Steel Panther with Support on European Tour 2016 at Stora Vega Copenhagen,Denmark

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Steel Panther – European Tour 2016

Inglorious – Main support
I’ll Be Damned – support act

Stora Vega, Copenhagen, Denmark

Review and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall


The party machine that is Steel Panther is out conquering the roads in Europe at the moment, supporting their latest acoustic live DVD/CD LIVE FROM LEXXI’S MOMS GARAGE. The band hasn’t released a studio album since 2014 when ALL YOU CAN EAT was unleashed. This leg of the tour started out in Finland with a pit stop in Norway after which the band was scheduled to perform in Denmark. The tour ends in Birmingham UK at the end of October. Along with them on tour are the English act Inglorious, and with local support on this particular night was Danish act I’ll Be Damned. The show took place at Store Vega in the center of Copenhagen which is a venue that includes two halls, both Store and Lille Vega; ICO Concerts hosting. The show in Stockholm was sold out but that wasn’t the case in Copenhagen; there were still tickets left for Store Vega which holds about 1,500 people. Because of the border controls posted between Sweden and Denmark (due to all of the refugees that came last year), it took a while for me to get to Denmark, a trip that normally takes about 30 minutes now sometimes lasts twice that. It’s quite frustrating not to know when you’re going to be there making it hard to plan.

When I looked on the Internet for when the venue opened it said 8 and nothing more. Luckily when I arrived (a bit early as always), I read that the doors opened at 7 and the first act went on at 8. When there was about one hour left for the doors to open the fans started to gather outside. I had to wait for a while to come in because the security didn’t have any photo passes waiting. I was told to wait at the entrance at 9.30 and the security was going to escort me and the rest of the photographers to the pit. The venue is located on the second floor and when I got up I took a look at the stage that now only included a drum kit, a few mics, and amps and nothing more. At the back of the room is the bar and outside of the room there’s another two bars available. Fliers everywhere told the fans about the after party that was held in the bar after the show. While I spoke with some Swedish photographers, fans started to fill the venue and the stage was filled with smoke. Finally the clock turned 8 and it was time for the first act of the night to make their way on to the stage.

I’ll Be Damned

The five young guys were at the top of their game right from the start and the singer was a whirlwind on stage. The band ran through four songs after which the singer said – “We’re I’ll Be Damned and we are supporting Steel Panther tonight”. Because of the poor lighting and the amount of smoke it was hard to see the members but many of the people in the club seemed to enjoy the band a lot and sang along to the lyrics. Maybe the band is big in Denmark, I don’t know. The band played a kind of blusey version of hard rock with a lot of tempo and energy. The singer sang as fast as he moved across the stage. It was a bit hard to understand what the singer said in between songs because he spoke in Danish but after 20 minutes the band said thank you and went off the stage.


The short show felt more like a showcase but the band impressed me with their intense rock n’ roll.

More people arrived during the show; the Danish crowd has a tendency to show up just in time for the headline act. I could hear that a lot of Swedes were in the crowd, maybe because Steel Panther didn’t play any Swedish towns but Stockholm on the this tour. The change of gear went pretty fast and after about 10 minutes was it time for the next band to talk the stage.


The band entered to the sound of “Won’t Get Fooled Again” by The Who and fired off “Until I Die” which was instantly followed by “Breakaway”. Singer James thanked the crows and said – “We’re Inglorious and we come from England. It’s fun to be here performing for you. Now it’s time to play one of my favorite songs “I Surrender”, which was the Russ Ballard cover that was made famous by Rainbow. James worked hard to get the crowd going and he moved across the entire stage during the show. Inglorious is:

Nathan James – lead vocals
Andreas Eriksson – guitar
Will Taylor – guitar
Colin Parkinson – bass
Phil Beaver – drums

James has a really nice voice and he’s also a great front man. It was obvious that he’s used to taking on a crowd. He said the band’s been performing in Sweden and Norway but this was the very first time they were in Denmark. Tthe fans clapped their hands and James looked pleased as the band fired off “High Flying Gypsy”. The band was blessed with a great sound system and lights that worked a little better than it did during the previous band’s performance.


“Warning” followed and I was struck by the similarities between James’ voice and David Coverdale. James had the audience clap their hands and sing along.  Both band and fans seemed to really enjoy the show. James said that the band thought it was really cool to open for Steel Panther and said it was time for the band to play a classic in the Whitesnake song “Fool For Your Loving”, which the band sure did justice. James thanked the fans and said that the band was going to be down at the merch stand after the show if anyone wanted to come by and say hello. “You’re Mine” followed and James introduced the band members; guitarist Eriksson is from Sweden. “Holy Water” followed and James once again thanked the people for coming to see the band even though it was pretty early. “Unaware” ended the show that lasted for about 40 minutes and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the show. The band was tight and seemed to have a good time together on the stage and the songs felt solid. Inglorious is a band worth keeping an eye on in the future.


