Kreator – Love Us Or Hate Us: The Very Best Of 1985 – 1992

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Reviewed: September 2016
Released: 2016, Noise/BMG
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Robert Williams

BMG purchased Noise Records holding company Sanctuary Records from Universal Music in 2013 and plans to re-launch Noise Records in 2016. The label has planned a full-scale campaign featuring “Best-Ofs” of select Noise bands, along with reissuing classic titles from Celtic Frost, Coroner, Helloween, Kreator, Running Wild, Tankard, Voivod, and more, featuring expanded liner notes, rare bonus material, and a fresh mastering job.

On the Kreator best of LOVE US OR HATE US The Noise Years 1985-1992 we get such early classics as “Endless Pain” “Tormentor” “Flag Of Hate” from the band’s debut LP “Endless Pain” plus “Ripping Corpse” from “Pleasure To Kill” (with the strange omission of that album’s title track) “Terrible Certainty” from said album (no “Toxic Trace”?) “Love Us Or Hate Us” “Betrayer” and the title track from “Extreme Aggression” and “Coma Of Souls” “Kharmic Wheel” and “Renewal” from the final few albums the band did with Noise Records.

There is a deluxe sixteen page booklet chock full of classic band photos and lengthy liner notes courtesy of famed metal scribe Malcolm Dome. The thing to keep in mind however is that this is not fully representative of the best of Kreator so much as it is the best of Kreator, the Noise years. The band having produced seven studio records after leaving their original record label. Noise Records released an even more comprehensive best of with the “Past Lives Trauma 1985-1992” 2 CD set back in 2000.

Perhaps you know a young headbanger that this collection would serve as a proper introduction to the band. As the title suggests, if you’re reading this review I’d take it that you love Kreator and therefore already own and worship all of the songs culled for this release.


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Track Listing:
1. Endless Pain
2. Tormentor
3. Flag Of Hate
4. Behind The Mirror
5. Ripping Corpse
6. Terrible Certainty
7. Extreme Aggression
8. Love Us Or Hate Us
9. Betrayer
10. Coma Of Souls
11. Kharmic Wheel
12. Renewal

Mille Petrozza – Vocals, Guitar
Ventor – Drums, Vocals
Rob – Bass
Andreas Herz – Bass
Tritze – Guitar
Wulf – Guitar
Frank Blackfire – Guitar