Universal Mind Project – bandleader/guitarist Michael Alexander and singer Elina Laivera

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Band leader/guitarist Michael Alexander and singer Elina Laivera
Universal Mind Project

Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Thanks to Emil Westerdahl at Inner Wound Recordings for setting up the interview.
Thanks to Inner Wound Recordings for the promo pictures of the band.
Thanks to Inner Wound Recordings for the additional promo pictures of the band.


Universal Mind Project is a new act that released their debut album earlier in 2016. The band is led by guitarist Michael Alexander and singer Elina Laivera and they’ve gathered some well known people to feature on the album, titled THE JAGUAR PRIEST. Guests on the album are singer Nils K.Rue (Pagan’s Mind), Mark Jensen (Epica), Diego Valdez (Helker), Charlie Dominici (ex-Dream Theater) and Alessandro Bissa (Vision Divine) to name a few. I had the pleasure to talk to vocalist Elina and growler/guitarist Michael about working on the album, production, guests, a new label, and what the plans are in the future for the band. If you like the music of Avantasia, the Genius trilogy, or Soulspell, you have to check Universal Mind Project out. Enjoy.



Hi Michael and Elina, how are you today? Thanks for taking the time talking about Universal Mind Project. Are you ready to kick off the interview?

Michael: Hello Metal-Rules! of course, thank you for the interview, we are very excited to begin.

Michael, when you formed UMP back in 2012, did you have a band or a project in mind?

Michael: I had in mind at first a collaborative project with some of my favorite musicians from around the world, of course with time and more precisely when we got signed by Inner Wound Recordings, the view changed into a band. Of course Elina and myself while in the creative process of THE JAGUAR PRIEST visualized ourselves making this music for live material, the indicators for a band were already happening.

Was it hard to find band members? When did Båth and Landenburg join forces with you?

Michael: Not at all! Henrik, Alex and myself already have had a good friendship from the start, and we developed great music together on this album.

Why did you choose to only have one guitarist in the band?

Michael: In my personal case, I not only compose music but the guitar is my instrument and tool for that, so for practical reasons I decided to keep myself only on guitars. But nontheless, we have a great guest with a guitar solo in one of our songs named “The Force Of Our Creation”, Johan Reinholdz from Andromeda.

There is a version of “The Jaguar Priest” song, an 18 minute piece that is only available in Japan and on our site, where I invited more guitar players to throw some solos there.

Elina when did you join the band?

Elina: I came in 2012, I think. We did a song, ”The Force of Our Creation” at first. This was all we were supposed to do with me merely appearing as a guest on this one song. By the beginning of 2013 I had become a full member and we started working in a more organized manner with Michael, sharing composing duties as well, which was a very beautiful experience for me – to have such artistic freedom while working with someone else.

Did you guys all know each other prior joining the band?

Michael: Not really, Elina and I got in touch back in 2011 near 2012 and we just started working! Our first song together was “The Force Of Our Creation”.

ump_promo_interview_5When did you have a full band for this?

Elina: 2016 was the time we got a label for our album and it was released and then there were plans for this and that…and that required a solid band around.

How come you named the band UMP? Does the name have any special meaning to you?

Michael: Yes, it’s a way for us to be precisely universal, both in our musical ideas and musical concepts. Now with THE JAGUAR PRIEST we took a bit of direction with Mayan culture, spiritual subjects etc… who knows what we can come up next!

Why isn’t there a solid bass player in the line up?

Michael:The bass player is actually to be announced soon! We recently welcomed Jonah Weingarten, keyboard player from the band Pyramaze in to our family. The bass player is the last piece of the puzzle to complete our band line up and be ready for touring.

Elina you live in Greece, Båth in Sweden and Landenburg in Germany; is it hard to gather the members to rehearse and does the distance ever cause any problems for the band?

Elina: I come from Greece but I live in Germany which makes a lot possible organizationally, speaking. It is difficult of course to gather the whole team too often…sometimes we might just have to meet half-half and work on something or…just wait till we can all be in the same place, I guess. It’s difficult but not entirely impossible.

ump_promo_interview_4Michael where do you live?

I live in Mexico, and now with the tools that internet offers it’s, until a certain point, simple to develop the creative process that a band or an album requires.


When did you begin to work on material to the album?

