Best of 2016: Anders Sandvall

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Best of 2016

1.Volbeat “Seal the Deal & Let’s Boogie” – not what I had expected from the Danes but sure worth to be number one on my list.

Volbeat "Seal the Deal & Let's Boogie"

2.Evergrey “The Storm Within” – the Swedish heroes of progressive metal strikes again with an amazing album in THE STORM WITHIN. The duet between Tom S Englund and his wife Carina is beautiful just as the two with Floor Jensen from Nightwish.

Evergrey - The Storm Within

3.Va Rocks “Pull No Punches” – a hard hitting debut from the southern parts of Sweden. The band is a Swedish all female trio with a bright future.

Va Rocks “Pull No Punches”

4.InnerWish “S/t” – the biggest metal act from Greece made it to number four on my list, if you like some excellent executed melodic metal.


5.In Flames “Battles”

6.Avantasia “Ghostlights”

7.Lacuna Coil “Delirium”

8.Primal Fear “Rulebreaker”

9..Testament “Brotherhood of the Snake”

10.Universal Mind Project – The Jaguar Priest

11.Sunburst – Fragments of Creation

12.Resurrection Kings “S/t”

13.Entombed A.D “Dead Dawn”

14.Civil War “The Last Full Measure”

15.Last In Line “Heavy Crown”

16.Pretty Maids “Kingmaker”

17.The 69 Eyes “Universal Monsters”

18.Forever Still “Tied Down”

19.Sabaton “The Last Stand”

20.Amon Amarth “Jomsviking”


Best Live Album

DIRKSCHNEIDER “Live – Back To The Roots”

DIRKSCHNEIDER "Live - Back To The Roots"

For the last time the Udo is going to play the old Accept songs and what can go wrong when Udo does it?. This is a kick-ass live album and has no weak link what so ever. However it’s a bit sad that we’re never going to hear the Accept songs sung by Udo again.


Doro “Strong and proud – Live 2016”


Best EP

Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons “S/t”



Best DVD

In Flames “Sound From The Heart Of Gothenburg”

What can you say about this DVD by In Flames other than what an amazing show they pulled of in their hometown of Gothenburg. The DVD is also a farewell to drummer Daniel Svensson that left the band. A few weeks back we also got the news that bass player Peter Iwers also takes a step back from the band, what is happening in the In Flames camp?


Judas Priest – “Battle Cry”

The show was shot at Wacken Open Air in Germany last year and I’m glad they got in on film, it was sure an excellent show to witness live and gladly I can now watch it again on DVD. Everything clicks and Rob Halford sings like the genuine metal god he is.


Steel Panther “Live From Lexxis Mom’s Garage” – unplugged – what can you say the crazy band from L.A it is fun and a little different when it is unplugged the bands songs.


Saxon “Let Me Feel Your Power”

The legends pulls of yet another spectacular shows on this DVD. They may be old but they still knows how to rock.


Danko Jones “Live at Wacken”

I saw the Danko Jones  show at Wacken Open Air and boy was it great. Even though the band was scheduled at a bad time, about 4 in the afternoon, fans still showed up and made the show memorable.


Best Concert

Iron Maiden at Wacken Open Air Germany what can I say the best band ever and the last show on the tour as well. The best metal band in the world are Iron Maiden the show in Sweden was good as well.

King Diamond at Copenhell Festival Refshaleoen Copenhagen,Denmark

King Diamond does as he pleases and instead of performing the epic album ABIGAIL back to back he chose to place the songs in the order he likes them. And what an amazing show it was, already in June when I saw the show I knew that it would make it on to the list of best concerts of 2016.


Twisted Sister Wacken Open Air Festival Germany

What can I say?, I grew up with the band and it was fun to see the guys one last time on the few dates the band did in Europe before the band was put to rest.


Clawfinger Copenhell Festival Refshaleoen Copenhagen,Denmark

The Swedish kings of metal and hardcore put the band to rest a few years ago but decided to reunite sometimes and luckily for me they paid Denmark a visit. It was fun to see the band again since I have a  lot of nice memories to go with their music.


