Anthrax with support on For All Kings European Summer Tour 2016 – leg 2 – at Pumpehuset Copenhagen, Denmark

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For All Kings European Summer Tour 2016 – Leg 2 –
Impalers – support act

11/7 – 2016

Live review and pictures by: Anders Sandvall


FOR ALL KINGS is the name of the new Anthrax album, released in February. The band is out supporting it in Europe at the moment. It’s the first album featuring new guitarist Jonathan Donais who replaced Rob Caggiano when he left to join Volbeat. The European festival shows began on the 15th of July and end at Bloodstock in the UK a month later. This particular show took place at Pumpehuset in Copenhagen Denmark; the venue holds about 600 people. The place has two stages; the big one where Anthrax performed takes 600 and the small stage one floor below can take about 400 people. But for some reason the show wasn’t sold out which was strange, I mean, Anthrax is a well known, almost cult band by now. The Danish act Impalers was set to open the night at 9 o clock. Since it’s really tricky with all the border controls Sweden and Denmark have put up in order to manage the huge flow of refugees from Syria and other Middle Eastern countries, it’s not that easy any more to just pop over to Denmark. It takes a little longer to get over the bridge to Copenhagen than before. Luckily the trip over the sea went pretty smooth and I was in Copenhagen a few hours before the show in order to maybe hook up with the band, have a chat and have some stuff signed. The place is located about a 10 minute walk from the station and when I got there I saw they had opened their outside bar. A few fans were gathered outside the club when I arrived and the closer it got to the doors opening, the more people came. The club’s got a new rule that says you have to leave your bag at the wardrobe, however I had a chat with those in charge and I was allowed to take my camera bag inside. The support act was set to start at 9 but at 8.35 they came out on the stage ready to kick off the night.


Old school thrash metal is the music of Impalers and the young guys did their best to get the crowd going. The sound was good but the lights were crap and the band mostly played in near darkness. The band seemed to have a lot of fans in the crowd that did their best to support the group. The band’s singer/guitarist seemed to be a bit shy and he didn’t do much talking in between songs. The show lasted for about 25 minutes and even though the band has a little to work on in order to be a full blown live act they sure have the potential to go far in the future.

anthrax_live_support_act_impalers_1_2016_copenhagenanthrax_live_support_act_impalers_2_2016_copenhagenanthrax_live_support_act_impalers_3_2016_copenhagenanthrax_live_support_act_impalers_4_2016_copenhagenIt didn’t take long until the headliner’s gear started to be unveiled on stage; we could see a huge drum kit as well as the big backdrop behind it. On each side of the drums two smaller backdrops were placed and on each side of the stage stood mic stands. When it got closer for the show to start one of the security said that there was only going to be 4 photographers allowed in the pit at the same time because it was so narrow. I was put in the second group of photographers, therefore I was only allowed to take pics of the first two songs instead of the usual three. At 9.35 the intro started and the stage lit up and 9.40 the “Impaled” intro kicked off the show.



“You Gotta Believe” marked the beginning of the show and “Monster At the End” followed. The fans did their best to encourage the band and showed their support by clapping their hands while jumping up and down. Joey Belladonna looked really happy and smiled on stage, saying “Copenhagen you’re caught in a mosh!”. As soon as he said those words, the fans went completely crazy and it was brave of the band to play such a classic song so early in the show. Belladonna asked if this was a “Madhouse” and the song made the fans jump up and down, shouting even louder. The line up in the band is:

Joey Belladonna – lead vocals
Charlie Benante – drums
Scott Ian – guitar
Frank Bello – bass
Jonathan Donais – guitar

Belladonna and Ian moved around the most and Belladonna thanked the fans, asking if there was anyone who knew what time it was. “Got The Time” followed and Belladonna let the fans sing the chorus. The smoke and the poor lighting made it hard to take pics of the band and it was quite irritating to see so much smoke clouding the members. “Fight ‘Em ‘Til You Can’t”, taken from the 2011 album WORSHIP MUSIC came next and while Ian used to run around like a maniac, he was surprisingly calm this night. Belladonna asked if the fans were doing fine and looked quite surprised when he saw the people at the sides of the room sitting down on the edge of the walls watching the band (Pumpehuset is an old brewery and the remains of the old interior is intact). Ian took a sip of his beer saying, “Thank you Copenhagen, it has been a while since the last time we were here. We have performed at the Copenhell festival but not on our own in Copenhagen, I have a question for you guys – do you love thrash metal? I can’t hear you..we love thrash metal and it’s great that you also do, here comes “Evil Twin”. Belladonna urged everyone to throw their hands in the air and shout “Hey hey hey”. Even though the venue wasn’t sold out the heat was intense and it was really sweaty both on stage as well as amongst the fans. Belladonna said that it was nice to see that everyone inside the club was on fire and that’s what it’s all about. Now it was time for the band to travel back in time and play “Medusa” from the album SPREADING THE DISEASE. That song was a surprise but a good one, and the band felt solid as a rock playing it, as well during the entire show. It felt like the guys had fun and that they love what they do. All of the members complete each other, and Belladonna’s voice sounds a lot better now than back in the old days. The only ones that seemed to have some fun on stage was Belladonna and Bello, Ian stood mostly still and played his guitar on his spot. Donais had his share of the spotlight and contributed with a few lead guitar parts.