Michael: I started with the compositions in 2011, but like I said prior to this question, I wasn’t really thinking that far ahead, so I just finished “The Jaguar Priest” song, worked with Alex on drums, Henrik on vocals, and Dominici on vocals. After this, I took a time off to figure out the direction of UMP. It’s here when Elina came into the picture and with her energy and ideas, she offered to me a whole different spectrum of what UMP could be, so we started working for real on a full album.

It’s you two that wrote the music to the album and you Elina wrote the lyrics; what are the lyrics about?

Michael: I start with the writings basically and once I have a demo done, it’s Elina’s work to add the lyrics, vocal melodies and also work on the guests vocal parts.
The lyrics on this album are mostly spiritual, cultural and a bit of personal experiences as well.

Elina: Yes, they talk about life and its struggles or its pleasures, if you like…and the whole transformational process we go through, the way we grow through our experiences. All of that, through a spiritual prism and of course disguised under the symbolic figure of the Jaguar Priest of a Mayan tribe, a fictional character.

What was the best thing about composing music together and are there any downsides of writing music with someone else?

Michael: For me personally it was and is a joy to work in teams, you learn a lot from talented musicians like those in UMP; plus the personal bonding with your friend creating something special is priceless.

Elina: I was not so much of a team worker before UMP to tell the truth… still I like to sit on my own and create something. But this process taught me to co-exist creatively with others. That alone I find amazing.

Universal Mind Project – The Force Of Our Creation [OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO]

Elina what comes first for you when you compose – the music or lyrics?

Elina: Melody. I must have a melody in my head. Then I dress it with harmony and then the lyrics have to come in. But quality wise, all of these things must be on the same level or I am not satisfied.

Did you know when you wrote the material which guests were going to be on the album?

Elina: In some cases yes. For some songs we knew we had recruited a specific vocalist while for other songs, we wrote something and we were looking for a certain singer whose style would fit to what we had created. It was a fun process, like picking the cast for a film. I loved this part of the album making.

Was it hard to write lyrics to the guests and not only to yourself?

Elina: No. Somehow the ideas just flew in and I had to embrace them. I mean…what could I do? Let alone that, I am very open, up close and personal with my lyrics, even when certain meanings are disguised and covered up with symbolism. So it is my nature to let others into my soul.

ump_interview_2016_promo_1When I listen to the album I get the feeling that the music builds up like a metal opera in the way that Avantasia is built; was it your intention to write epic and grand music?

Elina: Well…we certainly did not think in terms of metal opera. We thought in terms of building atmosphere and combining it with punchiness. We used a lot of keyboards and loud guitars. I am curious to tell the truth as to whether we could really get epic and grand on a next album, with symphonic orchestra sounds and stuff like that.

At the beginning of April you released a lyric video to “The Force Of Our Creation”, what did fans think of it?

Elina: Well, so far we have had lots of beautiful reactions.

How does it feel that the video currently got 25,000 clicks?

Elina: Amazing! In such short time, I mean.

How come you chose to name the album THE JAGUAR PRIEST?

Elina: It has to do with the fictional character we created to use as a vehicle to tell a story. As I mentioned before, it has to do with the whole transformational process we go through, the way we grow through our experiences. The Jaguar Priest as the hero of our story goes through his own process which transforms him from a Priest to an ascended divine being.

Artwork was made by Jan Yrlund, what do you think of it?

Michael: I think is a remarkable piece of art indeed, we have received such great feedback from it as well and we couldn’t be happier with Jan’s amazing work.

ump_cover_2016Was he given free hands to create or did you have any guidelines he had to stick to?

Michael: I had some sketches to share with him, some ideas and of course he took those to a whole different level. For him as an artist, he was given freedom for his creativity, in my opinion that’s the best way an artist works.

How would you describe what kind of music UMP plays, in my opinion it’s power/progressive metal?

Michael: Yes, I think so too, on this album we in the band think that it can be catalogued that way, but we don’t want to close the door here, as you could tell we are musicians that we share the same passion for music and love many of the same bands etc… but of course we also have different musical backgrounds, I think that our next work will have the elements that are distinctive in UMP but also we will explore more of our musical universality.

There are a few guests appearances on the album, did you get all the people you wanted as guests or were there others that couldn’t make it?

Michael: Every guest on the album is there because they are the musician we wanted for any particular song. This is also one of the reasons why it took so long for this album to be done, there was no rush to finish it, many of the guests tour a lot, and we waited and change schedules often to get them onto the album. It was not just to get a strong name and for a guest.

Was it hard to get singers Nils K Rue, Charlie Dominici, Diego Valdez and Mark Jansen to get on board?

