The Sounds, At The Gates,Budderside, Danko Jones, Deathening and more on Malmoe Festival 2016 in Malmoe, Sweden

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Malmo Festival 2016
12-19/8 – 2016


The Sounds, Danko Jones and Wolfmother – on the grand square stage

The Monoheads, Budderside, Dawn Of Oblivion, Emma Varg, A.C.T, Deathening, MaidaVale and Frontback – at the Rock Stage

At The Gates – Posthus Stage

Live review and pictures by: Anders Sandvall


At the end of August it was time for the annual Malmo festival to take place in downtown Malmo. Besides pop and rock music there were also stages that offered blues, swing, 60’s music as well as food from all countries of the world, art, spoken words, movies, and a carnival for the kids. The festival runs for a week and is free, offering music from the likes of The Sounds, Danko Jones, Wolfmother, At The Gates, Dawn Of Oblivion, A.C.T, Deathening, MaidaVale and The Monoheads.

malmoefestival-_2016_overview_1malmoefestival-_2016_overview_3I only listed harder acts that were performing at the Grand Square, Posthusplatsen, and the Rock Stage because those were the ones I reviewed. The festival also saw music from various pop/dance artists. The Rock Stage hosted 5 acts per night on Friday & Saturday with 3 acts on the other nights. On weekends the stage was open to midnight; week days 11pm. Most of the bands on the Rock stage were local, smaller Swedish acts. There were only a few foreign bands, and since it was impossible to see all of them, I had to pick and choose.

Almost every major festival in Sweden this past summer has had problems with young girls being sexually assaulted, which is a horrible “trend”, and to try to make the Malmo festival a safe place for all, especially girls, the organizers and the police co-operated closely with volunteer organizations in order to stop these terrible assaults.


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