D.A.D with support on Summersixteen – 2 classic albums live 2016 at Sundsparlan Helsingborg, Sweden

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D.A.D – Summersixteen – 2 classic albums live 2016
Danko Jones
Hardcore Superstar

Open Air Festival
Sweden 1/7 – 2016

Live review and pictures by: Anders Sandvall


Danish legends D.A.D are out on tour performing their two classic albums RISKIN IT ALL and JIHAD – NO FUEL LEFT FOR THE PILGRIMS this summer. The band played both albums in Europe on tour between 27/4-7/5 and the shows after that contain either one of the albums and no one besides the band knows which album they’re going to play during each show. The second leg of the summer tour kicked off 12 /5 at the Bandit Rock Party in Stockholm Sweden and will end 24/9 in Hamburg Germany. A major part of the tour lands in Denmark but also the rest of Scandinavia and parts of Europe.

This particular night the band was joined by two other ass kicking acts in the Canadian rock n’ roll machine Danko Jones and the best Swedish glam/sleaze act, Hardcore Superstar. Danko Jones is still touring on the FIRE MUSIC album from 2015 and Hardcore Superstar, formed in Gothenburg Sweden 1997, is still touring the album HCSS, also from 2015. The place for this rocking package was Helsingborg, a town located about 100 kilometers outside of Malmo. It took about 1 hour to get there by train and about 30 minutes to walk to Sundsparlan. I arrived there about one hour after the place opened. Sundsparlan hosts both a venue where more traditional mature musical artists play and there’s also an outdoor stage which was the place for this night’s concerts. The one day fest was arranged by Kulturbolaget in association with Tivoli in Helsingborg. First band out at 7.30 was HCSS, then Danko Jones at 9.15 and last but not least the headline act D.A.D at 11.00. Merch stands hosting HCSS and D.A.D stuff were located almost right away by the entrance as well as a food stand and a biergarten. The stage was built like an amphitheatre with the stage located at the bottom in the centre. The stage was really low, luckily there were a photo pit in front but when I took pictures it felt like a literally was standing at the knees of the band members. The event was going to end at about 00.30 and the area closed at 1.00. The weather contained mostly rain, it either drizzled or poured but what else can you expect when it’s summer in Sweden nowadays.

The time went by pretty fast and suddenly it was time for me to head down to the pit and wait for the first band of the night to make their way on stage.


Hardcore Superstar

Smoke came out and along with it the band members, and the show kicked off with “Hello/Goodbye” which made the audience sing along from the start. The show continued instantly with “Touch The Sky” and as usual singer Jocke Berg was a whirlwind on stage. The man is hard to photograph because if he doesn’t jump, he runs around on stage and is hard to catch on film. The smoke made the members partially disappear which was quite annoying and that happened on and off during the show. The line-up is:

Jocke Berg – lead vocals
Adde Moon – drums
Martin Sandvik – bass
Vic Zino – guitar

The crowd wasn’t allowed to catch their breath and the intense show continued with the old classic “Liberation” as Berg urged the fans to raise their hands for the band. It felt like the people had been waiting for HCSS and the fans did their best to give the band the best of responses. All of the fans jumped and sang along with Berg in the song and whenever he reached out the mic to the fans they sang the song, allowing him to just smile and look really happy. Since the stage was pretty small and the band had a lot of gear, the space to move around on was narrow but that didn’t bother Berg; he climbed on the drums and ran around like always. Berg thanked the fans for being there and said everyone had to keep the temperature up and the fans had to clap their hands and jump with the band in the epic “My Good Reputation”. The band all seemed to be having a great time on stage and their good mood rubbed off on the fans and made it a show to remember. Berg let the fans sing the chorus and urged them to sing even louder. “Dreamin’ In A Casket” followed and the stage again filled up with smoke as the song proceeded. Berg wanted the fans to scream for him and when the song ended “Wild Boys” took over.

helsingborg_dad_live_2016_22helsingborg_dad_live_2016_23HCSS is an extremely loved band in Sweden and the guys never do a bad show, they are professionals to say the least and always leave the stage after putting you in a good mood. Maybe the love for the band is a little bigger in the Southern parts of Sweden since the guitarist Zino comes from Malmo; I bet he had a bunch of family and friends on site to support him this night. Zino and Sandvik didn’t take up much space, instead it was Berg and drummer Adde who talked to the crowd and joked around. Adde is one of the most hard hitting and fun drummers there is and its’ always fun to watch him live.