Michael: Not at all, everything went very well.

Elina: Yes, everything worked pretty smoothly,indeed.

Why did you want to feature so many singers when you two as well as Båth handles the vocals?

Michael: A vocalist can determine the whole style of a song.  Elina and Henrik are our primary vocalists and they are amazing, and just the idea for me to hear them sing along other fantastic vocalists was just too exciting for me to rule it off!

Since Jansen growls, did you contribute with a lot of growling as well, Michael?

Michael: I don’t growl very much on the album, I basically just growled in the song “Bargain Of Lost Souls”. In the song “Seven” and The Jaguar Priest” there are some minor screams I do, but that’s it.

How come Alessandro Bissa play drums on only 5 tracks?

Michael: Alex Landenburg, during a time he was touring a lot with Rhapsody along with other bands he is in, and it was at this point where UMP also needed to move forward and I called my friend Alessandro to play this songs. It was not to replace Alex as a band member, but to cover some songs till Alex was back, and I have to say, Alessandro did a fantastic job, it added a different twist here and there and we are very happy with the results.

Mike LePond plays bass on two tracks, Emanuele Casali on keyboards and last but not least the genius Johan Reinholdz on a guitar solo, that’s a mighty bunch of people you gathered. Are you happy with everyone’s efforts on the album?

Michael: Of course! It’s a unique experience to work with such talented friends and musicians!

The album clocks in at 60 minutes and contains 10 tracks, was it your intention to make a long album?

Michael: No, it just happened like that.

The longest songs are “The Jaguar Priest” (9:13) and “The Force Of Our Creation” (8:32); what are those songs about?

Elina: ”The Jaguar Priest”, for which Charlie Dominici contributed lyrics, is like an introduction of who the Jaguar Priest is, what his nature is and all that. It sets the background for the story to develop itself. ”The Force…” discusses reincarnation, the journey of the soul through the universes, how everything is connected, it discusses Oneness…memories from past lives and so on. Obviously I believe the spirit carries on…we come from somewhere and we will go somewhere after we are done from here.

And the shortest “Anthem For Freedom” (4,20), what is it about?

Elina: It is about the realization that we were all born free. Freedom of the soul. The realization that no matter how many times you fall down or feel lost, you were always meant to get up and fly and go on in the search of your Truth. I love this song, actually.

Who plays the bass on the songs besides the two where LePond plays?

Michael: I did the bass on most of the tracks, Mike LePond appears only on two tracks, “The Force of our Creation” and “Truth”.

Why haven’t you got a solid keyboard player when there are quite a lot of keyboard parts in focus?

Michael: Emanule Casali did a pretty good work I’ll say, I did some keys here and there and some ambients but his work is outstanding, I am not sure if this answer your question but I think keyboards are pretty good and solid on the album.

Elina: Well, we actually do now have a keyboardist as solid band member as well, Jonah Weingarten. But during the creation of the album, indeed, the idea of a solid band was not in the game at all. So we borrowed Casali for the record same as we just borrowed everybody else. I love his work. But I am also really excited to work with Jonah. He has such a touch with the way he makes music. I am totally thrilled!

Have you read any reviews of the album in media? What have the critics said about THE JAGUAR PRIEST?

Michael: I read what comes out in the media yes, but I don’t go crazy about it. Basically what our label shares, we share or what webzines and magazines shares in our social media pages.

Elina: I read what happens to be in my mail, sent by the label usually, shared among the UMP people. I am honored with most of them…but kinda shocked at the lack of information in some of them…I don’t mean to sound arrogant or anything but sometimes I wish people would search a bit deeper into a band and its material before publishing a review. Other than that, as I said, with most of them, I feel the comments have been really flattering towards our music and our artistry.

Are there any differences in how the foreign and native media is treating you and writing about the band?

Michael: Not at all.

Elina: Yeah, not really.

I think that you Elina sing really well on the album and the same goes for your guitar work Michael; are you guys happy with the outcome of the album?

Elina: Thank you so much. Personally I am not very satisfied with myself. But don’t worry, I am always like that. I love the work of my teammates, though! And the album, I love it.

What response has the album received from fans?

Elina: We have been very happy to have very happy fans after they received their copies. There is no greater joy for us, as well. To see people happy with our product.

Are you two happy with your efforts on the album?

