Beth Blade And The Beautiful Disasters – Bad Habit

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Reviewed: January 2017
Released: 2016, Indie
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

A few years ago the female fronted bands would be mostly operatic corset wearing Nightwish and Within Temptation wannabes. Over the last few years the male fronted bands all seem to be short haired guys in combat shorts shouting and being angry. I prefer singing to be classy with balls but also containing plenty of melody and feeling. The female fronted bands coming through are good rock n roll and metal bands with interesting songs, skill and plenty of hooks.

Beth Blade and the Beautiful Disasters are a Cardiff based band who I first saw live at the aptly named Mr Bladefest back in October. I was impressed enough to donate to their pledge music campaign and Bad Habits is the album, to be released in January 2017.

Onto the music. They wisely stick to my 10 songs (one side of a C90 tape) motto so you get killer with lack of filler. Beth Blade sings with the confidence of a football team who are on a roll after 6 wins in a row. Like the new Star Wars movie has turned the gender roles on it’s head, she sings about subjects that a man would usually sing about in
the heyday of rock. Kiss is a big influence as well as Halestorm, Girlschool and The Amorettes.

Production is big with guitar and drums really locking into a groove with the bass pedal having more of a swing than a lot of modern bands can do Adding a cowbell into a song without sounding cheesy or out of place is harder to do than people think, but the simple cowbell intros really work here.

I do have some minor criticisms. The guitars are sometimes there to back up the singing and a couple of catchy riffs in between verses would help. Also a of break downs before the solo break would improve a couple of the songs.

Angel with a Dirty face is the ballad coming quite late into the album , being the penultimate track. A lot of bands can fall down when trying a ballad, but this is another chance for Beth to really shine. The song also builds nicely as it goes along, and at around 4 minutes does not outstay it’s welcome.

Great production, loads of positive attitude, brilliant catchy songs. There should be more albums like this and this band should be on festivals.


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Track Listing:
1) Hell Yeah!
2) Bad Habit
3) Beautiful Disease
4) Down and Dirty
5) Poster Girl for Pain
6) This Bitch Bites
7) Hell in High Heels
8) If You’re Ready to Rock
9) Angel With a Dirty Face
10) Legends Never Die

Beth Blade – Vocals Lead Guitar
Craig Manning – Lead Guitar
Nicko Goodwin – Bass Guitar
Sam Brain – Drums