“Into Debauchery” followed and even though the rain was falling the fans went crazy jumping up and down with Berg. The poor weather didn’t have any impact on the sound system and it all worked perfectly. Since it still was daylight it’s hard to say something about the lights on stage. Berg asked if the fans were doing OK in the rain and said that it now was time to slow down the tempo a bit and do a ballad. Everyone besides Berg and Zino went off stage and the two did an acoustic version of “Run To Your Mama” all accompanied by the singing fans. Even though the fans did their best, the scene wasn’t optimal for sing along; the song fits better in a smaller, more intimate club rather than on an outdoor stage. Sandvik and Adde returned and Berg said the band had dusted off an old song and it was time to go back in time and play “Someone Special” which Berg dedicated to the fans who was standing in the rain watching the band. In the middle the song stopped and the fans sang the song together with bass and drums. The band pulled off a really good version of the song and it was fun to hear the old piece live again. Fans shouted “Hardcore, Hardcore” and Berg said it was now time for a piece from the debut album BAD SNEAKERS AND A PINA COLADA in “Punk Rock Song”. I hadn’t expected the band to dust off the song but what a treat it was. Adde said it had been a long time since the band last played that song, “You mean last night?”, Berg replied and laughed, “No”, Adde said, “it must have been 12 years since we played it live.”

helsingborg_dad_live_2016_24helsingborg_dad_live_2016_25helsingborg_dad_live_2016_26So was it time for a song that tour manager Sanjay Larsson loves, Berg said as he walked out with a glass. When we heard bass and drums we should clap our hands he said and it was time for “Last Call For Alcohol”. The song is one of the band’s most loved ones and all of the fans sang the lyrics with Berg. A roadie took over the drums while Adde went off the stage for a while and Berg said he loved the fans in Helsingborg as he cheered with them. He wasn’t happy with the first attempt at the chorus by the fans so he wanted them to sing it again. The show rapidly moved on with “We Don’t Celebrate Sundays” and Berg wanted the fans to jump in order to stay warm. This song was one of the songs that brought down the most sing alongs, the fans had really longed to hear this one.

The backdrops on the sides shifted to the black one with the star and the band name and it was time for “Moonshine” as the stage was again filled with smoke. Confetti was shot off during the final moments of the song, not once but twice, and it blew out on the crowd creating a cool effect. “Dear Old Fame” followed instantly and it was yet another golden oldie taken from the 2001 album THANK YOU (FOR LETTING US BE OURSELVES) and no one is happier than me to hear the band finally playing songs from the vault. The song was played faster than the original version but that only added feeling to the song. In the last song “Above The Law” Berg jumped down into the crowd and sang from there while watching one of the roadies taking down Adde’s drums one by one during the song. When the song was over he only played on one snare drum and the hi hat. More smoke and confetti framed the song and when it ended the band thanked the crowd as Berg said it had been a pleasure for the band to be performing in Helsingborg this night. The band wanted the fans to reach their hands in the air because they were going to take a picture in front of the fans. 70 minutes of excellent sleaze music was over and boy was I happy with what I just had seen!


