Countdown to Bloodstock- Five Non Headliner Bands to check out this year!

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The line up for Bloodstock Open Air 2016 looks as marvellous as ever – many a keen Slayer and Behemoth fan will be congregating near the Ronnie James Dio stage in anticipation. But for those of you determined to enjoy as many bands as possible over the weekend, here are Metal-Rules UK’s top five non-headline bands we think you should check out.


Rotting Christ

On the road now for nearly 30 years, Greece’s premier Black Metal band Rotting Christ are renowned across the world for their excellent stage performances. Earlier this year they released their 12th studio album ‘Rituals’ which sees the band experimenting heavily with Gothic Metal in their heavily experimental output. A band to check out if you want to know just how strong the Hellenic Metal scene still is today.


Divine Chaos

By Sunday, most festival heads will be feeling the strain put upon by several days of partying and will be in need of a nice wakeup remedy. That remedy comes in the form of UK Thrash Metal act Divine Chaos. Having released their debut album in 2014, the band are ready to kick off the festival’s last day with some white hot energy with songs about violence, murder and chaos. Check them out.



After almost 10 years of performing and three studio albums, London’s Symphonic Metal group Pythia have been very busy lately. They toured with Ensiferum earlier this year and have been playing excellent shows with new vocalist Sophie Dorman. If you like your metal romantic with a gothic twist and plenty of keys and operatics, then Pythia’s time on the Sophie Lancaster stage is definitely not something to go amiss.


Ghost Bath

An American Depressive Suicidal Black Metal band with Chinese connections. That description alone is enough to turn the heads of many a curious festival goer. So if you want to hear how feelings of loss and suicide as something to go nuts over in a field, give Ghost Bath a moment of appreciation.


Paradise Lost

And now for the closest to a headline act. Paradise Lost; the forefathers of Gothic Metal. Over the course of 28 years, 14 studio albums and journeys into the realms of Electronica and Gothic Rock, the band who put Halifax on the Metal map are at Bloodstock again for the first time in four years. Expect many a gloomy number from frontman Nick Holmes and his ability to belt out tune after tune of rage and anxiety in order to make life seem a little more bearable when things seem hard. See them on the Saturday.

Bloodstock Open Air will take place at Catton Hall, Derbyshire from 11-14 August.

Tickets are available here.

Info on travel and finding the festival can be found here.

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