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Entombed A.D. started out of the ashes of Entombed when the frontman L.G. Petrov continued with the old new members. However Entombed A.D got the second album out called The Dead Dawn and Metal-Rules.Com truly had a brief chat with L.G who was extremely relaxed after the gig.

 I noticed that you took some of raw vodka before you started growling Out of Hand.


What’s the vodka?

It was some Russian Vodka, that was given to us. It was Smooth, really smooth.img_0758

 Do you like drinking more beer at the stage than…?

No I recently turned to more vodka, because beer is like heavy. I try to train a lot these days. But beer and vodka is always going to be there though.

Which is better? Swedish or Finnish beer?

It doesn’t matter, but I’ll take Karhu over the Swedish beer any time

Regarding  the guitarist, you got a new guy in the lineup – Guilherme Miranda.


I guess he’s from Brazil?


Does he live now in Sweden or?

He lives in Sweden now.

How did he end up in Entombed A.D.?551019

We did a couple of American tours, and he was in this band called Krow, great band. He was like going to do, he was going to play in the support and do the tour managing. He was like; I know all your songs. We were like; hold on. You’re going to be tired. So we said fuck that, we will do our own songs. You can be the tour manager and play, and even then he was like so tired. But he did a great job and he knew all the songs. So if I get him over here, flawless. Flawless victory.

Do you think that he will be a permanent member?

He already is.

 When you start writing the third Entombed A.D. albums, so he will be really providing…

Yes. He would be already on second album. Before we were so much involved in the process, but he’s the best.

Do you hope that he will bring something, new input, something new in writing?

Yeah. It doesn’t matter. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, he’s our buddy and he will be here with us.

It was pure coincidence that he ended up here.

Yeah, he’s cool and he is… I don’t want to touch it like I did on stage. But Alex Hellid is nobody compared to this.

Was the writing of the of the Dead Dawn album much easier for you now this time? Because you sorted out the problems with the previous album.

Yeah. There was problems with the previous album, but we started much earlier in this new album and we really put it out. That would have been 18 months, that we were working hard straightaway. So for us it was just normal and this is the way it should be. We created the album, we did a tour and suddenly start working. People are used to Entombed making one album in six years. But now when there is only professionals in the band, and we don’t do it just to make tours. We have to have a good time, but if you start doing and recording. Straight away, it’s a natural progression. Then it doesn’t have to take six years.

 there was about nine year gap between Serpent album and Back to the Front.img_0767

I know. On with the problems.

I know with the problems.

But it wasn’t a problem, was just; come on, let’s do this. If you’re afraid of your wife, are you going to get onto the tour ? Which this was the case. This is your life, but he wanted two lives. We have to go on with life.  But he cried like a pussy to Nico, they’re weakened warriors. It has nothing to do with metal scene, he only wants money. Nikke is a great guy. He has a helicopter, he has Imperial State Electric He’s a musician. But the attitude was weakened warriors and I don’t have the respect for that kind of people; ooh we start over again, there is some money. You do it for your hair and head banging in the club, you come back for money.

 Is it a little bit strange, and odd situation because Entombed with the old logo…

It’s mine. I own the rights. But they’re doing shows now….

 on the boat

Yes. So I just… If I go to court, it’s not about… They can do it, it’s not about that. They come to the table, let’s go through it. He’s doing that and my lawyers says, okay. If we sue them… It’s not about the money, it’s just a principle. He knows he can’t do it, I have hundreds of lawyers and it is like you have your rights. They can do anything, but he’s doing it. He’s just a motherfucker. It’s a strange thing for me to do it.

Do you communicate with Nikke?

No, no. Nicke, I will meet Nicke tomorrow. Because he plays here. If we see something, I want to say; this is not the time. Just have beer.  It’s not that I hate him, but it’s so deep. You sweat and plan for this life, they don’t even like the first two records. Tomorrow will be interesting. No fucking fighting.

What about this beer case, because I read in Blabbermouth. I was surprised that you lost the bid to the former guitarist.

Blabbermouth, I don’t follow it. I have people that is apparently going to release some water, but we only released the beer. So it’s okay.

The video was really interesting. How did you come up with the video? It is a little bit different.

We went to that beer brewery and we did a recording, and that action brewing of the beer for that. We were just, let’s film it when we just get drunk and eat. It was good.

It was good, it was funny actually.


I read somewhere that Entombed A.D. took the video thing to another level, by shooting a video with beer brewery.

Yeah, yeah. It was fun it is a song for real. Very stupid and drunk and… It doesn’t have to be professional.

As I mentioned that you had another year gap between the Serpent album and Back to the Front. Is that the reason why you have this Firespawn ? 

No, no. It’s just whenever you have the same type of music you don’t use it. Like before, like waiting for Alex Hellid. You just make it your own temple. That way.

 So basically you enjoy doing your old school death metal nowadays?436127

Of course and that’s we want. Now when Alex is crying and we push it to the other guys and we try to form something. It’s like; yeah, go ahead. But they still own the name.