Set list
Touch The Sky
My Good Reputation
Dreamin In A Casket
Wild Boys
Into Debauchery
Run To Your Mama
Someone Special
Punk Rock Song
Last Call For Alcohol
We Don’t Celebrate Sundays
Dear Old Fame
Above The Law

Hardcore Superstar once again proved that they are one of the best live acts in the world and even on a bad day they are hard to beat. The guys had fun on stage and set the mood for the fans and even though it was outdoors, the band managed to make the show feel quiet, intimate, and special. The negatives were only the weather and the smoke machines that drenched the members in fog. Besides that, it was a memorable show. Strange though that HCSS opened the night, I thought HCSS had sold more albums and are bigger than the other two acts in Sweden.

As time moved closer to the Danko Jones show, the rain stopped for a while and people made their way to the biergarten and the food stands. It was hard to estimate how many people were there because the area that was pretty large. The crew worked hard to prepare the stage for the next band however Danko Jones had nothing but gears and amps on stage. Finally the clock struck 9.15 and it was time for Mr Danko Jones as the rain returned.


Danko Jones

As soon as the members showed up on stage the audience burst out in a roar; Danko Jones is really loved in Sweden and the band usually sell out every show they do on their own. “The Rules” opened the show and the fans began to jump and sing along. Jones looked really happy with the response and thanked the crowd. The fans shouted “Danko, Danko” and Jones said that he thought the crowd was singing a really nice song and that it should be recorded. “Play The Blues” followed and the sky opened up and the rain poured down once again. The band consists of:

Danko Jones – lead vocals, guitar
John JC Calabrese – bass
Rich Knox – drums

When it was time for a guitar solo, Jones left his side and walked into the center of the stage. Calabrese seemed to be in a really good mood, head banging and urging the fans to clap their hands. Jones said that the fans were the true rock n’ roll warriors standing in the rain listening to the music. Jones said the band have been visiting Sweden since 2001 but have never shared the stage with HCSS and D.A.D. The third song suffered a malfunction as the sound was turned off but that didn’t matter to Jones who kept on singing while it was only the drums that were heard. Calabrese kept on urging the fans to clap their hands and it felt like forever before the sound returned. The last thing we heard from the song was the final sentence of “Sugar Chocolate”. The fans kept on shouting “Danko, Danko” and Jones wanted to hear them scream a little more for him while he was standing there looking really satisfied. It seemed like it was only Calabrese who had noticed that the sound was out.

helsingborg_dad_live_2016_11helsingborg_dad_live_2016_12helsingborg_dad_live_2016_13“The Twisting Knife” continued and in the middle they played a brief version of “Die Die My Darling” before switching back. Jones asked if it was the sun that had appeared or if it was the lights on stage after which he fired off the oldie “Samuel Sin”. Both Jones and Calabrese used the space on stage to their advantage and moved around a lot. Since Jones had a lot less gear on stage than HCSS, they also had a lot more space to use. Jones asked if the fans had fun and introduced JC on the bass and Knox on drums. “First Date” woke up the crowd and Jones wanted the fans to sing with him in the middle of the song. “Do You Wanna Rock” followed and Calabrese once again had the audience clapping. Even though the crowd was great and supportive, it felt like HCSS had drawn the craziest crowd so far. I don’t know if it was the rain that made the crowd a little laid back or what, it sure wasn’t the band or the music as they did their best to light the spark. Jones thanked everyone for staying put and listening to the band despite the bad weather. “I Had Enough” followed and just like HCSS, Jones had a pretty good sound system working in their favor.

