver’s Touch The Sun

by JP

Alex Roque – Vox/Guitars   Rob Wade – Drums   Russ Bergquist – Bass

Tell us briefly how Touch The Sun came into existence.

Rob and Alex had been working on the project for a some time. When they had the songs in the fashion they wanted or liked, they had me come in and write the bass parts. They had some ideas that I worked with, but I came up with alot of stuff myself as well.

What does the band name Touch The Sun mean to you? How was it agreed upon?

Well for me it means reaching as far as you can to the source. The sun is our source of energy or existence so I go with that. But the name was between Rob and Alex, they came up with it.

There is quite a bit of talent in the band. Would you consider yourselves a ‘super-group’ or ‘all-star’ project?

No, not any of that. We are all pretty unknown musicians unless you look in small circles. We have done alot of stuff over the years, but I don’t consider us any of those names. As far as talent, we just do what we do, ya know?

Did the songs for the debut come about from writing sessions, or  born out of jamming, or is there a primary song-writer that brings  the material in?

Rob and Alex would get together every Sunday and go through ideas. Rob had a vision and so did Alex, but I think Rob directed alot
of it. Alex came up with ideas and Rob steered the ship so to speak. Then I came along and put a foundation under it.

Can you briefly describe your sound?

Progressive melodic hard rock/ metal.

Here you shopping the debut album around for a label deal?

We are looking for whatever will benefit this project. The industry has changed so much that there are many different ways to go about things. We are still searching for that “thing”. We will have to find it soon because alot of people are are asking for the album lol…

How did you snag a coveted slot on 70,000 Tons of Metal?

Good relationships and a bit of luck. The right place at the right time or… maybe  just buying the right guy a drink or two lol…

We are pretty happy with this opportunity.

After the cruise what is your next step in your quest for world domination?

Get our music out, and play it live. We hope that exposure on 70K will help us make a few more relationships and open up some opportunities. Then we just have to seize them, and play our asses off. I think we can do that, just have to see what the world has in store. Then grab it by the throat!

Cheers! Russ

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