Won’t Get Fooled Again – intro The Who
Until I Die
I Surrender (Russ Ballard cover)
High Flying Gypsy
Fool For Your Loving (Whitesnake cover)
You’re Mine
Holy Water

I didn’t have any info about where the photographers were going to meet up and neither did the rest of the photographers that arrived late from Sweden. We walked down to the entrance to wait and it took about 30 minutes until one of the staff members came and escorted us up to the second floor and into the photo pit. A big backdrop with the band name hung on stage but nothing more than that except for a couple of mics. Kiss’ “I Love It Loud” came out from the speakers and at 9.50 it was finally time for the headline to kick off their show.


Steel Panther

As soon as the band members came on stage the fans went crazy. Satchel stood on one of the two podiums together with Foxx and Stixx stood on the other while Starr entered the stage last. “Eyes Of A Panther” was the first song out and the crowd sang along from the very start. Half of the song was played until Satchel and Foxx joined forces with Starr on stage and “Just Like Tiger Woods” followed immediately. Foxx had a huge fan blowing wind in his hair on his side and the crowd at the front of the stage were completely crazy. They sang along, jumped, and clapped their hands; the band loved it. The line up is:

Michael Starr – lead vocals
Satchel – guitar
Lexxi Foxx – bass
Stix Zadinia – drums

Starr, Foxx and Satchel all worked really hard to get the crowd going and when they fired off “Party Like Tomorrow Is the End Of The World” total craziness was a fact. Even though the lyrics and band image are pretty juvenile, it’s hard not to get in a good mood and laugh at all their stupidity. If you take the guys for what they are and don’t take them too seriously, God knows they don’t, you know you’re in for a laugh when you attend a show with Steel Panther.

That song was also the queue for us in the pit to leave and we were escorted out and told to leave our photo bags in the wardrobe if we wanted to see the remaining show. Because of that I missed the part of the show where the band was introduced but overheard Starr introduce the world’s sexiest bass player, Satchel, who said he’s much sexier than Billy Sheehan and to give it up for Lexxi Foxx. Starr asked how many in the crowd had seen the band before and half of the audience screamed. “Good”, he said, “because we have the exact same show as last time”. He asked how many hadn’t seen them before; “Well good for you, we have a brand new show with us this time”. Satchel said it was now time to talk about something serious and said in Danish that Starr has got a small dick. Starr asked what he was saying and Satchel said don’t you mind us. Satchel said in Danish that our bass player Lexxi Foxx is a pussy too. To me it sounded more like he was trying to talk in Swedish (Satchel tries to learn to say some sentences in the language of the country they’re in during every show). Satchel said the band had seen pictures in the internet of Copenhagen and that the town looked beautiful and that the girls here were beautiful too. He pointed at a few girls that he was going to have sex with later, he said. He also said that the people in front row had to be careful because hairspray and spandex was going to fly in the venue tonight. Foxx asked if the fans had seen that he and Satchel had matching spandex, Starr only looked at Foxx and shook his head. Starr introduced the world’s best drummer in Stix and Starr asked Satchel who the most good looking one in the band was and he answered Stix. He walked over to Foxx and asked the same thing and got the same answer, and then he asked the fans who the hottest guy in the band was and everyone shouted Stix. Starr asked if the fans knew that Stix actually knew one “Asian Hooker” and the while Satchel played the intro Starr looked at himself in Foxx’s mirror.


Starr thanked the fans for the applause and looked surprised when the fans, on their own, started to sing “Community Property”. He said the fans sang really good and that the band had to make some changes in the set list because they were going to play that song further on in the show. Originally the song was going to be in the acoustic segment later in the show but the band decided to play “Community Property” and while Starr walked out onto the ledge of the stage a fan handed him a bandana in shape of the American flag that Starr took and hung in his pocket. He let the fans sing the chorus and Satchel said he thought the fans sang amazing and that the band did a hell of a version of the song. Starr wanted the fans to scream for them and fired off “Turn Out the Lights”. The band seemed to be having a great time together on stage and they laughed and joked around during the entire show. Starr said it was time to do a song from the album BALLS OUT in “Let Me Cum In” and he wanted to see everyone’s hands in the air. Even though the venue wasn’t filled at all, in fact the there were only fans on the floor and the balconies was empty, those that did attend did their best to make the band feel welcome and have a good time. Last time the band performed at the very same place it was sold out. It was now time for Satchel to do a guitar solo and everyone left the stage but him. He started out standing on the floor but when he got to the middle of the solo he climbed up on the drums and stood behind the drum kit playing while using the bass drum keeping the pace with his foot.