Deathening Rock Stage at Malmoe Festival Malmoe,Sweden

A kick ass show the band did in their hometown showing that the band is a force to be reckoned with.


Best local band

Va Rocks

This all female band have been together for 10 years now and finally released their stunning debut album. This band has all the potential to go really far in the rock n roll genre.



A lot has happened with this band, it started out as a duo with Johan Reinholds and Johan Liiva. Then Liiva left the band and now Reinholdz has taken on the vocals and transformed the duo to a band. I’m excited to see and hear the next move from the almighty Reinholdz.



This trach act from Malmö/gutenborg is really good and I can not wait for the new album to come out nest year.


Best new band

Va Rocks


Best Discovery

Universal Mind Project

A new metal opera led by guitarist Michael Alexander and singer Elina Laivera.  Singer Henrik Båth does an amazing job and singer Mark Jansen, Nils K. Rue, Charlie Dominici, bass player Mike LePond, drummer Alessandro Bissa and guitarist Johan Reinholdz makes guest apperances. Put THE JAGUAR PRIEST on to the “next purchase” list.



New guitar legend Gus Drax and singer Vasilis Georgiou, which also playes in Black Fate, are fronting the band that released their debut album Fragments of Creation earlier this year. The Greek band kicks ass, check it out.


Major events in the Metal world

Motörhead “Clean Your Clock”

Why this  live album/dvd  taken from the last tour the band did with Lemmy alive was released astounds me?! It’s not hard to see that Lemmy is in a poor condition and he hardly can sing or even hold the bass. This is not how I want to remember one of my heroes!! In my opinion this release is only made for the record label to profit on the name of Motörhead.

The loss of bass legend Jimmy Bain that died earlier this year sadened me, from what I knew he was back on track again with the new band Last In Line

Jorn Lande “Heavy Rock Radio”.
Why release an album partly filled with covers (some of the covers Jorn already recorded on prior albums)? If you’re already in the studio Jorn then please give us some new material and not dusty old covers.

Sixx A.M Copenhell Festival in Copenhagen, Denmark was one of worst shows I have seen for a long time. Poorly executed songs and it didn’t seem like the members wanted to be there and that especially went for Nikki Sixx. The only one that seemed to have some fun was DJ Ashba.

Backyard Babies hit Scandinavia on tour and it was sad to see that the before so raw and edgy act had lost their attitude and punkiness. The performance lacked everything the band stood for back in the days. As a huge fan of the band I was really disappointed.

It was sad to hear the news that the former Megadeth drummer Nick Menza past away earlier this year. Now the best line-up Megadeth ever had can only be reunited in heaven (or hell).

Black Sabbath at Copenhell Festival in Copenhagen,Denmark the last show the band did in Denmark was slow, boring and nothing to see at all.

Predictions for 2017

The thrash band from south of Sweden Deathening is going to release their third album.


The second album with the Swedish band Frontback will hit the streets next year.


The best rock n roll act ever The Hellacopters is going to do more live shows, can’t wait to see them live again.


A new album with Swedish trash legends The Haunted will the stores next year.


Pumpkings United which is the name of the new tour with Helloween together with Kaj Hansen and Michael Kiske. I’m excited!


A lot of cool bands will tour next year like Kreator, Sabaton, Children Of Bodom and big acts like Kiss and Guns ‘n’ Roses are going to hit Europe.


Is it not time for Swedish band Close Quarters to get out some new stuff last album was relesed 2015 so now it is time for some new music.


It’s a bit strange that Accept is special guests for Sabaton in Europe/Scandinavia next year but I guess the old German ,etal tanks can’t fill bigger arenas on their own today. Maybe it’s a smart way of the Germans to reach a new fanbase?


Hopefully there will be some new music from the danish legends in D.A.D next year, it’s about time the guys hits us with some new slick songs.


Anthrax will tour in Europe and celebrate the classic “Among The Living”  album.