Best of 2016: Arto

Spread the metal:


1. Testament – Brotherhood of the Snake


The legendary Bay Area metallers Testament have released another killer outfit. Even though guitarist Eric Petersson has been the mastermind behind the album, however he has managed to create the lethal headbanging riffs. Killer album by killer band



2. Inquisition – Bloodshed Across the Empyrean Altar Beyond the Celestial Zenith
Another killer output by Inquisition. Needless to say more !!!

3. Vader – Empire
The Polish death metal monger Vader led by Piotr Paweł Wiwczarek has released the 13th output in their looong career. The Empire album presents the pure Vaderizing death metal. Vader never lets down, never.
4. Metal Church – XI

5. Moonsorrow – Jumalten aika

6. Sodom – Decision Day

7. Asphyx – Incoming Death

8. Death Angel – The Evil Divide

9. Rotting Christ – Rituals

10. Batushka – Litourgiya

11. Megadeth – Dystopia

12. Denner-Shermann – Masters of Evil

13. Master’s Hammer – Formulæ

14. Destruction – Under Attack

15. Vektor – Terminal Redux

16. Dream Theater- The Astonishing

17. Destroyer 666 – Wildfire

18. Behexen – The Poisonous Path

19. Oranssi Pazuzu – Värähtelijä

20. Bolzer – Hero


Best EP

Ghost : Popestar  Square Hammer is such a great song for sure.


Best Concert

Twisted Sister : Swedenrock 2016

The legendary hard rock / Heavy metal veterans did the final festival run and touring ever by conquering the European rock/metal festivals. The farewell show at Swedenrock was pure adrenaline strike especially by Dee Snider. In general the whole band was in the vicious strike. Hopefully this was the real farewell as it was a good way to leave the limelights

Diamanda Galas : Roadburn 2016

This was eerie, this was scary and this was fabulous. No more to describe the feeling when Diamanda Galas was on the stage. No wonder why several black metal bands are influenced by Plague Mass

Sadistic Intent : Steelfest 2016

The long time death metal cult Sadistic Intent is always crushing, murderous and lethal act on the stage, unleashing the true cult of the real death metal.

Venom Inc : Brutal Assault 2016

Mantas Cronos and Demolition Man – Black Metal !!! Hail Venom Inc


Best new band

Batushka hailing from Poland was such an interesting act with several members involved to perform the more religious based dark/black metal. This more unorthodox and even more blasphemic black metal outfit will become another big thing if the guys know how to play the cards right.


Best Discovery

Iron Reagan blew the stage away at Brutal Assault, offering a brutal kick of crossover. The members of Municipal Waste and The Darkest Hour run the sideproject band Iron Reagen giving the blasting feeling with the good sense of humour and kudos to those old crossover legends such DRI, Gang Green, M.O.D…


Major events in the Metal world

The whole line-up of Morbid Angel exited.

The demise of AC/DC with Axl Rose taking care of the vocals. Time to say the farewell and quit.

Metal Hammer and Classic Rock went out of business.


Predictions for 2017

The metal will return back into the catacombs of the underground. The older bands will vanish and call its days one by one. Smaller metal festivals will be having more and more difficult troubled times because of the economy, some of them has to give up. Print media will be having some serious problem in the future – Teamrock went out of business resulting the end of Metal Hammer and Classic Rock – Which are the next ones to disappear ? Where is the younger metal heads ? Where is the next generation of metal ? The older generation is still ruling….