He played the intro to songs like “Smoke On The Water”, “Master Of Puppets” and “Paradise City”. It was a really long solo but I guess maybe the rest of the band had to have a short rest. As the band came out Foxx checked out his make up in the mirror and Starr wanted the fans to scream for Satchel. Satchel saw a girl who was showing her breasts and he pointed her out for the rest of the band to see. Satchel changed to an acoustic guitar and Stix joined the rest of the guys down on the stage. “It Won’t Suck Itself” followed after which Satchel said that tonight was a special night and that they wanted to feature a piano on stage but they couldn’t fit it in so they solved the problem with having Stix’ new iPhone 7 playing the keyboard part. A roadie came out with an iPhone with a keyboard on the display and Stix tried to get his phone working but it didn’t work out well. Finally it all worked out and the song in mind was “She’s On The Rag” which started the acoustic segment of the show.


When the song was over they brought up a girl on stage that showed her breasts and Satchel looked very happy. He said he thought that there were too few naked breasts in the crowd this night. All of the guys sang to the girl on stage, making up lyrics as the song proceeded and when it was time for Stix to sing, Satchel asked how many wanted to hear Stix and Foxx sing and the fans all cheered for Stix and Foxx. Finally “Girl From Oklahoma” followed and at the end of the song Starr kissed the girl. Starr wanted the fans to scream at his command but wasn’t happy with the response and urged them to scream louder. “This isn’t a Five Finger Death Punch, Justin Bieber, or Lady GaGa show” he said, “I want you to scream and sing loud when I say so”!. When the song was over Satchel said that the band needed more girls up on stage and he pointed to girls for the roadies to help up and a row of girls entered the stage. Starr counted how many girls there were and I think that everyone probably knew what song we all were waiting for. Yes it was “17 Girls In A Row” that followed and it was here they left the acoustic instruments and plugged in again. It wasn’t 17 girls on stage, maybe 10-12, but they all danced and sang along. Starr wanted the crowd to give a hand for all the ladies on the stage.

“Gloryhole” followed and all of the girls stayed on the stage singing along. Starr had one girl in front of him and one in the back that grinded themselves to him while he sang and he looked really pleased. Starr said the band only had seen one pair of naked breasts this night and they wanted to see more. “Death To All But Metal” followed and that ended the ordinary set and in the middle of the song a roadie came to take the girls off stage.

steel_panther_2016_live_11_copenhagensteel_panther_2016_live_12_copenhagenThe band thanked the fans and said good night. The crowd shouted for encores as 80 minutes of Steel Panther music wasn’t enough for them. The guys shortly returned and fired off “Fat Girl (Thar She Blows)” as the first encore taken from the first album FEEL THE STEEL. The last encore out was the epic “Party All Day (Fuck All Night)” and the fans sang along at the top of their lungs and Starr let them sing the chorus saying, “Copenhagen you fuckin’ rock”! Starr stood beside Foxx while throwing his hat to Stix who grabbed it with his drum stick and that ended the show. Starr thanked all the roadies and the crew by name and Satchel thanked the band and introduced them all again. Starr thanked the fans for making the band’s dreams come true, “We are Steel Panther thank you all!”, that ended another 20 minutes of music from LA.’s finest.

steel_panther_2016_live_13_copenhagensteel_panther_2016_live_14_copenhagensteel_panther_2016_live_15_copenhagenAs soon as the band left the stage, the crew started to tear it down. The show was a blast and you can’t help but laugh at all the jokes and the stupid stuff the band says and does. However if you have seen the band live a few times you know what you’re going to get and even though I was entertained I wished for something new. The show was pretty much a replica of the ones they pulled off at Wacken Open Air this past summer. I was there and saw it and already knew what kind of jokes and songs the band was going to do this night. Having said that, it was nice that the guys dusted off more songs from FEEL THE STEEL and narrowed down the amount of songs from the latest one ALL YOU CAN EAT. A few personal favorite songs were missed but overall the set list was great.

The down side of Steel Panther is the constant nagging about boobs, how many girls they’ve fucked, and the talk of smoking pot and drugs etc. If you heard it once, you’re satisfied and don’t want to hear it more. It’s a cheap show trick to have girls show their boobs and it works all the time but honestly how fun is it in 2016?

I really hope the band unveils a new album soon; it’s about time for the band to treat the fans with some new songs.


Set list
I Love It Loud (intro)
Eyes Of A Panther
Just Like Tiger Woods
Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World
Asian Hooker
Community Property
Turn Out The Lights
Let Me Cum In
Guitar solo
It Won’t Suck Itself
She’s On The Rag – acoustic
Girl From Oklahoma – acoustic
17 Girls In A Row
Death To All But Metal

Fat Girl (Thar She Blows)
Party All Day (Fuck All Night)


Thanks to Mathias Nielsen at ICO Concerts Denmark for help with press/photo pass to the show.
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