Helloween – Ride The Sky: The Very Best Of 1985 – 1998

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Reviewed: September 2016
Released: 2016, Noise/BMG
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Robert Williams

BMG purchased Noise Records holding company Sanctuary Records from Universal Music in 2013 and plans to re-launch Noise Records in 2016. The label has planned a full-scale campaign featuring “Best-Ofs” of select Noise bands, along with reissuing classic titles from Celtic Frost, Coroner, Helloween, Kreator, Running Wild, Tankard, Voivod, and more, featuring expanded liner notes, rare bonus material, and a fresh mastering job.

Where as the other recently released best of collections from the Noise catalogue focus solely on the band’s tenure at Noise Records, the Helloween best of starts with the band’s early material from Noise Records with album’s like “Walls Of Jericho” and “Keeper of The Seven Keys I & II” before branching out past the Noise years with tracks from “Pink Bubbles Go Ape” “Master Of The Rings” “The Time Of The Oath” and “Better Than Raw”.

There is a deluxe sixteen page booklet chock full of classic band photos and lengthy liner notes courtesy of famed metal scribe Malcolm Dome. However for a more comprehensive best of release, I’d point you towards the 2 CD “Treasure Chest” collection from 2002. With Helloween there are always going to be the Kiske fans and the Deris fans (myself siding more towards the vocal prowess of the latter) and RIDE THE SKY only features a handful of Deris tracks.

Perhaps there might be a young headbanger in your life who’d undoubtedly benefit from some exposure to everybody’s favorite German power metal band. In that case, this release should serve that purpose. If you’re a longtime fan and supporter of Helloween, I’d expect that you’d already own these gems and their original albums.


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Track Listing:
1. Murderer
2. Ride The Sky
3. I’m Alive
4. Future World
5. Halloween
6. Eagle Fly Free
7. Dr. Stein
8. I Want Out
9. Kids Of The Century
10. Why?
11. Steel Tormentor
12. Power
13. I Can

Michael Kiske – Vocals
Andi Deris – Vocals
Michael Weikath – Guitar
Kai Hansen – Guitar
Roland Grapow – Guitar
Marcus Grosskopf – Bass
Ingo Swichtenberg – Drums
Uli Kusch – Drums