Elina: From a songwriting point of view, I am very proud of myself. As a vocalist, I believe there are things I could have performed better. But then, this never stops with me, as I said before. One day I record something and the next day I don’t like it anymore because I have the impression I could have done it better. I know I need to book an appointment with a shrink or something…

The bio states that the sensational power sound of UMP has come to blast the listeners’ speakers and is destined to capture full attention within the metal music community, what do you think of those lines written?

Elina: Ehm… I totally feel like it!

Studio and production

In which studio was the album recorded and where did all the guests record their parts?

Michael: Each musician had a different environment for recording due to the fact that we worked at distance. Everyone worked in their own home studios or went to one in their own city.

Michael you produced the album, how was that and what was the hardest part with producing your own album?

Michael: It was a delicate thing to do I’ll say, because there is much to line up, but also very fun, after all you are working hard for your music, you have to have fun and love what you do.

I guess that all the guests have recorded their parts in other studios, was it hard to get all things in sync for the album?

Michael: Not at all, every musician is very professional in their work, and I just put the pieces together here and send those back in order to the master Mularoni.

ump_interview_2016_promo_2How many recorded their parts at the same time in the same studio?

Michael: Elina and Alex recorded at the same some of the songs, Xibalbà and Seven.

Elina how was it to work with Michael as producer? Which is his strongest feature as producer?

Elina: I think his positivity and his kind nature. He has a way to get the best out of others but without getting bossy, haha! He has a vision always in his head and he knows how to get it through.

Mixing and mastering was made by Simone Mularoni, was anyone of you part of those processes?

Michael: Yes, Simone Mularoni did a fantastic job mixing and mastering the album. I worked closely with him, he is an amazing musician, producer and engineer that knows to listen to you and get the results you have in mind, I am very thankful for his professionalism.

That was done in Domination Studio where is that studio located?

Michael: Domination Studios is in San Marino, Italy!

How long did it take to record the album?

Michael: We took a couple of months to finish the recordings, the edits and the mix and mastering processs.

Label and management

Was it easy to land a record deal?

Michael: Not really, and after finishing the process of making the album, we took some serious time out of any UMP related, we need to recharge batteries. I never really sent it to many other label companies, just to another one and we decided to work with some one we already have had some contact with, with somebody closer, you see, Inner Wound Recordings have in their roaster bands that we worked with, so that is a big plus for us.

Did you send out demos to labels to get them to know about the band?

Michael: Yes, to 2 labels, and we decided to sign with one of them.

How come you chose to ink a deal with Inner Wound Recordings?

Michael: I have had a friendship with the owner of the label since 2012, so it was not hard at all to get signed by Inner Wound Recordings.

Elina: We felt also there was trust between all members of the deal. So it was not difficult in the end to choose.

Are you happy with the work IWR put into the band and album so far?

Michael: Absolutely! we are achieving great things together and we can foresee more to come.

Do you see any problems in the fact that IWR is a minor label?

Michael: Not at all, we are not into the fame or popularity, we are not against it either, we are here for her music and they are doing a great work, if those come for UMP it will be in time and deserved.

ump_promo_2015_inw_logoBickee Music releases the album in Japan but who distributes it in the rest of Asia?

In the other countries in Asia it’s available as import only on CD, and on digital.

Is the album available at ITunes and other music services?

Michael: Yes, pretty much is available in any platform you can imagine, like Bandcamp, Amazon, and many others.

Are there any plans on releasing the album on vinyl?

Michael: We haven’t talked about it with the label, but that would be really cool to offer to the fans, this question has been asked by many of them lately.

With all the downloading and streaming going on many bnds/artists consider it to be hard to sell physical albums and people state that the music industry is going under. What are your opinion on that?

Michael:We are aware about piracy, illegal downloads and more, but what can you do about it? We can only work hard and encourage the people that if they really want to support the artist, one good way to go is by purchasing the album. It’s a really complicated theme that also can be delicate for some, some fans find excuses like: I download it illegally but I attend their concerts etc… only bands with big productions and budgets can be allowed to rely on that, but most of the bands, and I mean the great ones too, need their album sales to visualize the future of their band. I like to be an optimistic and think that real fans buy their albums!

Are you currently working with any management?

Elina: No, not really…yet.

Personal with Elina Laivera

When did you begin to sing and have you always wanted to be a singer?

I have always been singing. As a kid, it was all I would do all day. Around my teenage years it was when I really got serious about it.

Were there any artist that inspired you to begin to sing?

Yes, I loved Amy Lee of Evanescence back then. Then Tarja or Nightwish.

Are you self taught or have you taken classes?