anthrax_live_1_2016_copenhagenanthrax_live_2_2016_copenhagenanthrax_live_3_2016_copenhagenanthrax_live_4_2016_copenhagenanthrax_live_5_2016_copenhagenanthrax_live_6_2016_copenhagenIt got quiet and then Ian came out and started to play. He was followed by Bello, Benante and Donais and they all performed “March Of the S.O.D” which is an instrumental piece by Ian and Benante’s other act Stormtroopers of Death (S.O.D). Crowd surfing took place during the song and when Belladonna came back on stage he wanted to see the fans putting the horns in the air. He wanted everyone to raise their horns for Ronnie James Dio and one of the small backdrops on side of the drums revealed a picture of Dio and the other one a picture of Dimebag Darrell. “In the End” followed as a tribute to the fallen heroes of metal, especially Dio, and Belladonna wanted the fans to raise their hands for the fallen ones.

The fans at the front of the stage were the most energetic ones and saved the Danish fans’ honor. The rest of the people stood solid like glue on their spots while watching the band. Ian played his guitar and the fans sang with him as he played and Belladonna urged them to sing louder and louder while the guitar piece turned into the evening’s last song, “Antisocial”. “OK, now I want to see some action”, Belladonna said and kicked off the song while a moshpit was formed at the front of the stage. The fans sang the chorus with some help from Belladonna after which the song ended and the band went off stage. I took a look at my watch and saw that the band had only performed for about 1 hour. However they shortly returned and fired off the first encore, “Breathing Lightning” and Belladonna thanked everyone for coming and the ones that had formed a moshpit during the song was worthy of a special thank you.

Benante and Ian started to play what appeared to be an intro but it turned out to be the wrong one so they had to start again. Thus it was time for the mega hit “Indians”, which woke up the fans. In the intro Belladonna said “Cry for the…” and the audience screamed “Indians!” It was done a couple of times, louder and louder. Belladonna wanted to see a crazy moshpit and after the song the members took off their instruments as Belladonna thanked the fans once again for being there and supporting the band, saying that “the guys have had a great time in Denmark, see you soon, we’ll be back next year”, and everyone went off the stage. The outro was “Long Live Rock n’ Roll” by Rainbow and it was the perfect ending of the concert.

anthrax_live_7_2016_copenhagenanthrax_live_8_2016_copenhagenBut 75 minutes is not enough playing time for a headline act, in my opinion; I wished for the band to have played a few more songs. I think a headline act should last for at least 90 minutes and the short amount of time dragged down the feeling a little for me.

In my taste the set list included a few too many new songs; the new album hasn’t been out long yet and many hadn’t heard the new songs. I missed a lot of some of my personal favorite songs. However it was fun to hear “Medusa” and “March Of The S.O.D.”. The band felt a little tired and not edgy; not on their toes at all. I have seen the band do a lot better than this and I was not convinced at all.

anthrax_live_9_2016_copenhagenanthrax_live_10_2016_copenhagenanthrax_live_11_2016_copenhagenanthrax_live_12_2016_copenhagenMany of the fans hung out at the outdoor bar outside Pumpehuset drinking beer discussing the show. The crew was putting all things inside the bus and was ready at maybe 12.30. I saw some of the crew members walking around looking at the people there and I heard one of them say that it was too many people outside for the band to come out. I hung out a bit in order to see if the band was coming out but no one turned up until 1.30. The show stopped at 11.00 and the members had been at Pumpehuset until 1.30. Belladonna and Bello wrote autographs for the fans while Ian went straight to the bus. I thought it was a bit cheap not to sign for the fans that had waited there for hours; there were 5-7 hardcore fans left now that had waited for the band and the least they could have done was to sign their stuff. Why was it so hard for the band to meet and greet the fans that had been waiting for their heroes all day long.

Well, I headed home not entirely satisfied with what I had seen, hoping that the rest of the fans at Pumpehuset was more happier than me.


Set list
Intro 1
Impaled – intro
You Gotta Believe
Monster At The End
Caught In A Mosh
Got The Time (Joe Jackson cover)
Fight Em Til You Can’t
Evil Twin
March Of the S.O.D – instrumental
In The End
Antisocial (Trust cover)
Breathing Lightning
Long Live Rock n Roll – outro


Thanks to Jaap Wagemaker at Nuclear Blast HQ Germany for help with press/photo pass to the show.

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