When the fans screamed “Danko, Danko”, Jones said that they had to record that beautiful tune before someone else did it, then he laughed and tried to kick off the next song but he couldn’t find the right tune. He said the song was going to be executed fine as hell as long as he only found the right keynote. Finally he found it and “Code of the Road” kicked off, straight away followed by “Legs”. Jones said that he wrote the song only about women’s legs and not any other legs. As “Invisible” followed, the clock had past 10 and it turned dark outside. It was now possible to see the lights on stage and it looked pretty great. Luckily the smoke machine was now handled in moderation and it was actually possible to see the band. “Watch You Slide” and “Cadillac”, taken from the album I’M ALIVE AND ON FIRE from 2001 followed and Jones said that this day was actually national Canada Day and the band, which is from Toronto, chose to celebrate the day in Sweden with us. “Lovercall” and the excellent “Gonna Be A Fight Tonight” ended the ordinary show that lasted for 55 minutes. The audience clapped and shouted for the band to return which they quickly did and the first encore out was “Full of Regret” which Jones dedicated to HCSS and D.A.D because this was the first time they shared a stage together. Smoke filled up the stage as the song kicked off and “Mountain” followed. Jones did his usual speech about climbing up the mountain while looking down on the ones who had hurt him etc. Well up on the mountain he’s going to stand there with the great ones who have left us like Randy Rhodes, The Ramones, Prince, Jeff Hanneman, David Bowie and the greatest one of all Lemmy and look down on everyone. And when shit goes wrong and we’re having a bad day Jones told us to say the mantra he repeats every day – “this mouth gets louder, this skin gets thicker, the blood gets stronger”. That really extended version of the song and the speech ended the show and the band thanked everyone for the night.

helsingborg_dad_live_2016_14helsingborg_dad_live_2016_15helsingborg_dad_live_2016_16helsingborg_dad_live_2016_17helsingborg_dad_live_2016_18Altogether the show lasted for about 70 minutes and what else can be said about Danko Jones other than he and the band are a pure party machine. The guys really complete each other and not much can disrupt the band from creating a great show for the fans. The crowd was a bit too laid back and didn’t build up the same feeling as they did with HCSS but maybe that depended on the constant raining?


Set list
The Rules
Play the Blues
Sugar Chocolate
Forget My Name
The Twisting Knife/Die Die My Darling – medley
Samuel Sin
First Date
Do You Wanna Rock
Had Enough
Code of The Road
Watch You Slide
Gonna Be A Fight Tonight
Full Of Regret

It felt like some of the people had left the area due to the rain and bad weather however most people were now eager to see which album D.A.D would play; was it JIHAD – NO FUEL LEFT FOR THE PILGRIMS or RISKIN IT ALL? When the Danko Jones gear was removed and the crew started to put up the D.A.D props, it was clear which album the band had chosen to perform: they were going to treat us with JIHAD. Would the band play the album back to back from beginning to end or were they going to incorporate other songs? The questions were many and soon we were going find out all the answers. After a 5-minute delay it was time for the Danish legends in D.A.D to enter the stage.



First song out was “Jihad – No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims” and of course the fans sang along immediately. Pedersen had his see through bass guitar and Jesper asked how the audience was doing. He said he had his brother on guitar and that this was going to be a cozy night. “D-Law” taken from the 1991 album RISKIN IT ALL followed and the line up was as always:

Jesper Binzer – lead vocals, guitar
Jacob Binzer – guitar
Stig Pedersen – bass
Laust Sonne – drums

On stage stood the giant bed just like they had when they first headed out on tour with the JIHAD album back in the day. When they play the RISKIN IT ALL album they use the big couch. The huge potty standing in front of the bed was a masked stairway that led up to the bed where Sonne sat playing the drums. In “Siamese Twin” Jesper’s voice was so strained it was hard to hear what he was singing, luckily it got better the longer the show lasted. Besides the hardcore fans in front of the stage that jumped and sang along, the rest of the crowd was calm and mostly clapped their hands in between every song. Pedersen was dressed up as Napoleon Bonaparte and had all of his trademark bass guitars with him. In “Overmuch” he played on the one that looks like a Maltese cross. Jesper said that the band had a young man with them behind the drums, which helps the other old guys playing the old songs. Now Binzer said was it time to play a midsummer song for the fans and he wanted the fans to shout “Come on Laust we love you”, however not many fans did as he wanted and there was a rather quiet choir that shouted for Laust. Jesper also asked if we understood what he was saying because he tried to speak more Scandinavian than Danish. Jesper reached out the mic to the fans and they shouted for Laust and he played a drum solo. Binzer urged the fans to shout – “We love you Laust, do you wanna marry us?” “Overmuch” became really extended and it was nice when “Girl Nation” took over as the next song. It was now pretty obvious that the band didn’t play the album in order at all, Jesper thanked the fans for their support and fired off “Rim of Hell”. When both Binzer brothers connected with the crowd Pedersen looked like he was in his own world, walking back and forth on stage and occasionally climbing the drums.

