Frontback – singer/guitarist Anlo Front

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Singer/guitarist Anlo Front – Frontback

Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall

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From Sweden comes the energetic hard rock n roll act Frontback, who are about to release their second hard hitting album HEART OF A LION early next year. Here’s a short interview with singer/guitarist Anlo Front to introduce you to the band and the upcoming album. If you’re a cool rock n roller Frontback is absolutely something to check out.


Let’s talk about the birth of the band, when was it formed and who founded the band?

I’ve been playing guitar for over 10 years, after a couple of years I felt that I wanted to have my own band which resulted in the start of Frontback.

What did media think of the debut album BORN WITH A SECRET that came 2013?

We got quite good response from Sweden Rock Magazine for example (7 out of 10!), so it felt good!

You guys have performed quite heavily in Sweden but what about the rest of Scandinavia and Europe, have you toured as much there as you have in Sweden?

We’ve only been playing in Croatia, but would love to tour more in Europe!!

When did the new members join forces?

We changed line-up in the middle of 2014, when Koffe and Jonas joined Frontback!

Does the band have any particular band/artist in common that you look up to or are inspired by?

Of course! We have a lot of other bands that inspire us! For example Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Royal Republic, Black Berry Smoke and it goes on and on 😉

Where does the band name Frontback come from?

It’s from my last name “Front”, simple as that!

Running For Better Days [Music Video]
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During 2014 you unleashed the videos to the songs “You Need My Honey” and “Running For Better Days” that until today have got 15 000 and 3000 hits, how does it feel that so many have seen and listened to the songs?

It feels great! We are very happy that we have a lot of people who likes and follow what we do, that means everything!

You Need My Honey?! [Official Music Video]
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How long did it take to write and record HEART OF A LION and where did the title come from?

We started to record the album earlier this year and have been working on the tracks for some time before that, so 1 year approximately. The last song we made for the record “Rival Son’s” has “Heart of a lion” as a line in the lyric, which was also actually the last lyric bit we wrote and we thought that “this is the name of the record”! That’s the spirit of the band. Fight for what you want!

Why took it you so long to follow up the debut album; 4 years is a long time?

Because of the change of members. We played a lot of live shows the first year with Koffe and Jonas and got to know each other. Then we started to write new songs! So yes it is a quite long time, but it’s worth it. If you’re not great friends with your members and have the same goal it won’t work, now it does! And, it will not take another 4 years before the next album after “Heart of a Lion” is released!

Heart Of A Lion – Album Teaser!
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Do you think the band has changed musical approach/direction in any way if you compare the debut with the upcoming album?

Yeah, actually I think it has changed quite much. We were proud of our debut album but I think that I can talk for all of the guys in the band that we couldn’t be more proud about this new and upcoming album “Heart Of A Lion”! It has captured us exactly as we wanted! This is how we sound and the songs just turned out incredible great! We’re really proud of the production, mixing and mastering as well! Stefan (mixing) and Dragan (mastering) at Bohus Sound Recordings has just made a terrific job for the album “Heart Of A Lion”

How would you like to describe the kind of music Frontback plays?

It’s catchy and punchy rock!

Who did the cover art-work to the album? It looks fierce!

Thank you, we love it! It’s made by the great Tattoo-artist Linda Axelsson (aka “razorbaby_ink”)

“Dead Man On the Road” was the first single with video out from HEART OF A LION, what did fans/critics think of it and are there plans on shooting videos to any the other songs on the album?

We got a fantastic response for the first single and we are eager to show you guys the rest of the album. Absolutely! We have some more plans for videos for the album. Actually we already recorded one more and have another one on the go.

Do you think fans of the debut are going to like and recognize the sound of Frontback on HEART OF A LION?

Definitely! I mean we haven’t taken away the “Frontback-sound” from the music, we have just developed it. Everyone will recognize the sound… no doubt

What are the lyrics about this time around on HEART OF A LION?

It’s about life, guitars and rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle and not so much love for a change!

Label, management

Was it easy to land a record deal?

It’s never easy you know. The music industry has changed so much during the years so getting a record deal feels more rare than ever. We have fought very hard to be where we are today and we hope that we will see results of that fight after the release in terms of that more and more people want to hear our music.

How come you chose to part ways with Rambo Music that released BORN WITH A SECRET?

It was just a Distrubution-deal for 1 record at the time so we chose to move on and look what the future had in mind for us.

You inked a deal with the Malmo based label Dead End Exit Records, are you happy with the work the label have put into the band and the new album so far? How come you chose to sign on for them?

We are very grateful to have their support on this album so we really hope that it will be seen as a result when the album “Heart Of A Lion” is out in the stores everywhere Friday January 13th, 2017. We chose to sign with them because they understood what we wanted to do musically and as artists and has given us the freedom to do so as well.

The label co-works with the promotion company GerMusica in Germany, are you satisfied with how the co-operation turns out with GerMusica and the band?

Actually the label has the most contact to the promotion company right now but it feels great to have a promotion company that helps out!

Are you currently working with any management?

We are currently working with the great and awesome booking agency Lotta Rock Stars and got a lot of support from our label Dead End Exit as well but other than that we manage the band ourselves simply because we haven’t met a manager that we felt could do the job better than we do ourselves.

Past present and future

You have played some of the new songs live this past year, how has the fans responded on hearing the songs?

Actually we think they responded very well! It’s always a little nervous to see the fans reactions but so far we just heard very great things!

I’ve seen the band live a few times and is always struck by how energetic and explosive your performances always are, what are your secret to a majestic performance?

Thank you very much! That means a lot for us to hear! Actually we love what we do and we have so much fun together so we think that that energy can be seen in our performance as well

Dead Man On The Road [Official Music Video]
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You are compared by magazines as a harder version of Gwen Stefani or Belinda Carlisle, how does that feel? And what does the rest of the band think of the fact that much of the focus are on you as a singer/frontwoman of the band?

That feels very nice because they are really great singers! I love Gwen Stefani but I do not hear that we have anything similar. We are really great friends me and the boys, so we do not see any problem with that, every bands singer is always a little bit more in focus than the rest of the band.

What’s it like to be the only female in the band, any pro’s or con’s?

I’m not so much of a girl when we play, we see each other as peoples instead of gender, but I think it’s easier to work with boys in general.

The album is released at the 13th of January and you host a release party for it at the 27th in Malmo (but aren’t you guys from Vaxjo? Why host it in Malmo), what can we expect from the party?

Yes, we will have a release party in Malmö because we feel that we got really great response by the audience and fans in this city and we wanted to play in a big city as well! It will be an energetic show with some competitions and a BIG party!

What would you like to say to the ones who haven’t heard the music of Frontback before?

I think if you like rock at its best and with tons of energy in it both on record and live, then you shouldn’t hesitate to listen to or pre-order the new Frontback album “Heart Of A Lion” right here:

Could you give them three reasons why they should buy HEART OF A LION?

I think one good reason is in the answer at the question above or perhaps maybe the absolute best thing is to see by yourself! You can already check out the first single “Dead Man On The Road” right here:

Finally do you have any words of wisdom to share with fans and readers?

We just want to thank you all for the great support! Without you guys we wouldn’t be anything

Don’t forget to check out our official pages! You can find them all at

Thanks once again for taking the time making the interview, I wish you and the band all the best in the future

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