Zimmer’s Hole with Fuqoured, Untimely Demise & Kyoktys (May 20th, 2016)

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Zimmer’s Hole with Fuqoured, Untimely Demise & Kyoktys  

Dickens Pub  on May 20th, 2016

by JP

Photos courtesy of Jeff Bartelli

I wasn’t actually planning to review Zimmer’s Hole as I already had four reviews on my plate to finish but concerts by the legendary Zimmer’s Hole are few and far between, so I thought I better make some notes. Luckily two great photographers (Monika D and Jeff B) were at the gig so I could poach some photos from them.

Dickens is probably the #1 Metal venue in town so it was no surprise to be headed back to familiar haunt for the third time this month. It was Friday on a long weekend and it was pretty packed!

Things got rolling with local Death/Thrash favourites Kyoktys. They blasted through a decent 30 minute set to a throng of local friends and fans.




Up next, one of the highlights for me was Untimely Demise. Just a few days away from releasing their new album BLACK WIDOW they made the trek from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (only a 6 hour drive away!) to jump on the two-day tour, heading to Edmonton the next night.   Untimely Demise pared down to a trio for the night, made the ambitious move of playing the first six songs off the new album. I love when a band is proud enough of the new material to feature it heavily! There classic thrash was ripping and enjoyed by all.

Zimmers Hole The Bleed Untimely Demise -10

Zimmers Hole The Bleed Untimely Demise -1

Watch for my interview with Untimely Demise in early June and my review of BLACK WIDOW as well.

Up next was Fuquored from Edmonton, the darkhorse on the bill, a crossover band that announced themselves as ‘punk’ but they made the wise move of doing a bit more ‘Metal’ on the bill.   They were my least favourite as I am not familiar with them but they still did a decent job and the crowd was right into it as well.



After some technical problems with gear, Vancouver’s Zimmer’s Hole hit the stage at the not unreasonable hour of just before Midnight. In case you are not familiar ZH consists of some titans of Metal such as Byron Stroud (Fear Factory), Jed Simon (Strapping Young Lad) and Gene Hoglan (Dark Angel, Testament) They also introduced their new guitarist Laura Christine (Meldrum) so the band is now a six-piece! It wasn’t long before Lord Heathen was up to his old sick tricks to the delight of the assembled.

Zimmers Hole Dickens Pub-1

Zimmers Hole Dickens Pub-2

It really was quite the night, almost like a mini-fest, with four bands from four cities and three provinces in Western Canada all coming together for a really cool and unique set of two shows. Zimmer’s hole don’t play very often, this was their first gig in six years (!) and they have only ever released the three albums in the course of 25 years, so it was a rare treat to see them. If you get a chance don’t miss them!