helsingborg_dad_live_2016_1helsingborg_dad_live_2016_3helsingborg_dad_live_2016_2“Grow Or Pay”, also taken from RISKIN’ IT ALL, was the next song up with a long guitar solo by Jacob. Almost every song was extended by a long guitar solo which can be nice some of the time but we already know Jacob is a great guitar player and instead of using the time to solo, they could have used it to maybe play more songs. The stage filled up with smoke and “True Believer” followed as Pedersen took off his coat now playing the upside down bass guitar.

The tempo and the “go!” that HCSS built up during their show was now gone and the crowd felt tame and not on their toes. The fans did as they were told, clapping hands and singing, but not much else. Once again Jesper’s voice sounded really restrained and it was occasionally hard to hear what he was singing. The sound system worked perfectly again but not the lighting and now that it had gotten dark it was obvious that the stage needed more lights since the members partially stood in the shadows. The band also felt a bit lazy and not at the top of their game; it felt like it was a regular day at the job rather than looking forward to meeting fans and having a good time. Pedersen changed to his rocket-bass and the next song up was the eminent “Bad Craziness”. That song woke up the crowd and got almost everyone going and Jesper seemed to be really happy with the effort. Jesper said that tomorrow was Saturday and the crowd could all just lie in bed “Sleeping My Day Away” and that was one of the songs the fans had been waiting for. As always, Jesper let the fans sing the first verse but it didn’t go so well so he took over. Another long guitar solo took place in the middle and at the end the stage filled up with smoke and Jesper said “Thank you, Helsingborg.” The ordinary set only lasted for about 60 minutes and I was really surprised that the band didn’t have any more to treat the fans with during the set. The band didn’t play the entire JIHAD album advertised, leaving behind songs like “ZCMI”, “Lords of the Atlas”, “Wild Talk” and “Ill Will”.

helsingborg_dad_live_2016_4helsingborg_dad_live_2016_5helsingborg_dad_live_2016_6helsingborg_dad_live_2016_7helsingborg_dad_live_2016_8A few minutes later the brothers returned to the stage with acoustical guitars, Jesper said that this song was the one the Swedes loves the most and it was “Laugh n’ ½”. The usual sing along took place and it went OK; I longed to hear the song the band have to end with in my opinion and luckily it came next, “It’s After Dark” sung by Pedersen. That epic song ended the show and the 75 minutes of music the band shared with us. The clock was now 12.15pm and if the band had wanted they could have played for another 15 minutes.

Sadly this show felt like it was rushed through with no feelings involved and I have seen the band do much better shows. They didn’t play the entire JIHAD album as promised which made me really disappointed and they all looked quite uninspired on stage. As a huge fan that has followed the band since the very start, I was really disappointed by the show.


It was nice to hear a few songs they normally don’t play live and the venue was pretty nice to host outdoors shows at. I hope to return to see more shows in the future.

The weather. Why didn’t the band use their scheduled playtime to the fullest and why didn’t they play the entire JIHAD album as promised? What happened with all cool things like Pedersen’s spark-helmet and the sparks on his bass; the band used to add cool stuff on stage like the drum kit that goes up and down but this time nothing like that was added. A lot was missing this evening I think.

Set list
Jihad – no fuel left for the pilgrims
Siamese Twin
Girl Nation
Rim Of Hell
Grow Or Pay
True Believer
Point Of View
Bad Craziness
Sleeping My Day Away
Laugh n ½
It’s After Dark


Thanks to head of Kulturbolaget Totte Lundgren for help with press/photo pass.

Thanks to the security at Sundsparlan for nice treatment!

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