What about back in the day when you released like THE SAME DIFFERENT album, which sounded a little bit different?

Yeah, that was Alex and Uffe. That was their idea.

So you had a musical difference?

Yeah. So they’re the hit stars. Really man and they hated CLANDESTINE, they hated the first album. Always will go live, let’s play “Reveal In Flesh”. Let’s play from the new album. Everybody thinks it’s cool, they’re getting back together. But it’s just the money, just for money.

it’s very, very fucking confusing. I do blame everybody, everybody is very, very confusing. But you’re here, you’re coming here and you’re not here.

Well Entombed A.D. is on Century Media.

Entombed A.D. was, while this shit was going on. Alex Hellid, he wanted to be home with his family. He’s afraid of his wife, he’s out four days. Entombed A.D. was just a thing for us to be able to do this. He’s comfortable to be at home and making, there is a lot of bad and good people in the hood. I can assure you.

Do you have any communication with Uffe Cederlund

No. I don’t know this guy. I don’t have his contact. 20 years ago, I knew. But now we’re not in the same, we have got nothing.They hate death metal . But now they’re like, we’re going to get back together. The only respect for me is Nikke because he likes music. Whether it’s pop, or and like to do sports. He’s a genius. But Uffe and Alex, stay home with your families. Don’t come to interfier. Just come to this one.

Dead Dawn album, a little bit more about the album. You did the mixing in Helsinki?


How come Helsinki came into picture? 

It sounded good.

 Has Sweden lost some kind of metal know how or did you want to explore the Finnish metal know how?

The Finnish metal scene is always going to be Finnish metal scene. I’m going to meet Finntroll and get drunk.

They will drink you under the table.

Yeah, I know. I’ve lost already, I know. But you choose who defeats. But sometimes you explore something new and you go for it.img_0789

When you start working on the next album, third album? Will you record in Sweden and make it Sweden, or will you try explore new things with other countries like Brazil?

You never know. We have to get together the songs and see what is right, then we can record in a basement. As long as it sounds like we want, then it’s cool.

 Do you still have an old school rehearsal, jamming together? You don’t use any digital, technical.

We always say everything that we do. Some riff maybe don’t fit at the moment, but then we discover it. Fucking cool and we develop it into the new stuff. So you never know.

Do you think your great albums have been done or do you think you will be able to make great albums? 

You’re always remembered from the first two albums, all the people are going to celebrate. But I think our Dead Dawn album, personally I think it kicks WOLVERINE BLUES ass. Because I’ve heard Hollow Man a lot of time now, and it’s nothing compared to the new one that we have. The first two albums are always going to be original, there is nothing going to compete with the first two albums. But like WOLVERINE BLUES, I think it’s boring.

If I compare things what we do now, it kicks WOLVERINE BLUES ass. It’s going to offend a lot of people, but that’s the only thing they know. There is so many things behind it. But LEFT HAND PATH and CLANDESTINE, always going to be great. I love CLANDESTINE. But Nikke, Uffe and Alex, they hate CLANDESTINE. Always coming together, let’s play Chaosbreed live, they were “ nooo”. Now all over sudden they like it. So it’s just for money. But I’m sure they have a different. But why they all quit 20 years ago? Why are they coming in now?img_0753

 You say that Entombed logo was designed by you.

Nicke did. I own it.

You surprised there is a different kind of bands using the same logo style as you had ?

Yeah, like Entrails. I love those guys. Is Alex Hellid going to sue everybody? It’s just for the money. Fucking, he’s afraid. Alex Hellid now is afraid.

Do you think that you will have to the Entombed name back?

I don’t know. As of now I own the name.

Comecon was really interesting project, because every album has a different singer. You, Martin Van Drunen, Marc Grewe….

It’s so small that nobody cares. I love it.

 It was a cult release when it came out.

Yeah, that was sporadic. But there was some problem. Nowadays we have Firespawn

 But you have your big request for several bands like Rotten Sound.


You get a lot of request to make such as Rotten Sound and Amon Amarth How do you pick up them?

Speaker Sometimes I have time, sometimes I don’t know. But Rotten sound, I have always their time. But there is nobody looking for Alex Hellid, because he’s not a guitarist. I had fun with Amon Amarth. No-one asks Alex Hellid to do the guitar solo.img_0750

What kind of spirit do you have in the band now ?

Great, fun, drinking the beer, it is like a band. No-one is complaining.

Who is the song writer in the band ?

It is not me. I have never been. I am lazy. I only contribute.

Do you bring the lyric things to the band ?


Well you just sing ?

Laughs  ..Basically… laughs

Before concluding the interview, can you name the five important death metal outputs from your point of view ?

For me LEFT HAND PATH, demos by Sindrome, Scum by Napalm Death and of course Death I like LEPROSY. The list is endless. Of course thrash metal like Destruction, Sodom.

L.G I thank you for your time

No Problem No problem

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