Both. I started by experimenting and singing along to records of my favorite artists. I remember a whole summer, I would sing along to the whole Within Temptation album ”The Silent Force”. My family almost moved out of the house that summer. God, I still adore that record.

Is it correct that you play both piano and flute? Did you grew up in a musical home?

I still play the piano. Actively in fact. But the flute… not really anymore. I would love to get back to it once I have some time.

You made your singing debut as Mary Magdalene in the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar, how was that? How old were you then?

Oh it was amazing. I am so grateful for those days. I was 14 and I think these years at the Musik Gymnasium of Piraeus shaped me so much. We had a conductor, Mr. Dimitris Karavelis, who got to be my teacher and mentor for many years that followed and he really believed in me. I think he made me believe in myself, as well. I will forever be grateful to him for these beginnings back at the Music School -he still has all my love and respect.


Are you still a member of Athens Choir Ensemble?

No, I had to quit in early 2013. The Ensemble had a very active schedule and it had gotten difficult for me to follow. But I was sad to leave because the ACE was my family for 7 long years. I entered it as a child and got out of it a young woman.

When did the interest for metal music begin?

Hmm, I think around the age of 12 or 13. A cousin of mine, introduced me to Linkin Park’s album METEORA… that was when Linkin Park had a hard sound. Then Evanescence followed and then what would be my obsession for many years, Nightwish.

How old were you when you started to write music?

Can’t really tell, because I was writing various stuff. For piano at first… then real songs with lyrics around the time I was 14. But still I could not express my self very well so I made it my mission to tackle this difficulty and I remember those years between 2006 to 2009 I was writing like a maniac. I felt like I was a good songwriter by 2010 when we made the band Seduce The Heaven in Greece with a friend of mine, guitarist, Alex Flouros.

Which metal band was the first one you joined?

Professionally speaking, Seduce The Heaven. Because other than that, as a teenager, desperate to get out of my room I would join any amateur band in the neighborhood! Such fun times! Innocent times full of the promise of experimentation, discovering new things, new bands, new skills…

Tell us more about Seduce The Heaven.

We did a record in 2013, FIELD OF DREAMS; it was my first ever and opened doors for me. But I also worked my butt off on it and the whole artistic direction of the band until my departure in 2013.

How did you get in touch with Michael?

I wrote to him on Facebook. I sent him our new video clip with Seduce.The Heaven and asked him if he could imagine my vocals on his project.

What’s it like to be the only female member in UMP?

Hmm well… in this particular band I feel very appreaciated and welcomed.

What’s it like to work with Michael?

A lot of fun. Stressful sometimes because of the distance. I am usually very tired when we must Skype at odd hours of the day or night. But this is fun, too, you know! We have a very good personal relationship so it all rolls very smoothly.

Where do you find inspiration to write music and lyrics?

In everything I feel. In my life, in the lives of other people that I happen to observe. I love observing in fact. I talk a lot but I also observe a lot. It teaches me things. I draw my conclusions and then use them to navigate through my life, make the right desicions…or the decisions I think are the right ones.

As you said, you now live in Germany? Why did you leave Greece?

Financial crisis. And a kind of mentality I could not deal with by some working partners. It all resulted to an emotional state I was not happy with so I decided to really turn the page and start from scratch somewhere else.

Where in Germany do you live today?

I live in the Nordrhine-Westfallen area, in a lovely city called Essen. I really love the place. I feel very peaceful there.

Past and present

You chose to finance the first video through crowd funding, how come you wanted to do that?

Elina: We felt there was enough love and support from our followers to back this whole plan of flying all members in Germany, from all of these places each one of us come from. This plan would not have been easily financed by us alone. Our label supported us with the making of the video but the rest had to be taken care by us. We are very grateful for the support we got. Our pledgers also loved the final result so we couldn’t be happier.

The band offered some special items for the fans to buy during the campaign, what were the items?

Elina: Oh, all sorts of stuff. From signed albums and personalized letters to handwritten lyrics, jewelry, Mike’s guitar, Skype sessions, music covers and so on.

Was it easy to gather the money through crowd funding?  Is that something you’re going to do again?

Elina: I do not know if we would do that again. It was good to test the waters but I do not think we would do it again. Well, never say never but I have this impression. Even though we did not reach the full money goal, we gathered enough to fullfill our purpose so it was a success, yes.

The video to “Truth – feat. Mark Jansen” was released in May, what can you tell us about the video?

