Best of 2016: Manos

Spread the metal:
  1. Hellstar – Vampiro

Hellstar – VampiroAmazing album released in the end of 2016. After 34 years of existence Helstar are in top form. Fast rhythms, insane singing creates a relentless album that doesn’t let it till final song. Absolutely killer!

2. Warfect – Scavangers

From Kreator to Destruction to the golden days of Nuclear Assault. Bone crushing songs bursting with speed, aggressiveness and imagination. If there’s justice in this world these guys could become the next Kreator. Thrash at its best

3.  Assassin’s Blade – Agents of mystification

Excellent classic metal collaboration featuring former Exciter singer Jacques Bellanger. Passionate music and cool songs what else could you ask for?

4.  Chronos Zero – Hollowlands

Symphony X fused with death metal and female vocals ? Can this happen? If anyone can pull this of then it’s Chronos Zero from Italy. Jaw dropping music skills, complex arrangements and awesome singing from a guy that would make Russel Allen (of Symphony X) wonder if he has an evil twin

5.  Nordic Union – Nordic Union

Superb hard rock with a kick ass vocal performance of Ronnie Atkins from Pretty Maids.  Hard rock at its fucking best!

6. Tarchon Fist – Celebration

7. Innerwish – Innerwish

8. Wardrum – Awakening

9. Madder Mortem – Red in tooth and claw

10. Wedingoth – Alone in the crowd

11. Meshuggah – The violent sleep of reason

12. Hansen & Friends – XXX Three decades in metal

13. Herman Frank – The Devil rides out

14. Blazon Stone – War of the roses

15. Brainstorm – Scary creatures

16. Wolf Hoffmann – Headbangers symphony

17. Metallica – Hardwired… to Self-Destruct

18. Megadeth – Dystopia

19. False Coda – Secrets & sins