Elina: Oh it was an amazing experience, shooting it and all. Dominik Louis was our director and took care of the shootings in Remscheid, Germany where we all gathered and we had a really fantastic cooperation. Working with Mark also was such a beautiful experience. He came and brought some of his wonderful shine into our music. We are forever grateful.

Universal Mind Project – Truth feat. Mark Jansen [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Was the video shoot the first time you met Jansen and the rest of the band members in personal?

Elina: I met Mark first time in Athens in 2012 when we opened for EPICA with Seduce The Heaven but we had not talked at all. Then the same year at Metal Female Voices Festival in Belgium where we played with STH but again we didn’t even see each other for real. So at the shoot it was the first time we actually talked. I think Michael had met Mark before too in Mexico. And surely Alex must have bumped on him at some festival in the past, as well, I guess. It was the first time we stood as a band with our instruments on the same stage…well, even so…playbacking for the video clip!

Was it fun to shoot a video? Currently the video got 70,000 hits, congratulations!

Elina: Absolutely it was! Thank you, indeed the response has been amazing.

The video doesn’t contain a bass player or a keyboard player, why?

Elina: Well…because we look sexy enough to cover this up. No, well, because we were at that time still in talks about who would be our keyboardist or bassist etc and since we hadn’t decided yet, we prefered to keep it simple and leave that for the future when we would have an answer to who our keyboardist or bassist would be. We did not want to simply present a sessionist on the video, pretending to play upon Mike Lepond’s bass or upon Casali’s keys. I mean, come on that would be extremely lame.

Any plans on shooting videos to any of the other songs on the album?

Elina: Well…umm, I can’t tell yet but…keep an eye on our social networks cause we are up to plans recently.

The band’s got a really nice website, who runs it and are you active on the other social forums as well?

Michael: At the moment it’s me running the website, and social media is managed by all members in the band.

On the band’s Facebook page it can be read that you have plans on performing live, have you got any shows booked so far?

Michael: We have been in talks for some shows, those will come in time, we are very much looking forward to perform live with the band.

Are there any plans on doing festival shows or maybe a tour this summer/fall?

Michael: No for now, we have been busy promoting the album, but I am sure those will come and in time we will announce the dates.

What are the main focus for the band at the moment, to make it big in Europe or USA?

Michael: There’s plenty of things going on at the moment, we are promoting the album and our video “Truth”. We also recently added Jonah Weingarten to take care of the keyboards, and we are now in talks for new material already with him, a new official video and more.

ump_promo_interview_3If you’re doing live shows who’s gonna handle the bass and keyboard?

Michael: Jonah Weingarten from the band Pyramaze, is already a full member in UMP, he will be handling the keyboards for future album works or live shows, regarding bass player, we will announce soon a full member to join the band.

What are the future plans for UMP, to release more albums and heading out on the road?

Elina: Exactly!

Both Båth and Landenberg are involved in other bands, do you see that as a problem for UMP?

Michael: No, not really, we know they are busy with their other bands, we will manage our schedules to make things happen.

Michael you started to work on this album back in 2012 with that pace when can the fans expect to find the next UMP album out in stores?

Michael: This album just came that way, but also the name UMP was created and has been heard now around the world, a band has born and that’s not a walk in the park! We are now working as a band and will be a more effective and collaborative environment that we will release our next album sooner than you think!

Elina: We took a little break and we still try to take it easy because we had our limits tested with the previous album but at the same time, in a very relaxed mode we start working on things. But now we are more people working on one thing, so it will go faster and easier. With the first album, it was only me and Michael and that got us a bit exhausted in the end.

What would you like to say to the ones who haven’t heard the music of UMP?

Elina: Well, dear ones, get a taste of our music on spotify and if you like, grab a copy We can even sign it for you with much love and appreciation. After that, one can only hope to meet each other on the road in the near future.

Could you give them three reasons why they should buy THE JAGUAR PRIEST?

Elina: Power, melody, atmosphere. You will find all of that in the record.

Well, do you have any final words of wisdom to share with readers and fans?

Elina: Take care of yourselves and others around you. Be kind and enjoy music, connect with each other, find ways to grow through contact and interraction with others. Oh, and listen to UMP.

Thanks a lot once again for taking the time making the interview, I wish you and the rest of the band all the best!!

Michael: Thank you very much for the interview Metal-Rules, has been fun and informative, all the best to you guys as well! and I`d like to take a time to thank all of our fans, they are a very important piece for the UMP family.

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